Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There's a great giveaway (why am I telling you this???) at http://mysocalledjunkylife.blogspot.com/.

It closes on October 10th.

Hurry over and enter my name.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey, everyone. This is going to be quick and there's not going to be any pictures to make it pretty, but, it's an important post about dear, sweet Tina.

If you're reading this and wondering what the heck I'm talking about, then scroll down to the post below this one and catch yourself up!

Okay, all of you precious Team Tina members, I have an update for you on Tina.
I haven't posted an update before now because there was a question as to how much information the family wanted made public...............Tina has colon cancer, has had surgery and one planned in the near future, will start chemo soon, is being taken care by an amazing oncologist in Dallas that she loves, and is determined to fight the fight with the help of God.
You know she has a very strong faith and I know that it is only with God that she will be able to get through the next days and the next days and the next days.

Her cancer is very serious and she needs all of the prayers you can muster up for her. Put her on your church prayer list, tell your friends that are prayer warriors, and you pray for her daily.

I still feel my world rocking every single day since I found out about her cancer. She is an amazing person and an incredible artist; someone I love dearly.

I'm in Michigan and will return home in a little over a week - I know there's going to be a ton of tags waiting for me to attach to the tag gate for Tina! I'm so excited about that - and if you haven't sent a tag yet and want to - please do!! The more tags, the more love shown and I know she is going to be SO SO blessed by your effort and time.

Thank you, y'all. You're wonderful.

(If you are a member of FaceBook, you can get updates on Tina (Tina Wright) there. Her husband, Will, is using FB to keep people updated on Tina's condition. I encourage you to check it out and to leave an encouraging note.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi, sweet friends! I'm so glad you're taking the time to read this post as it's vitally important. I don't know of any other group that is more supportive of those of us that are living through the hardest times of our life. Artist bloggers are such giving and caring people.
So, I'm glad to see that you're running to this post *the flamingos - running - get it?* to help one of ours who is in need of our support!
Tina Wright, child of God, wife, mother, grandmommy, artist, co-creator of the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat, Texan and friend, has this week, been diagnosed with colon cancer.
I don't know how much information the family wants made public so will simply say that Tina needs us! She is in a place where an outpouring of love from her blogger friends, retreat friends, students and fellow artists will help lift her spirits and boost her strength!(If you don't know Tina, but still want to help with Team Tina, you are more than welcome to join in! You are so appreciated!)

Tina is caring, giving, always patient and kind, loves her family and friends and simply adores her grandkids! She is an incredible artist, specializes in soldering and soldered jewelry. She's a wonder, that's for sure, I am so blessed to call her a dear friend.

I would like for all of us to make a piece of art, a tag, and I will put all of it together for her.

I want to make her a "tag gate" and I need YOU to do it!
A tag gate is an old metal gate, or facsimile, that I will fill with tags that have been made for her using decorated clothes pins and/or ribbons to attach them - this is something that she can prop on a dresser, hang on her wall, etc. It will be approximately 2 feet square or 2' x 3', so we need lots of tags to fill it!!

If you want to be a part of the Team Tina project, make a tag, any size, any design, with your name and email address on the back and send it to me NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 2ND.

Jan Thomason
Team Tina
5720 Hwy. 27
Center Point, Texas 78010

Thanks for your support and your willingness to bring joy into the life of Tina, one amazing woman!

And, if you're a believer, and if you are, then this part is going to be the "duh" part of the post, would you please pray for Tina and Will, for their family, Tina's medical team and her friends. Get her on your church's prayer list, get her name to your friends and church members that are prayer warriors. Thank you!!

Thanks everyone! I'll post all of the tags here after the 2nd and also show you the finished project. You're a blessing and so appreciated!


Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have a confession to make. It's not a bad thing. In fact, it's a wonderful thing - one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

"Hi, my name is Jan and I'm a Paper Cowgirl."

Y-E--E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E H-A-A-A-A-A-A-W-W-W-W!!

Paper Cowgirl is an art retreat in Waxahachie, Texas, that is the brain-child of Tina Wright and Cindy Mayfield. This past summer we held our second retreat. I had the extreme pleasure of teaching a class this summer and at the first retreat. What a blessing!

The classes that are offered and the teachers are amazing! The fellowship, fun, food, classes, shopping, treats, Tina and Cindy, new friendships made and old friendships renewed...I could go on and on! It's such a great retreat - it's affordable (we work really hard to keep it that way) and it's not too big that you get lost in the crowd............oh, and it's in T-E-X-A-S!!!

I hope you'll check out the paper cowgirl blog and see what I'm talking about. Maybe you will decide that it's something you just can't afford to miss!

xoxo, Jan

Mmmm-mmmm, somebody owns a vintage purse and brooch! AND THE WINNER IS.....................................

Do you remember these? This vintage brooch and vintage evening bag?
They were in my "it's my 24th birthday again and I have over 100 followers" giftaway!
So, tonight I'm going to draw for the winner. I am using the http://www.random.org/ to draw the winning entry.
Oh, this is so exciting, I can hardly stand it! I wonder who won???
Oh. Oh. Guess you're wondering, too. I should step it up, huh.
So, I forgot, I wanted to tell you about my birthday!
What? You don't want to hear about my birthday???
Well, then why are you here?
Ohhhhhh, I remember! The giftaway! heeheehee
Okay, so here's the random number thingy and the winning number is.....55!!
Let me go count down and see where that lands - remember, you earned all kinds of extra entries for different and wonderful things that you had done or were dying to do...
I'm going to count RIGHT NOW (scroll down for results...........so exciting!). And the winner is.................................*drum rolling*..................................IRMA of http://irmasrosecottage.blogspot.com/ !!! Yea for Irma!
I want to thank everyone that took the time to enter my giftaway, visit my blog and leave such lovely comments. This has been such a blessing for me. This giftaway was one of the many blessings I received on my birthday.


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