Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hi, all you sweet things!
You know what? I have noticed that I'm not getting as many comments or emails in response to my last four blog posts.
Is anyone out there??? LOL
Are my posts getting boring???

Well, whatever the case, this one should perk y'all up! I'll warn you though, it's long. I've put two posts together to make one. I could have just left out the story about kitty but, well, I couldn't do it! Read on...

See this vintage globe? I bought it at an estate sale in Center Point this last Friday. I bought it because I needed something on this red table to take the place of a bowl that got broken.
An $80.00 bowl.
Oh, don't get excited - I would never spend $80.00 on a bowl - I had bought it for my father's Christmas present several years ago and decided that until I had to mail it I would put it in our living room where we could enjoy it because it was perfect for our Hill Country look.
In fact, it looked so good that I kept it and bought him something else.
Oh, don't try to make me think I'm the only one that's ever done that! LOL

Back to the globe! You can see how old it is by the fact that it says, "UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS"! How about that! And it only cost me FIVE DOLLARS. Oh, yeah, baby, it was a deal!
Is anyone wondering how the bowl got broken???
Look at the next picture.
That's how it got broken.
Psycho Kitty.

I was so "disappointed" in Psycho Kitty that I decided it was time to get him declawed.
I asked for no anesthesia.
They said no.
Okay, that was the "other things". Let's get to the really good stuff - the estate sale bargins.
This unopened roll of vintage wallpaper was free because the checker girl couldn't find a price. Oh, yeah, baby! My favorite part of it is the bird! Isn't it great?
You'll be seeing some of it for sale in my Etsy store.

Check out the huge domed glass I picked up at the estate sale for ten dollars! I then ran down to the antique store in Center Point and bought the beautiful platter to go with it. Now I just need to figure out what to put in it - I have a smaller one filled with doll heads so I can't do that - got any ideas??? Remember, it's really BIG.
At the antique store I hurried over to their wide selection of vintage postcards hoping that they might have some new ones.......obviously they did! And then I found two vintage bottles at the right price - they'll be beautified and put in my Etsy store, too. And, the vintage millinery on the hat - free. She couldn't find a price. heeheehee
Check out how pretty the single rose is that is on the hat - isn't it grand?
This pile was bought for the pictures and oh, the pattern tissue - all at a bargain!
And, look at this beautiful quilt! I bought it with someone dear to me in mind that I am going to gift it to. I'm excited!
This is a fuller view. Isn't it wonderful? It's handmade and was a steal at $35.00!
Last, but not least, this hat box full of lace for two dollars.
I declare, you just don't know when you go to an estate sale or garage sale. Sometimes you walk away with nothing and sometimes you walk away with your arms full and your wallet not that much lighter!

Okay, that's two posts in one day. I sure hope some of my dear readers will be reading them - let me know if you are with a comment or email, 'k?
I'm lonely! LOL

God bless you until next time, sweet friends.


Lisa Gallup said...

I have a tall wire torso that I bought for a friend, but instead it resides in our guest bathroom. heh heh I couldn't bring myself to part with it!

Blaiz said...

I've been reading, just forgetting to respond!

Love the finds, especially the lace.

Tina said...

Wonderful goodies you found there!! I've an old globe too! it's in the Bathroom!

Altered Route said...

Great Finds! I've been stopping in...just need to take the time to visit!!

Shelly said...

Yes, I've been absent! :-) But I try to come around every few weeks...haha! I love old quilts and estate sales! Looks like you had fun!

Sarah said...

Fun finds. I wish I still had my globe when I was young. It was cream colored like that.
Vintage Lily

jess said...

oh my, dear, you hit the mother lode with this one. gorgeous wall paper. beeeeyouteeful quilt. love. it. loveit. and love you. xo

Cali Homemaker said...

great finds!


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