Saturday, January 24, 2009

"I got AWESOME!!!"

The 7 year old little girl was walking through the lobby of the Radisson Hotel, downtown Kalamazoo, this afternoon.
She was all bundled up for the weather and was following her mom and little sister to the lobby door.
As she walked, she concentrated on eating Valentine candy hearts out of a little bag.
I couldn't help but notice her....walking, picking out one heart at a time, sticking it in her mouth and chewing it up.

Her friend and her friend's mother had ridden the escalator to the mezzanine and were walking along the railing. But the little 7 year old girl was too involved in picking out the hearts, one by one, and reading what was written on each one before she popped it in her mouth, to pay attention to anything around her.

As I stood watching her, she pulled out one of the candy hearts and time stood still as she suddenly stopped.....turned the heart over in her it.....and in the high, shrieking voice of a 7 year old girl, she held her hand in the air as she turned towards her friend and screamed,

"I got "AWESOME"!! I got "AWESOME"!!"

It was one of those moments in life that is simply precious.
It was so sweet, so honest, so natural, so precious that I am still re-living it.
I don't want to lose it.
I want to remember it forever.


. .Jan


Jacque said...

Thank you for sharing that was just AWESOME! I am laying in bed with a bad cold and your story made me feel better! Jacque

Sweetina said...

That is the cutest goes to show us all the it is truely the little things that are so precious in life!
Wiah i'd been there to experience such a delightful moment in peron too!
Now candy coversation hearts are going to be even more of an adventure with the word awesome on some of them!

ljohnson said...

OK, I just stumbled on your blog today and now I am hooked. The story was delightful and you told it in such a great way. I am in love with your stuff and your blog is one of the most fun to read - thanks so much for sharing with us. Love the books selections. I am thinking we have the same great taste, so you have given me some ideas . . .

Bev said...

How Awesome...isn't it just grand how something that little could be so important...Out of the mouths of babes!!! I love you blog BTW...Bevie

Bev said...

I wanted to ask you to come by my blog HeLives to pick up a little award I'm passing on to people I feel deserve it!!!

the wild raspberry said...

You are great at telling stories...I could see the whole scene before me. Very sweet.


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