Thursday, April 30, 2009


The letter "B" can stand for a lot of things (Burp, Bookie, Big Lots, Barbie, Bairy Queen Blizzard and, last but not least, Barack [all complaints concerning any implied political "B" satire should be sent to Oprah, the anti-Christ]
.....{okay, I just want you to know that my SIL and I are sitting here unable to Breathe Because we think we're so stinkin' funny. I know we're not, But we're old and it takes so little to Bickle us})
....I'm so digressing.....Back on Bask (hahaha)......

Seriously, back on task........*clears throat lady-like* but, for me, today at this par-tay, "B" stands for "Blogging" because we're having a WHY I LOVE TO BLOG PARTY!

And, you know what? Sometimes it feels like a party when I post! Sometimes I'm so excited about what I'm telling you that I feel like I have on my party hat and a cupcake in each hand!
And, then there are times when I blog that I'm feeling despair or great sadness.

But, that doesn't answer the question of why I love to blog; of why I love sharing with you, my precious readers.
I simply adore sharing my art, my life and especially my humor with you!
I could easily keep a journal and call it a day, but, instead I decided to become a part of the blogging world, geez, quite a while ago.
I wasn't sure anyone at all would read my blog, would care to see my creations, to hear about my life, my family, my put up with me when I think I'm funny!
But, I went ahead and started writing. How was I to know that I would actually have readers? Sweet, consistently loyal readers, stick by me through my bragging about my creations, my soapboxes *children living in poverty *rescue dogs*.
That's why I blog. That's why I'm concerned when I'm not able to get a blog post written. . .in the back of my mind knowing that yet another day has gone by and you have possibly taken the time to look and see if I have posted and I haven't! AUGHHH!!
It kills me to think that I am not keeping up with my part of the deal like I should!

Blogging is a way for me to let off steam *rarely*, rant about the injustices of the world that make my heart bleed, to show you what I've created in my studio that soothes my soul and hopefully, at times, lots of times, make you laugh out loud or giggle in your heart.

I know y'all are aware that I'm a believer, a child of God, a prayer warrior, daily growing in His spirit. My blog allows me to gently touch my reader's hearts and show the love of God. That's a vitally important part of blogging to me.

So. Those are the reasons I blog! And, you, my loyal readers are the reason I continue to do so - it's so much fun sharing with you and reading your comments *those of you that aren't just lurking! LOL* I just love y'all so much and many of you I've never even met or 'talked to on the computer'!, but, some of you have become dear, dear friends!!

Some of you have been with me through horrible health adventures and have encouraged me through your post comments, your emails, your cards, your "just because" gifts, your birthday and half-birthday presents and your phone calls!! Isn't that just the coolest thing? All of us, artists and art lovers and people that simply love us, sharing our lives with each other???

Is it any reason that I love to blog??

So, have fun at the "Why I Love to Blog" party! Be sure and go to for the complete list of the bloggers putting on the party so you can visit their blogs! There's like 70 of us! YIKES!!! Isn't that cool?

And, thank you for coming to visit me today. (Please let me know you came to my party! Post a comment! Even you lurkers! It's fun!!) You know I adore you!

. . .Oh, and next week I should be posting a NEW BLOG GIVEAWAY! Those are just so much fun and I love doing them so much that I'm making the giveaways a monthly thing! Whatchathink about that? LOL


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My good friend, Cassandra, who is the moderator of a Marie Antoinette mail art group that I belong to is having a fabulous giveaway!
But, you must hurry! It ends THIS Friday! Go check it out!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is going to be so much fun!
What I'm talking about is this idea, all credit goes to Cupid's Charm, about posting about why I/we/you love to blog.
Oh, I'm simply thrilled at the chance to tell y'all, my wonderful readers, why it is that I love to blog.

You can join in the fun, also. Simply go to for the details!

And, be sure and check my blog on May 1st for my "Why I Love Blogging" post! In fact, you can go to Cupid's Charm on May 1st and get the blogging addresses of everyone that is playing.

I hope you decide to join us! I would love to read about MY readers and why y'all enjoy blogging!

. . .Jan

YIKES!! God is so amazing!............As I was finishing up this post, I got a text message from my dear, dear friend, Tina, asking for prayers for her grandchild, Sage, who may have meningitis. Knowing that so many of my readers are believers I have decided to post about this since God sent me the text (through Tina. duh) while I was in the middle of a post. It's obvious that he wants as many prayers warriors as I can gather up to pray for Sage.

So, you that are pray-ers, hit your knees.
No, wait.
Don't hit your knees if you're over 45 years old.
If I hit my knees I'd be in a wheelchair............for life.
Just stop what you're doing right now (reading my post) and pray for Sage and Tina and all that love that little wee one.
If you would like to leave a message of encouragement for Tina, her blog address is: . Just leave a comment on her last blog entry - I don't know what it's about, oh, dear....oh, I'm sure it's totally appropriate! Just leave your comments there on her last entry:)
I know she'd appreciate the encouragement, even if you don't know her!!
Y'all are great! I love you!!
UPDATE: Sage did NOT have meningitis! Praise the Lord!! God is faithful and is taking care of Sage - I forget what he had (no surprise there) but he's fine and Tina has been so blessed by y'all's prayers.
Thank you for caring for another blogger - no doubt in my mind that I could count on each of y'all! XOXO

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Oh, my gosh, here I am....back again.

But this time it's all about me:)
I got an award!! How about that!
I got the Kreativ Blogger award from my dear friend, Maisy from across the pond.
Thank you, Maisy! What an honor!!

With awards come responsibilities, right?
This award is no different.
The responsibilities, which I take seriously, of course, are:

1. Add the logo to your blog (check!)
2. Link to the person from whom you've received the award (check!)
3. Nominate 8 blogs of your choice (check! see below...)
4. Leave a message on the nominees' blogs (check!) (oh, alright, I'll probably email them - don't sue me!)

*My* choices for the Kreativ Blog Award go to:
Gosh, I hate to stop there but the rules.........................
Have a blessed Easter tomorrow. Praise God for his son and his son's resurrection!
And praise God for my wonderful readers!
. . .Jan


Do you remember that I had two blog giveaways going on at the same time?
They overlapped?
The second giveaway ended today - it was the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat giveaway!

And the winner was.................TRACY GUILLAUME!!
Let's hear it for Tracy - "yippee!!"

I've got her vintage clock and her vintage beaded clutch that's filled as much as possible with extra goodies all boxed up and ready to mail to her on Monday!

She was so excited! And that makes it so much fun for me!!

Next giveaway will be sometime in May so be watching for it (That's my marketing ploy to keep you reading my blog. Sly, huh.)
Thanks for reading and supporting me with your comments!
. . . .Jan


Oh, my gosh, you'd think I have nothing to do! I've spent most of the morning creating a mosaic of some of my work. It's in my photostream on Flickr, it's in the right hand column of my blog and now I'm posting about it.
You'd think I have nothing to do.
No laundry, no crack house, I mean studio, to finish cleaning up, no Easter dinner to prep, no searching my closet for something cute and pastel to wear to church tomorrow....that fits, no packing to do as I prepare to leave for Michigan on Wednesday, no weeds to kill *Round-up is my weapon of choice*, no bird feeders to fill and bird baths to fill, hummer's bottles to fill........well, you get it.
You'd think I have nothing to do!

But, I think it's just really cute!

And, while you're here I thought I'd show you my first Marie Antoinette piece! It's a Marie themed cake banner.
I had made this *the most amazing* carrot cake for a ministry party last Friday and I thought, at the last minute, of course, that it needed a banner! A Marie Antoinette banner!
This is what I came up with....
This is the front:And, this is the back of the banner. . .

I've decided that I like these so much that I'm going to make more of them and will even try some different themes. What do you think???

Well, that's it for today. My hummingbirds are wondering if I'm going to fill their bottles or not so I best get busy!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post - leave a comment if you will:) And, to all of you, Happy Easter and praise our Lord as we celebrate his resurrection!


. . .Jan

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Marie Antoinette - I'm serious - who knew??

I have recently become as enamoured as a lot of you have with Marie Antoinette.
In fact, I even joined this fabulous mail art group that I LOVE where I get to create Marie art; as much as I can handle! (If you want to know more about that, email me:)
So, when I stumbled across this blog called Cupid's Charm and saw this *amazing* banner I couldn't help myself - you simply must go to Joy's (we're BFF's now that I've come to love her through this series she did. I'm sure she'd agree.) blog and read her week long posts on Marie. There are facts that you're going to want to know.
After you visit Cupid's Charm you'll see what I mean.
This woman (Joy, my BFF) put hours and hours into researching Marie Antoinette's life and it's simply fascinating. Oh, and the pictures. Simply amazing.
After the blessing I received enjoying Joy's posts, I know what I'm going to do this weekend.......I'm going to rent the movie, Marie Antoinette! I can't wait to see the fashions and furnishings up close and personal.
( I'm kinda thinkin' that Mare and I would have been best friends if I lived during the 1700's.)
Y'all have a blessed Easter. Remember Christ's resurrection and celebrate our risen Lord!
Blessings to you all and especially to my readers. I simply adore you!

. . .Jan

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



There's nothing more exciting than finding out who the winner is of one of my blog giveaways!
I almost get goosebumps. . .hoping, hoping, hoping that the winner is someone that really loves the giveaway.

And, I got my socks blessed off yesterday when the Random Picker-outer (my dear mum) pulled out STEPHANIE ZOLLER @!! When I read her post I knew the winner was someone that was going to treasure my precious vintage apron!

I have loved reading y'all's entries and knowing that I was giving away a treasured goodie that brought so many wonderful ladies to my blog to enter! Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my life - I so appreciate it.

The other giveaway on my blog is below and ends on April 10th so make sure you've entered it! It's a really good one, too!!

Thanks to my loyal readers for making me realize that writing my blog is blessing people. You know I love you!

. . .Jan

Saturday, April 4, 2009


What I'm talking about is a "BLOG thank you". I've done the personal thank yous and I keep thinking about doing the blog thank yous and, FINALLY, I'm getting them posted! Whew. It's like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my............what is it? shoulders? head? back? bum? I don't remember the right word, but you know what I mean.

I'm sure I'm not alone in celebrating my "half birthday". Now, in my family and actually, when I think about it, among my friends, I do seem to be the only one who does celebrate their half birthday - you know, that day six months after your actual birthday and six months before your next one - your half birthday.

I love celebrating it. I get presents.
Sometimes I get half of a present - we all have those kind of friends. LOL
And sometimes I get the most wonderful presents I simply must blog about them even if I'm a month late! My half birthday is on March 1st.
(If you have a calendar, you might want to make note of that and see if you can beat what you're about to see. hahaha. Oh, I think you should! ROTF)
My sweet friend, Mija ( sent me the most amazing large mailer stuffed full of wonderful ephemera! I was so surprised! Not that she sent it (she is so, so giving), but that she would celebrate my half birthday with me! I met her in person at the Art n Soul retreat in Portland a few years ago after meeting online. We hit it off immediately - she is a hoot, I adore her, and I'm so blessed that we are friends.

Here's what she sent to me!:
I adore this box. Look at those precious girls - they melt my heart.
Wonderful pages from vintage books. Mmmmmmmm.
I thought these stamps were really cool.
Everything she sent me was wonderful. Thank you, Mija, my dear friend. I love you.

And just when I think it's all over and life is rockin' along as usual, my precious friend, Tina, knocks my socks off with a half birthday present that is nothing short of glorious.
Her presentation was precious, she included lots of "confetti" and a darling accordion card that she made, all that lead up to her gift.

She is an amazing artist and an even better friend. She used her gift of soldering to make me a necklace that was all about me. She covered everything - my Barbie age of 24, the fact that I live a Christian life, and as one friend put it just last night when I wore the necklace to a party, the necklace is so me because it's so eclectic. I'll accept that! LOL
Check this out!:
The wee bitty ceramic doll from Germany is the center piece. Tina put her in a matchbox, collaged the inside of the box and then soldered the glass to the front. Isn't it awesome???
My favorite part of the right side of the necklace is, of course, the arm. It's the piece that gets the most comments! And, it rocks!!
See the tube below? It has a piece of long paper in it among the glitter that says, "the Christian life". It's very special to me.
So is the game piece that shows my Barbie age of 24. A true friend recognizes my Barbie age.
That's Tina.
And here's a picture (a rather large one! LOL) of the clasp. I love the heart way up there by the clasp. I feel like it represents her heart and my heart joined in friendship.
Oh, my gosh, that sounds so sappy!
Well, it may sound sappy, but it's what I think!
Tina and I met online. We hit it off right away and have become good friends.
She and her husband have ridden their Harley's to the ranch while on a road trip and we had such a good time at lunch. It was our first "face to face" meeting but you would have never known it! We talked like there was no tomorrow. LOL
And, then last year we got to experience the Paper Cowgirl retreat together. (And, we're looking forward to being together during it again this June. YOU should try and come - it's a HOOT!)
Needless to say, she's a winner. A dear friend and someone I simply adore.
Both of these friends, Mija and Tina, made my half birthday so special.
They make every day special in my thoughts, though, not just that one day. I think of both of them often, pray for them always, and love them dearly.
And, you, my sweet readers, well, you know how much I adore y'all.
You also make my day EVERY day!
. . .Jan


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