Wednesday, January 7, 2009

KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD....i got an award!!

For me, to receive an award that references my blog and shows me that someone appreciates the work I put into making it the best I know how, means a LOT to me.
Silly, I know, and it sorta reminds me of high school - the affirmation, the being chosen (and not being chosen last - horrors)

- anyway, my sweet friend, Heidi, at Everyday Cookies has presented me with an award! ....made MY day!
(Also, be sure and visit her blog because she has a nice surprise for you:)

The rules of this award are pretty straightforward.
I am to name 7 random things that I love and pass the award along to 7 deserving bloggers.
Now, naming 7 random things that I love is easy-peasy - I could make this list like 100 random things I love! LOL
So. What I'm going to do is list things that are not the first things that pop into my God, my family, my get it, right? I'm going for random!

1. I love that all three of our boys (age 18, 21, 23) are letting God lead them in school, relationships and work. (pics of the Fab Three are in a post a couple below this one...)
2. I love that we have so many winter birds that they're eating us out of house and home.
3. I love that we live on a ranch and don't have neighbors. That I can spend days at home without seeing anyone or going anywhere.
4. However, I love going to the movies, so much so that I don't mind at all going alone.
5. I love that I'm having my very first blog giveaway - I think that's so cool!
6. I love that I've taken the plunge, which comes with great risk of failure, to open a shop on the new marketplace, Lollishops. (
7. I love junking. It's like a drug for me. The thrill of the hunt and then when I find a treasure and the price is right - it's a high.

Now, the rules state that I must pass this award onto 7 deserving bloggers and they will tell us 7 random things that they love. I think this is one of the better survey thingies I've been asked to do - I liked the random part.

So, ladies, I tag..............
1. Kathy @ - she' a friend from Paper Whimsy and I just adore her!
2. Blaiz @ - I met Blaiz at Art-n-Soul and she is the sweetest thing!
3. Tina Lee @ - I haven't visited her blog in entirely too long *however, I will very soon!*, but, I love it and Tina Lee, herself!
4. Theresa @ - oh, my gosh, I adore her blog!
5. Keesha @ - one of my dearest friends and even though we have both gotten so busy in so many directions that we're not in touch as much as we used to be, I still count her as one of my BFF. She's wonderful!
6. Pam @ - a true soul mate. This woman is one of my closest friends. . .and we've never even met! How about that!
7. And, last but never least, Rande @ - she is my inspiration when it comes to art. Visit her blog and see what I mean...

I hate that I have to stop at 7 because there are more I'd love for you to get to know.

The only thing I ask of my 7 is that when you've posted, that you shot me an email so I can go read and learn more about you because you're all dear to my heart.

Don't forget my blog giveaway (the post is right below this one:) and thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog! I've just got the BEST readers!



Pam Warden Art said...

Ok, so maybe you're not as sweet as I thought...because I was typing a comment to you that said how sweet you were for picking my name for the Kreativ Blogger and my computer went blank, froze up and then shut off. Hmmm, what does the computer know that I don't know.
Nah, you ARE a SWEETIE. When we talked on the phone if felt like we knew each other forEVER!!!! I can watch the movies just like you do too. I'd sit through Romeo and Juliet in 1969 5 times. My friends would leave after the first one but I'd stay chomping my popcorn, crying my heart out and totally in love with the big screen. If we ever go together you can sit on one side of the theater and I'll sit on the other and we can wave every now and then :)
Thanks for the blogger award.
I love you more than my luggage (Steel Magnolias),

SarahD said...

Congrats on your award hey I thought I would stop a while xx

Sweetina said...

You so deserve this Award!
I love learning all about you with your 7 things you love!
yipee~great news~
love to hear more about your ranch!

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Hi Jan! I love your list...I love the randomness of it!!! I'm sure with you on your #7. I challenged myself to not go to any thrift shops for the month of January. (I sure had fun on Saturday, January 3...found some great things--junk!!!) I didn't even last a weekend! HA!

It'll be fun to go visit those you taged!
Hugs, Heidi

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey girlfriend!

Congrats on the award...well deserved. Have a beautiful rest of the week...xo..deb

kecia said...

Okay, i've sworn these off (listing random boring facts about myself! ) as i've done it so many times now i think my readers my revolt, but i am going to list some facts here for you to enjoy!
and i'm sure they won't be much of a surprise to ya!
1) i love flea markets
2) i love puppies & kittens (anything in that baby phase!)
3) i love vintage, i think i live in the wrong era!
4) i love rice krispy treats - yum!
5) i love antiquing
6) i love to be alone on a beach reading a book or with my camera
7) i love going on little "photo jaunts" by myself to photograph birds, nature or any other random thing of interest to me.

so there you have it!

cindy said...

wow! I am a member of the "I know Jan Thomlinson" fan club and I knew none of those things! : D



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