Saturday, October 12, 2013


Do you have a mother?
Do you have a mother that you love?
Call her.
Call her a couple of times a week.
Send her a card.
Heck, set up a schedule, have the cards in hand,
and make it simple for you.
Just. do. it.
Love her and let her know that you do.
Bless her with the things she loves.
mom with my niece, Carly, and my sister, Joan

Do you live close to your mom?
Lunch out.
Take her chocolates (please, not generic).
Go spend the afternoon with her and play cards.
Take her out to her favorite restaurant.
Do it all and more.
The time you spend with her will not only bless
her, but it will also bless you.

She's going to die someday.


And, I think that there is nothing more dear
than knowing that when she does, she will be going to heaven.
To have her come to love Jesus if she doesn't already.
I want to leave you with one last thought.
My mom died one year ago today.
I loved her dearly.
I miss her so badly.
Every day.
mom's 80th birthday trip....sitting with the Tank

But, I am at peace knowing that I did all I could all of my adult years,
especially the last year of her life,
so that there was never any doubt that she knew i adored her.
That I loved her.

I have a mother that I love.


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