Thursday, October 22, 2009


Y'all remember when your kiddos would throw up wienies and red Kool-aid? It's happened to all parents. Well, I'm going to change it up a little bit. I'm blogging this mostly to pound out my frustration on the keyboard and to share a fascinating afternoon in my life, with you. . . . .my readers. You want to know the good and the bad, don't you???

Okey dokey!
This afternoon has been oh. . .so. . .pleasant.
Remember GiGi, the Bichon that we rescued the first of September? The dog that cost us $1,000.00 (emergency surgery) the first week we had her because we were "taken" by the previous owners?

The dog that has gone on to cost us a bundle because of vet visits, a steroid shot, followed a month later by prednisone pills, all because of a skin condition that she came to us with, oh, and let's not forget the when said dog, G., is on the pred pills that she can't control her bladder......I'll spare you the details.

But it's all good. She is getting, and has gotten, the medical attention that she needed and continues to need and we adore her.
Well, "we" adored her until this afternoon. . . . .

Picture, if you will......go with me in your mind's eye to my studio......

It all started with me walking through my studio to the garage to snag a diet cherry Dr. P. from the fridge out there. As I approached the studio I could see that someone, excuse me, some DOG, said dog being G., had completely destroyed a really sturdy sack that was full of gifts that I received at the Paper Whimsy retreat I went to last month. She had gone through each item in the sack to get to the bottom where there were two 3.5 oz. specialty bars of milk chocolate that I had bought as gifts.

Now, I realize that at this point I should be showing you pictures of the mess in the studio, the chewed up chocolate bar cardboard sleeves, a picture of me on the computer looking up, "small dog eats chocolate", me calling the vet's, so many photo ops. But, I couldn't/can't be bothered right now - I'm too busy pounding the keys on my laptop getting my frustrations out!

In an effort to remove myself from the situation I am going to tell the entire story in bullet form and in third person. . . . .
  • small 15# dog eats 7 ounces of specialty milk chocolate
  • upon discovery and being anal retentive, owner cleans up mess first, after scolding said small dog
  • owner researches symptoms of "a small dog eating lots of chocolate" on the Internet
  • calls vet immediately after finding out that it can be oh, so dangerous
  • vet tech tells owner to get said small dog to drink Hydrogen Peroxide and then bring her to the clinic
  • owner asks vet tech, "What??! Put it in a bowl and say, 'Here, G., drink this! It's good!'?"
  • owner gets H.P. down said dog with a turkey baster that will make some garbage man's wife a nice stocking stuffer
  • vet tech did not advise owner that it could take several minutes for the H.P. to work
  • "work" meaning "make said dog throw up the chocolate"
  • in a rush to get to the clinic, owner covers the bucket seat on the passenger side of owner's most loved convertible to protect the leather seat if said dog needs to spit up
  • owner puts said dog on the towel on the seat in the beloved car and tells her not to spit up
  • just before owner is able to start beloved car, owner's cell rings
  • the vet is on the phone and starts asking questions about the incident
  • at that moment, said dog has turned into the exorcist and is spewing chocolate vomit all over said beloved convertible as the vet yaps on
  • not meaning to be rude but fearing that said dog's head may start turning a 360, owner yells at vet that owner will call back as owner throws down the phone
  • there is vomit everywhere it could possibly be in a small, enclosed area.
  • working quickly and throwing up in the back of owner's throat during the entire ordeal, owner gets beloved car cleaned up and kills said dog
  • oh, alright, owner didn't kill said dog, owner called the vet back
  • "She threw up that much, huh? Well, I really don't think you need to bring her in. Sounds like she's gotten most of it out. Watch for more vomiting, and, oh, she may have some diarrhea tonight."
  • "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lesley Venable will be leading a class at K.C. Willis' Studio Retreat in February '10, in Longmont, Colorado! Because K.C. is just beginning Studio Retreats I want to help spread the word!Leslie's class is an altered book class, Bound Reliquaries, which will be held in K.C.'s shop on February 4 - 6, 2010. You can find out more information by visiting K.C.'s visiting-artists-page.

I encourage you to do that because you will be blown away, not only by this one, but by all of the them that are offered!

I am personally taking a class from K.C. in April! I am PAST excited about it!!

Bound Reliquaries, is limited to 10 people. When the first 5 sign up there will be a drawing and one of those lucky artists will receive the class at 50% off the class price...
that's right, one half the cost of an already splendidly priced workshop!

But, it doesn't stop there....when the next and final 5 sign up, another drawing will be held and one of those lucky artists will receive the same 50% off discount off of this class!!
Wow. This just blows me away! If I wasn't already going to Colorado in April for K.C.'s class, I'd be sooooo tempted to take this class!

Consider yourself in the know!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


When my dear, sweet friend, Tina Wright, was diagnosed with colon cancer a few weeks ago (you can read more about TEAM TINA and Tina's fight by scrolling down and reading the first post about Tina's cancer) I knew that I wanted to do something to make her feel the love of the artist community that she was a part of and that she loves. That's when TEAM TINA was formed and our first outpouring of love was organized.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my call out for tags for a "tag gate" for Tina would produce such an outpouring of love. I have been humbled by the generosity and time that I know went into each and every tag that has been received.
I got home from my trip to Michigan and when I saw the pile of TEAM TINA mail I was filled with joy! I couldn't believe it! So many envelopes! I couldn't wait to open them all!!
It took a few days before I could get to the mail (*life got in the way*) but when I did, I just sat here in my bedroom sitting area with the envelopes piled on the floor to my right and as I opened each one I was again humbled by the notes of love that I received.
Thank you, dear ones, for your kind words. And, some of you made me a tag or enclosed a small gift. I have kept every note, every tag and gift, every sweet card...........I treasure them all.
But, the most wonderful thing was opening the envelopes and seeing the gorgeous tags y'all made for Tina! Every envelope I opened, I would think to myself, "Oh, my gosh, I need to email *this woman* and tell her how much I love her tag!!!". And, then I'd think, okay, I'll do that at the end of opening all of these envelopes.
Well, let me tell ya - I just don't have the time to email EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to tell you how wonderful your tags are - I'll just have to tell you here.

Honestly, and please excuse me if I sound like a broken record, y'all have touched me by the outpouring of love and support you are showing Tina through your creations. This project is going to knock her socks off!
And, I must tell you that my heart was pierced each time I would open a tag made by an artist that doesn't know Tina, but wanted to bless her. Wow.
(click on the pictures to enlarge and see the details of the tags!)
What a blessing y'all are to a woman fighting for her life.
A woman that is courageous through her faith in the Lord, is supported by those praying for her, and is supported by outpourings of love such as this TEAM TINA project.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
And, if you didn't know about this project and want to be a part of it, you still have time because I won't be traveling to Tina's until November. She and I have talked and are planning on the Tank and I making the trip the first part of November, so if you want, scroll back to the first post about Tina and simply follow the directions. There is plenty of room for a tag from you!

Okay, let me tell you - I looked in every junk shop between here and Michigan for the rusty old gate that I wanted for this project. No such gate to be found. Now, we have one here at the ranch, but it keeps the goats penned, so I had to think of something else..........I went to a salvage company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and I bought a vintage chippy white Victorian window. Oh, my gosh, it is so cool.
I'm going to break out all of the glass and attach a sheet of (pale pink) wire on which to hang the tags. It's going to be so amazing when I put your tags on it.............Now, give me a week or two to get this done and when it's all put together and pretty, I'll blog about it! Aren't you excited???
This project is just so cool and whether you know it or not, you're a vessel of God and that is the coolest thing to me!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Maybe you remember earlier this year that I blogged about driving through Missouri.
That post was about driving through on the interstate.
This post is about driving through Missouri yesterday, but on the back roads.
The fact that I'm writing this post while amazingly tired is the same as last time, only the roads have changed.....

Missouri - now, don't get me wrong, I know that other states have the same type of towns and just because I happened to be driving through Missouri both times that I post about the oddness of a state and it happens to be Missouri, well, it's just coincidence.....

I saw three towns while driving the beautiful, very curvy, very dangerous backroads of Missouri yesterday..............

and Bourbon.

What is going on?
Who are these people that name these towns???
Not my relatives.
Oh, please, not my relatives.

As I drove I kept my eyes peeled for even better town names...............
I kept looking for Panties.
Can'a Whoop Ass
and Bite Me.

Never have I been so disappointed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi, y'all! I'm excited to pass on to you the fact that Tina felt good enough to post on her blog! I thought you might enjoy reading it, so, settle into your couch and head over to her blog and get the word straight from Tina!

I will continue to keep you posted whenever I have new information (about Tina and our secret Team Tina project *prior post for those not in the know that want to join in the fun*!:).

I hope you each have a fabulous day! Kudos to my faithful readers, lurkers AND COMMENTERS!


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi, y'all! If you've been keeping up with me on fb then you know that I'm STILL in Michigan at my mom's. We've been having such a nice visit and I've really been enjoying Sophie (below).
She wanted me to tell you that I talked to Tina today and have an update for you!
Tina sounded good. She did. She sounded good. She's had her first chemo session and has anti-nausea meds so that's not been a problem - praise God! I just hate to throw up, don't you?

She's tired, very lethargic, but when she can raise her head, she likes to sit in the sun. I can picture her in her yard, sunning, and it makes me smile.

I found a "gate" for the tags that are waiting for me at home (prior post if you're wanting to be in the know and you're not yet:) and I'm so excited! I found it at this salvage resale place here in Kalamazoo that I love only it's not a gate. I really had hoped to do a gate, but instead, since I couldn't find one anywhere and the only one I have access to is keeping our goats in the pasture behind our house, I bought this old, chippy white victorian window. Oh, my gosh, it's fabulous!!

I'm going to break out all of the glass and staple on wire that I'll buy and spray pale pink. Then I'm going to attach the tags with the ribbon or fibers, if they have them, by tying them on or attaching them with wee bitty clothespins that i'll stamp to make pretty. IT'S GOING TO BE SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

I'm very excited to get home and see all y'all's tags and get the "gate" made and delivered. She's going to be so blessed that her socks are just gunna go flyin' off her feet!! Doesn't that just BLESS YOU???

Let's all stop right now and say a prayer for Tina - as you're reading this - lift her up.

I'm going to close this and visit with my sweet sisters and my wonderful mom as I scratch Sophie behind the ears. But, I'll be talkin' to you later. When I get home the end of next week and open all of the tags I want to post them so you will see their wonder.

See you then! And, as always, I simply adore my readers - you're so wonderful!



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