Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, before you start reading this you must take two things into consideration.
One, I'm really tired.
And, two, I'm really tired.
Oh, wait.
I already said that. LOL
Okay. Two, if you live in Missouri or hold it dear to your heart for whatever reason, read this in the spirit that it's written - I'm just going for a laugh and, actually, I could be writing about many different states that I've driven through in the past...

As my blog followers and friends know, I'm driving to Michigan to get my mom and bring her back to the ranch for a few months like we did last winter.
The difference this year is that I've packed most of my studio, including my Lollishop listings, in my trunk because I'll be dog sitting my sister's dog, Mo, for four weeks (you read that right - long story and you'd be bored) while she's in Florida before mom and I start back for the ranch. I'll have lots of time to work!

Anyway, today I hit Missouri and I declare, I'm on the tollroad and the minute I cross into Missouri from Oklahoma, it was like vacationer's Hell.
Missouri - America's vacation state??...........
you be the judge. LOL

Billboards...........lots of billboards, advertising all there is to do - how does anyone get through this state???

PRECIOUS MOMENTS MUSEUM - The first billboard I saw.
What do I do???
Do I stop?
How do I NOT stop?

SNAKE WORLD ZOO - If I stop, I can die happy.

XXX ADULT VIDEO SUPERSTORE - Do they have motels close by???
I could hit the Precious Moments Museum first, then XXX and walk across the parking lot to my motel.

WALNUT BOWL FACTORY - I can always use another bowl and these are wooden.

COZY COFFEE CORNER AT CALICO COUNTRY - Cozy coffee? We do not have that in Texas. Might be worth a stop...

WORLD'S LARGEST GIFT STORE - Christmas shopping early.
I wonder how big their gag section is?

So, I had some fast thinking to do............
keep driving???
keep driving???

And then I saw a Motel 6.

. .


Jan said...

Oh, I got to get me to Missouri! What wonders of the world they have there...who knew? Thanks fot the quick tour, my dear. How many walnut bowls did ya buy?


Debra said...

Hi, Guess I get to be the first from Missouri to congratulate you on your wonderful roadtrip. I imagine every state has it's share of...I'll be kind...places that are less than "chic". I'm just sorry you were so close to some of us, and all the great places and beautiful scenery, that you didn't get a chance to visit. Ozark, MO. is a quaint little town brimming with great shops and antiques. Also don't miss Curious Sofa in K.C. and then check out Elizabeth Maxon's talent in St. Louis. For all the 2-bit junk you find along the highways you missed tons of great places and talented people just around the corner.
Check out our website at Leola's Vintage Home and Garden. We'd love to have you drop by on your return trip. By the way, we have all our teeth and wear shoes. LOL
Debra from Leola's
P.S. No offense taken. We dislike it also.

the wild raspberry said...

you forgot the fleamarket store "Itchy's--stop and scratch a while" !!
Missouri truly does have its beauty...the billboards are not one of them.
You should see the quaint little German town of Hermann. It is lovely.
from a proud Missourian.
p.s. you should send all of us poor folk in missouri something special.

Pearle said...

LOL. I live in Missouri and it is really a nice place to live, but I don't know that it would be on anyone's top ten of places to take a vacation!

luvloveless said...

Well, speaking as one who lives in the great state of MO, yes, the billboards suck! But, you missed the best thing about this state. ME!!! You shoulda' let me know you were comin'!


Anonymous said...
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