Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My birthday is this Monday.
Yes, I know, I know, they made it a holiday - but I won't talk about that lest I sound like a braggart.

I'll be 55.
Years old.
55 years old.
You still can't believe it, can you?
Because I think I'm really 24.
Barbie and I have always been the same age and I'm totally sure that Barbie's 24 again this year.
Do the math.

The only reason I mention my birthday is because today, five days before the holiday, I received a package in the mail from one of the dearest women I have ever met.
And, that's about the extent of our relationship, but, in reality, it's more than that.

I met Sammy Stafney at the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland last fall.
I know we shared at least one meal together but the rest of that weekend is pretty much a blur.
And, I know that we have exchanged charms that we made for the retreat and we may have had a class together.
(Those of you that know me really well know that I can't remember anything.)

We've kept in touch through emails now and then and planned on seeing each other at this year's retreat in October.
Sammy found out that I had to back out of this year's retreat at the last minute and that I had a birthday coming up.
That dear, sweet woman sent me a box full of presents which I received today.

That's the reason for telling you that I have a birthday coming up - it is so that I can tell you how blessed I was today by an art friend - and isn't that the way it usually is?
That we, as friends joined through our art, bless each other???

I cried throughout the opening of each gift that she had filled the box with - mostly I think, because it was SO unexpected.

She got me!
She totally blessed me with her thoughtfulness and I wanted to share with you what a dear, sweet woman she is and to show you what she put together to bless me.

Below you will see pictures I took of all of the wonderful surprises that Sammy sent me.
Thank you, Sammy, for being such a darling friend and for making me feel so special.

Above is a precious necklace that she made for me!

Gorgeous silk material w/ black velvet roses!

Lots and lots of fibers!!

Fibers, ribbons and lots more!

And a sweet handmade card.

XOXO to Sammy and to all of my other precious art friends who bless me daily,


Blaiz said...

Hi Sammy {waving}. I was at the same dinner Jan mentioned. Great stuff you sent for her birthday!

Jan, I wish you joyous birthday. I sent a card earlier today and hopefully it will get there on Saturday. I forgot Monday was a holiday and timed it to arrive on your birthday (or so I thought). Duh!

I went out to dinner with a friend last night, and they were having a senior special. It's the first time I ever used my age to get a senior discount. When we went to pay, the cashier asked us both for our IDs! We were totally flattered, even though he probably (wisely) asks every woman for ID!


I am wishing you a most blessed birthday, Jan!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh that is awesome!!
I love surprises..
Happy Birthday my friend..
hope it's special!!!

Lola Enchanted said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
What sweet treats!!!!~

... Paige said...

Well happy, almost birthday. One day they will make mine a holiday too.
Or at least maybe I will

carylsrealm said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Dear Jan! :)

sammy said...

Boy, You made me look so nice, but I am instead kind of sneaky! I Thank you for the card... meant a lot to me... since I never go the email you sent me... (our computer was on the fritz for several days).. I wish I could go to ArtnSoul this year, as I had so much fun last year and met so many awesome ladies,... Hi Blaiz!!! But honey is hunting during that time and money is short... You just take care of yourself Jan! hugs,

Cali Homemaker said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I knew there was something more to this holiday! It's your birthday!! Happy Birthday to you....

I love all of your lovely, thoughtful gifts. What a good friend! Have a great day Jan!


Tina said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Hope the day is filled with love and lots of fun!!!-Sandra

kecia said...

happy birthday jan! what a nice box sammy the sweetheart sent you. did mine arrive yet?


Heidi ( said...

Well my my my...Happy Birthday! Wow! What a pleasant surprise, no, blessing! from Sammy! What a sweetie! I love the card she made!

Happy Birthday!

Angela Rae said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN!!! I didn't know... but it's getting added to my birthday dates! Tee hee! What a wonderful birthday package surprise! WOW! How awesome is that?

TTYL, Angela


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