Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My birthday is this Monday.
Yes, I know, I know, they made it a holiday - but I won't talk about that lest I sound like a braggart.

I'll be 55.
Years old.
55 years old.
You still can't believe it, can you?
Because I think I'm really 24.
Barbie and I have always been the same age and I'm totally sure that Barbie's 24 again this year.
Do the math.

The only reason I mention my birthday is because today, five days before the holiday, I received a package in the mail from one of the dearest women I have ever met.
And, that's about the extent of our relationship, but, in reality, it's more than that.

I met Sammy Stafney at the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland last fall.
I know we shared at least one meal together but the rest of that weekend is pretty much a blur.
And, I know that we have exchanged charms that we made for the retreat and we may have had a class together.
(Those of you that know me really well know that I can't remember anything.)

We've kept in touch through emails now and then and planned on seeing each other at this year's retreat in October.
Sammy found out that I had to back out of this year's retreat at the last minute and that I had a birthday coming up.
That dear, sweet woman sent me a box full of presents which I received today.

That's the reason for telling you that I have a birthday coming up - it is so that I can tell you how blessed I was today by an art friend - and isn't that the way it usually is?
That we, as friends joined through our art, bless each other???

I cried throughout the opening of each gift that she had filled the box with - mostly I think, because it was SO unexpected.

She got me!
She totally blessed me with her thoughtfulness and I wanted to share with you what a dear, sweet woman she is and to show you what she put together to bless me.

Below you will see pictures I took of all of the wonderful surprises that Sammy sent me.
Thank you, Sammy, for being such a darling friend and for making me feel so special.

Above is a precious necklace that she made for me!

Gorgeous silk material w/ black velvet roses!

Lots and lots of fibers!!

Fibers, ribbons and lots more!

And a sweet handmade card.

XOXO to Sammy and to all of my other precious art friends who bless me daily,

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi, y'all! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! I am so sorry - I know you live for my fascinating posts about my, well, my fascinating life. I feel like I've let you down...
So, okay, I'm reading Suzan's last blog post instead of working {blogs - my life hasn't been the same since I discovered them} and she's showing her studio *mess* and I'm checkin' it all out. Oh, my.
Her studio looked worse than mine - swear!
I mean, mine looks bad, really, really bad, but this week, Suzan wins! LOL
So, I get this idea that we should all come clean and post our studios/work areas without straightening or picking up! Quite the dare, huh.
I'll go first.
I don't think any words are necessary.
Unfortunately. This last picture is Ben, my studio guard dog, always attached to me which means that every time I need to roll my chair to reach something..........oh, and he was shaved last week but they didn't do his tail OR his head *look right above his collar - spook*. And add two more dogs and two cats. They love me. It's because I rescued them {they're all rescue animals}. You'd think I'd learn.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my life with you! Oh, an after you post pics of your studio/workspace be sure and let me know so I can come look!


Thursday, August 7, 2008


I wanted to show y'all my newest card design before I listed it in my Etsy store.
My dear friend, Deena Warner, had this picture of this most sweet girl tenderly holding a beautiful dove close to her heart. I fell in love with it and asked her if I could use it in a piece of art and she graciously agreed to share with me.

The scripture at the bottom of the front of the card that I created is from Psalms and I think it goes perfectly with the sweet picture.

I added soft glitter to the dress and cut the pretty blue paper with the scripture on it with decorative scissors.

Twelve of the cards I made are on this soft pink floral patterned paper.

And there are three cards with the green floral. I'm sure you can see that both the picture and the scripture are a bit larger.
It's called a mistake but as we all know, in art there are no mistakes. Thus, three cards that are just a wee bit different - LOL!

And, as always, a coordinating envelope to complete the package. I love this card. I love the picture and I love the scripture with the picture.
As I said before, it's going to be listed in my Etsy store, hopefully tonight.

Thanks for taking the time to read yet another fascinating post!

XOXO dear ones,


True story or not, I thought this was funny, but you know that sometimes the true stories may be objectionable to some because sometimes that's how life is. But, knowing my readers, I don't think anyone is going to be offended - this is one of those true stories that is funny.
A modern day cowboy has spent many days crossing the Texas plains without water.
His horse has already died of thirst.

He's crawling through the sand, certain that he has breathed his last breath - when all of a sudden he sees an object sticking out of the sand several yards ahead of him.

He crawls to the object, pulls it out of the sand, and discovers what looks to be an old brief case. He opens it and out pops a genie.
But this is no ordinary genie.
She is wearing an IRS ID badge and a dull gray dress.
There's a calculator in her pocketbook.
She has a pencil tucked behind one ear.

'Well, cowboy,' says the genie... 'You know how I work. You have three wishes.'

'I'm not falling for this', said the cowboy. 'I'm not going to trust an IRS genie.'

She smiled and said, 'What do you have to lose?? You've got no transportation, and it looks like you're a goner anyway!'

The cowboy thinks about this for a minute, and decides that the genie is right.

He said, 'OK, I wish I were in a lush oasis with plenty of food and drink.'

***POOF*** The cowboy finds himself in the most beautiful oasis he has ever seen.
And he is surrounded with jugs of wine and platters of delicacies.

The genie said, 'OK, cowpoke, what's your second wish ? '

'My second wish is that I was rich beyond my wildest dreams.'

***POOF*** The cowboy finds himself surrounded by treasure chests filled with rare gold coins and precious gems.

The genie said, 'OK, cowpunch, you have just one more wish. Better make it a good one!'

After thinking for a few minutes, the cowboy says, 'I wish that no matter where I go, beautiful women will want and need me.'

***POOF*** He turned into a tampon. True story.

The moral of the story: If the government offers you anything, there's going to be a string attached.

Now tell me, did I make any of you darlings smile?


Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hi, all you sweet things!
You know what? I have noticed that I'm not getting as many comments or emails in response to my last four blog posts.
Is anyone out there??? LOL
Are my posts getting boring???

Well, whatever the case, this one should perk y'all up! I'll warn you though, it's long. I've put two posts together to make one. I could have just left out the story about kitty but, well, I couldn't do it! Read on...

See this vintage globe? I bought it at an estate sale in Center Point this last Friday. I bought it because I needed something on this red table to take the place of a bowl that got broken.
An $80.00 bowl.
Oh, don't get excited - I would never spend $80.00 on a bowl - I had bought it for my father's Christmas present several years ago and decided that until I had to mail it I would put it in our living room where we could enjoy it because it was perfect for our Hill Country look.
In fact, it looked so good that I kept it and bought him something else.
Oh, don't try to make me think I'm the only one that's ever done that! LOL

Back to the globe! You can see how old it is by the fact that it says, "UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS"! How about that! And it only cost me FIVE DOLLARS. Oh, yeah, baby, it was a deal!
Is anyone wondering how the bowl got broken???
Look at the next picture.
That's how it got broken.
Psycho Kitty.

I was so "disappointed" in Psycho Kitty that I decided it was time to get him declawed.
I asked for no anesthesia.
They said no.
Okay, that was the "other things". Let's get to the really good stuff - the estate sale bargins.
This unopened roll of vintage wallpaper was free because the checker girl couldn't find a price. Oh, yeah, baby! My favorite part of it is the bird! Isn't it great?
You'll be seeing some of it for sale in my Etsy store.

Check out the huge domed glass I picked up at the estate sale for ten dollars! I then ran down to the antique store in Center Point and bought the beautiful platter to go with it. Now I just need to figure out what to put in it - I have a smaller one filled with doll heads so I can't do that - got any ideas??? Remember, it's really BIG.
At the antique store I hurried over to their wide selection of vintage postcards hoping that they might have some new ones.......obviously they did! And then I found two vintage bottles at the right price - they'll be beautified and put in my Etsy store, too. And, the vintage millinery on the hat - free. She couldn't find a price. heeheehee
Check out how pretty the single rose is that is on the hat - isn't it grand?
This pile was bought for the pictures and oh, the pattern tissue - all at a bargain!
And, look at this beautiful quilt! I bought it with someone dear to me in mind that I am going to gift it to. I'm excited!
This is a fuller view. Isn't it wonderful? It's handmade and was a steal at $35.00!
Last, but not least, this hat box full of lace for two dollars.
I declare, you just don't know when you go to an estate sale or garage sale. Sometimes you walk away with nothing and sometimes you walk away with your arms full and your wallet not that much lighter!

Okay, that's two posts in one day. I sure hope some of my dear readers will be reading them - let me know if you are with a comment or email, 'k?
I'm lonely! LOL

God bless you until next time, sweet friends.


Hi, sweetheart(s)! "Sweetheart" - that's what I call someone when I can't remember their name. All of the teenagers in my life have figured that out and they've made it a big joke because most of the people I know are named "Sweetheart" - get it? LOL

My precious sister, Joan, sent me a most fabulous present in the mail.
A box, a big box, of broken watches, watch parts, watch faces, bands, just the most wonderful box full of watches!
I would call that a treasure, wouldn't you???
I haven't done anything with any of the watches yet - I plan on taking most of the faces apart - just haven't had the time. But, oh, am I ever looking forward to it!
She knows a watch repairman in her town and had the idea to ask him for watches he was going to throw away.
The best part of the story is that this is box #1 of an estimated SIX boxes that she said I could expect.

Another treasure that I have is one that is very special to me. It's an original painting of Jesus done by an artist in Granberry, Texas, whose first name is Sweetheart. Her last name is Quest. I gave a lot of thought before I bought this painting because it was not really in my budget. But I figured out a way to get it.
As I was on a weekend shopping trip in Granberry, I bought it and brought it home and told Frank the Tank that I bought it for him.

Another treasure of a special kind.

Treasures are like presents every time I look at them!

Have a fabulous, restful Sunday!



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