Saturday, April 4, 2009


What I'm talking about is a "BLOG thank you". I've done the personal thank yous and I keep thinking about doing the blog thank yous and, FINALLY, I'm getting them posted! Whew. It's like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my............what is it? shoulders? head? back? bum? I don't remember the right word, but you know what I mean.

I'm sure I'm not alone in celebrating my "half birthday". Now, in my family and actually, when I think about it, among my friends, I do seem to be the only one who does celebrate their half birthday - you know, that day six months after your actual birthday and six months before your next one - your half birthday.

I love celebrating it. I get presents.
Sometimes I get half of a present - we all have those kind of friends. LOL
And sometimes I get the most wonderful presents I simply must blog about them even if I'm a month late! My half birthday is on March 1st.
(If you have a calendar, you might want to make note of that and see if you can beat what you're about to see. hahaha. Oh, I think you should! ROTF)
My sweet friend, Mija ( sent me the most amazing large mailer stuffed full of wonderful ephemera! I was so surprised! Not that she sent it (she is so, so giving), but that she would celebrate my half birthday with me! I met her in person at the Art n Soul retreat in Portland a few years ago after meeting online. We hit it off immediately - she is a hoot, I adore her, and I'm so blessed that we are friends.

Here's what she sent to me!:
I adore this box. Look at those precious girls - they melt my heart.
Wonderful pages from vintage books. Mmmmmmmm.
I thought these stamps were really cool.
Everything she sent me was wonderful. Thank you, Mija, my dear friend. I love you.

And just when I think it's all over and life is rockin' along as usual, my precious friend, Tina, knocks my socks off with a half birthday present that is nothing short of glorious.
Her presentation was precious, she included lots of "confetti" and a darling accordion card that she made, all that lead up to her gift.

She is an amazing artist and an even better friend. She used her gift of soldering to make me a necklace that was all about me. She covered everything - my Barbie age of 24, the fact that I live a Christian life, and as one friend put it just last night when I wore the necklace to a party, the necklace is so me because it's so eclectic. I'll accept that! LOL
Check this out!:
The wee bitty ceramic doll from Germany is the center piece. Tina put her in a matchbox, collaged the inside of the box and then soldered the glass to the front. Isn't it awesome???
My favorite part of the right side of the necklace is, of course, the arm. It's the piece that gets the most comments! And, it rocks!!
See the tube below? It has a piece of long paper in it among the glitter that says, "the Christian life". It's very special to me.
So is the game piece that shows my Barbie age of 24. A true friend recognizes my Barbie age.
That's Tina.
And here's a picture (a rather large one! LOL) of the clasp. I love the heart way up there by the clasp. I feel like it represents her heart and my heart joined in friendship.
Oh, my gosh, that sounds so sappy!
Well, it may sound sappy, but it's what I think!
Tina and I met online. We hit it off right away and have become good friends.
She and her husband have ridden their Harley's to the ranch while on a road trip and we had such a good time at lunch. It was our first "face to face" meeting but you would have never known it! We talked like there was no tomorrow. LOL
And, then last year we got to experience the Paper Cowgirl retreat together. (And, we're looking forward to being together during it again this June. YOU should try and come - it's a HOOT!)
Needless to say, she's a winner. A dear friend and someone I simply adore.
Both of these friends, Mija and Tina, made my half birthday so special.
They make every day special in my thoughts, though, not just that one day. I think of both of them often, pray for them always, and love them dearly.
And, you, my sweet readers, well, you know how much I adore y'all.
You also make my day EVERY day!
. . .Jan


The Charm House said...

The necklace is toooo cool!!! Oh my goodness, the girl is good!! And all the wonderful goodies... SPOILED girlfriend! I LOVE IT!!
PS I am going to Art and Soul in Virginia on May 5!! Can't wait! Lisa Kaus class...

Sweetina said...

Happy Half Birthday (belated!) I think that is so awesome to celebrate it!!! Hey~how do ya find out what your Barbie age is??? heeheee? I want to know mine!
Tina and Mija sound like great friends and I know you are a super wonderful loving great friend back,Jan!

Robin said...

Happy belated half birtday Jan! I think that's a great idea to celebrate your half birthday. What a fabulous bunch of goodies you got!

Take Care - Robin

the wild raspberry said...

love the gifts...if i find a great pair of shoes...i may send you one now and one on your true birthday.
that would be anticipation wouldn't it?

Tina said...

Glad you liked your little prezzie!! See ya in June!!!
:) hugs,teedubya


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