Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When you have
a really hot guy, guns and toilet paper
you have a really fun wedding shower!
Hostess, Hannah Jones Brown, and
her mom, Annette Jones, gifted
Brat this amazing *grace* cross.

During all of the fun, I forgot to take
a photo of the gorgeous table
that Hannah and Annette laid out.
The red velvet cake was the
crowning glory!
"Did I forget to mention that you would be
the only guy here today, Blake??"
(That's so unlike me)

...This is Blake, my son, and
Brat's best friend, so it only made sense
for him to come.
And, I knew the ladies (and young ladies)
would enjoy having him there.
He really likes my best friend, Annette.
In fact, I think this might be his new fb profile pic.
Phyllis Fischer, Betty Harris and Kim Bolin
all delighted us with their presence
and delighted Brat with their presents.
(Oh, hush)
Jeanette Ricks and Rudy Shepherd...
I can only assume that Taylor has
walked into the room.
Yep! I was right!
Here's Brat's sister, Taylor, with her
most precious little boy, Skilyr.
"Blake. Stop.
I KNOW I told you there would
be toilet paper involved."
Groups of 3 with one of the group
being the BRIDE.
In this group, that'd be Blake.
(...the reason I wanted him to come...)
The wedding dress is made of,
you guessed it, *shhhhh* toilet paper.
Does anyone else think he's enjoying this just
a little bit too much?? Bwahahahaha!
(He was such a good sport!)
The stand out part of Amanda's
wedding gown was the sleeves.
However, I did hear some whispers
about a mummy. Just sayin'.
Some women were just born to be a bride.
Ginger's gown had a heavenly look.
So much so, that she reminded us of Mary.
You know, Jesus' Mary.
Remember, his mom??
Stay with me here.
Every bride needs bridesmaids!
And, Ginger's bridesmaids are
stinkin' beautiful!!
A sneak peek for all of my blog readers
of Brat's wedding dress.
Okay, not the real dress,
but it is the back up dress in case
something happens.
Good thinkin', huh.
Brittany is trying to look like one of those
professional models in the bridal zines.
You know, when they push their
shoulders forward? It's not a good look
on anyone.
I'll talk to her.
I'm as proud as a mom to tell you that
Abe, age 5, and my model,
came in as runner up.
His mom was my co-designer
and responsible for the shoes.
I'm thinkin' it was either the shoes
or the eyebrows (look closely)
that pushed him over the top.
Good lookin' bride, Abe!!
I think another element of Abe's bridal attire
that pushed him up to 2nd place was
his floor length veil.
(That was my idea. Is that bragging?)
I know you've been waiting for this moment
and may have even scrolled forward,
to see the Bride of the Shower.
Taylor Stone won the title.
She's a vision, isn't she?
I would be remiss if I didn't introduce you
to Taylor's designer, Elyce.
Where would a bride be without her designer??
I'm sure it's the camera man's fault
and Brittany isn't really sneaking in a nap.
Dig deeper!! There has to be wine in here!
No wine, but some fabulous placemats!
A darling Lucille Johnson creation,
an apron perfect for backyard bar-b-ques.
 The picture tells the story.
I'm a firm believer that the best gifts come
in the smallest packages.
That would be because this smallest of gifts
is from mwah.
Oh, real nice.
Brat couldn't read my handwriting
so Hannah had to help her.
It was offensive in so many ways.
(I'm kidding, ya'll:)
Abe kept telling me that THEY brought the BEST GIFT.
I think Brittany would agree!

And, to end the party,
some of the little faces that were there!
(There's a couple of big faces, too:)
And, last but not least..........I promised you some guns!!

The shower was a scream
with really good sports,
fun people,
cute kids,
great cake,
fabulous presents,
high fashion,
a really hot guy,
and toilet paper!!

Thanks, y'all, for taking the time
to read my blog.
PLEASE leave a comment at the
bottom of the blog so I can get
an idea of how many are reading -
a lot of you send me emails or
comment on facebook, and that's
great! I'd just like an idea of
how many people I'm reaching.

I love you!! 

also made of toilet paper



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