Monday, July 27, 2009


If you're a regular reader of my blog, then you remember that in June I promised two give-aways in July because I just couldn't get it done in June! It was a crazy month!

So, as I've been thinking about what to offer, what two items, I decided that instead it would be a lot of fun to give away ONE REALLY COSTLY ITEM. . .

Meet the SPRING BANNER, retail cost $68.00 (includes presentation and postage).
It measures 36" across *not counting the ribbon for hanging*, each flag is 5" x 8" and, the flags spell out the word "SPRING".
You will love this banner!
It's light and sweet and each flag is a delightful piece of art in it's own right!

There are glittered pastel yellow and green eggs hanging by different trims between each flag. And the ribbon stringing the flags is pale pink satin.

Pay attention to the detail put into each flag including sewing, scalloped edges, etc.
I hope you like my choice.
I absolutely love this banner.

SUNDAY, 10 p.m. CST, AUGUST 2nd.
All I ask that you do to be eligible for this drawing is
1.) leave a comment and be entered ONCE.
2.) if you're not already following my blog, I would love
for you to - if you sign up to follow, let me know that
(and let me know if you're already a follower) and
I'll enter you in the drawing TWICE.
3.) And, last but certainly not least, if you post on your
blog sending your readers over here to enter, let me know
that and I'll enter you THREE times.
You must leave me your blog address so I can visit it.

Gosh, this is so exciting for me! I've never given away anything worth so much nor do I remember ever asking for more than a comment in a give-away (I'm relying on my memory - ouch).

A special shout out to my loyal readers that I can always count on to keep up with me by regularly reading my blog. I think y'all are absolutely the best!

And, a shout out to my lurkers...I know you're reading, just not commenting, because I am able to keep up with my numbers. Y'all are shy, but really important to me!
Today I ask you to consider stepping up and start leaving a comment when you read my blog - it makes me feel very popular. heehee



Yes, it's true, we now have five rescue pets - four dogs and one cat.
Our newest addition to our menagerie is GIGI *called "GI"*, a bichon frische.
And, yes, she's *believe it or not* a "rescue dog".
Here's picture no. 1 of her Preciousness! Is she a doll, or what? Such a sweetie!
Her "parents" are going overseas and can't take her with them so, to make a long story short, which for me is a real stretch, we adopted her through the rescue dog organization I belong to.
She loves to take naps on the ottoman under the window in the sitting area of my bedroom. She and Baxter fight over it.

She's 9 years old, in relatively good health and so, so precious.
She sleeps at the foot of our bed on her pillow with a twin sheet bunched up around her so she can burrow. (Hey, she's not burrowing in my bed)
Her very favorite place to be is attached to my hip, but I draw the line, so she props herself on MY ottoman leaving me about 12 inches for both legs! She'll just curl up there and sleep while I blog. Pretty stinkin' cute.Now that you've met the newest member of our flock and you feel compelled to send money to help with vet bills, grooming bills, flea meds, heart worm pills and dog and cat food, feel free.

And, as usual, I thank my loyal readers for taking the time to read about the latest happenings in my very exciting life! Next post is about the June/July giveaway - check back because it's a BIG one.

xoxo, Jan

Thursday, July 23, 2009



This is a chance for me, a blogger, to show you where I you in my own creative way because, seriously, Where Women Create magazine is never going to ask to do a spot on me!

You'll see what I mean in a minute...

When you're finished enjoying my studio, go to Karen's blog and in the right side column you'll be able to pick your next spot to drop in on - everyone has their party dresses on and is waiting for your arrival!

And, be sure and leave a comment that you had been there - makes us all feel special *popular* to know that lots of people came to our party!
Oh, I'm so excited!!! Here everyone comes!
This is why I am being creative in showing you my studio - it looks like a crack house, it's such a mess.
I could have cleaned it all up for you, but then it wouldn't be MY studio. Get it?
This door is the door that goes from my studio into our garage where the "rest" of my studio is stacked!
I have a fabulous pink disco ball hanging from the ceiling in my studio.
THIS is what my studio looks like on any given day.
Thus, the nickname, The Crack House.
Glue on my fingers. . .a common sight!
A row of my wooden stamps...
I have hundreds and hundreds of stamps - lots of wooden and lots of unmounted.
My row of Barbie dresses!
I smile every time I look at them!
I LOVE Barbie!!
A bird caught in a snowstorm...the closest I could get to a snow storm in Texas!
I have this thing for old *and ratty* dolls and doll heads.
I think they're so cool - most people think they're strange and scary!
Cracks me up.
Gesso, molding and vitally important items when working with paints!
And, of course, Gorilla glue!
I love to buy big sheets of fabulous papers and I roll them up and store them in this really big glass cylinder.
It looks cool and serves a really important roll in my studio.
*Get it??? "roll" in my studio? That was a joke. LOL*
Paint brushes and bling. Who could want anything more? Heehee
I utilize every space in my studio. . .this vintage lamp shade and bird cage are hanging from my ceiling.
A vintage typewriter, vintage silhouette tray and a couple of vintage dance cards.
Every mixed media artist has lots of vintage papers!
A stack of finished tags just waiting to be uploaded into my Lollishop and Etsy shop.
Oh, would you look at the time???
You best hurry on to your next party!
I'm so, so glad that you took the time to visit my studio and come to my party!
I hope you had a good time - tell me what you thought in your comment!

And, to my faithful, bestest readers in the world, a special THANK YOU for coming!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh!

Okay, here's what happened.

Okay, so for some stupid reason I decide that I should be on Twitter.
I know, I know, I've been stuck in this chair entirely too long.
So, I'm thinking, well, what can it hurt; it'll be good marketing.

So, I join and, of course, I have no one to follow so I follow twittercritter - through the pet adoption site that I belong to that adopts out homeless dogs and cats.

Not much marketing there. Dogs and cats don't read, but it's a start, I think.

THEN, today, oh my gosh, I get this notice that this someone is now following me on Twitter.

See, on Twitter, you post things you're doing. It can be a post a day, 20 posts a day if you have no can be about anything from "I just folded the Tank's wife beaters." to "You should go to my etsy store at and buy something. You might win a prize."

(Of course, there's no prize, but I would think that the purchased item would be considered a prize.)

Okay, so I get that notice today that someone is following me on Twitter.

Get this.

This is the kinda creepy thing.
Maybe I shouldn't say "creepy" since I don't know who I'm dealing with.
Let's say "odd".
Should I say "odd"? Maybe that will set them off.
Okay, we'll go with....."I get that notice today that someone is following me on Twitter.
Get this.
This is the kinda different, but not creepy or odd thing."

I notice it, because it shows you, that this person is also following almost SIXTEEN HUNDRED PEOPLE.


She takes her laptop into the head with her? (Sorry - three boys)


Go-o-o-o-od grief.

And that's when the doubt sets in about being a part of this group.
But, it gets even BETTER!
I click on her name to check her (in all fairness and to give this it's due privacy, let us use "her/him") out and this message comes up:

"Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here."

"A-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H" *running around the room with my toe up holding my head in my hands*

What do I do???
How do you get off Twitter once they have you in their grip?
Is there a Twitter police force?
Anyone got their number?
Why aren't background checks done on 'different' people?
Who all is following me and why do strangers care what I'm doing this afternoon???

"Oh, look, Harry, it says that Jan Thomason is putting new sheeting around the bottom of their trailer."

Who are these people?

Do you think they're reading my blog, too?

Ah, geez, and what about my FaceBook???
"Today I'm sitting with my toe in the air as per doctor's orders."

Why would strangers read that stuff about strangers?
Why would strangers want to be my friend?
Are they friendless?
Well, if they're friendless, I'm pretty sure I'm not the perfect pick for them.

And where does it all end?
If we think too deeply about our interactions with people through ANY medium, we can scare ourselves silly.

So, just so you know, we're moving.
Yes, we're moving to.....Scotland.
Yes, that's right.
And, we're moving tomorrow.



Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ahhhh! It's a purple day! I wonder if this color will show up well on my, oh, so beautiful pale pink background? M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m, don't you just love pale pink???

Wanna know what keeps me young besides my convertible?
I wonder how many of you guessed that in your head when you read the title to this post?
My convertible, that is.
I love my convertible, my little red convertible that will literally be the death of me if I get hit in a not so bad way because it IS a convertible.
Still love it.
Still makes me feel young.

But, it's not the only thing, it's not even the most important thing, that keeps me young.
I'm 55 years old and have enough ailments that if I lost my mind and started telling you about all of them, I'd sound like some old woman, you know the one, all she can do is talk about what's "ailin'" her. Just shoot me.
Anyway, I mention this so those of you that aren't "in the know" because you haven't been reading my blog long enough or know me well enough, will know that I have a lot of reasons not to feel so stinkin' young.
I don't talk about all of it very much or with very many people. My cousin, Melinda, used to get so mad at me for keeping these type of things from her so with time I think I've gotten better - but, I'll never feel comfortable telling you "all".

So, okay, I digress...............all the time! LOL
And, while I'm digressing, have you noticed that I've posted several times these last two weeks? It's only because I'm glued to this chair and ottoman - don't get used to it.

Here's what keeps me young:

MY ART. Really. My art.




I didn't realize it until I was putting this list together, but my YEARLY SHOPPING TRIPS WITH MY SORORITY SISTERS FROM COLLEGE.



MY BOYS. . .here we are, mom trying to take the annual Christmas picture...

I can honestly say that I have laughed until I couldn't breathe, until I snorted, until I cried, until I PIMP, and/or until milk came out of my nose, at one time or another with each of these groups.

And, there's more.......more groups, more individuals, my sisters, my cousins, BF'sF, more times, daily for instance, that have involved everyone I love, or alone, because it's the way God made me - to see the humor *even if my mother doesn't - heeheehee* in even the oddest of moments.

And, hanging with the fun people, often the young people, is one of my secrets. Young people are a riot. PIMP!!

"OO" to my precious readers and especially to you - hugs are so important!

. . . .Jan

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yep, my foot's in the air and I think that's what has made me susceptible; allowed me to say, "Yes, I'll play!", when I know in my heart, deep in my heart, that I should be saying, "Not on your life!". . . . .you see, it's a "WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE" party. . . .you know, pictures of my crack-house-resembling-studio posted for all to see. . .
To make this party even more fun, and to put me on a more even playing ground, y'all are invited! Oh, yeah. Each of you simply has to right click on the ad, save it to your computer and then put it on your blog along with a nice post like I'm doing (Just follow my lead:)

Now, you don't have to do the post, it would just be the nice thing to do; you know, to advertise the party and all. We want all of your friends to come, too.

I'm sure some are thinking this will be the perfect opportunity to clean up their work space since the entire world is going to get a glimpse into their world of creativity.

Not me. My foot's in the air, remember?
To borrow the words of another, I have become a blogoholic.

It's so true. . .between blogs and Facebook, I'm doomed to a life, well, with my foot in the air.

I start reading and I can't seem to stop - the blogs are never-ending! The stories and the pictures and the blogs that I hit upon that have me salivating and then thinking, thinking, thinking! I love it all.

The idea, Karen's idea, for this party came from 2 places. One was the fabulous publication, Where Women Create.

I highly recommend it - if you haven't broken down and bought it yet, then do so. And, buy me a copy, too, so I can stop spending 30 minutes a day at Hastings!

The second idea came to Karen from a woman named Denise over at BellaDreams.

She posted some photos of her new Studio space that were just wonderful. (I'm fixin to check them out just as soon as I finish plagiarizing Karen)

So it got Karen to thinking, "I bet there are hundreds of gorgeous studios and work spaces out there. Rooms that are whimsicalor (I'm not going to raise my hand, don't you either, but I'm kinda thinkin that Karen made up that word. . .) elegant, or clever or all of the above!!! (Note that she didn't mention Early Crack House)

So you are invited to join Karen and me and the tens of tens of other bloggers for Karen's first ever blog party!

Share your creative spaces!!

Is your space at the dining room table?
Do you have a room of your own?
Have you converted a closet?
Or are you like me?
You have a studio that is a total embarrassment, but, one that you know where everything is.

And, what do you do in there?
What kind of things do you create?

There is a little bit of voyeur in all of us don’t you think?? So, come on and join in the fun! To participate, just leave Karen a message on this post along with the address of your blog. She will add you to the link list on her sidebar.

On July 24th, post your photos and stories about yourselves and your creative spaces.

Then we will all have a great time coming over and visiting all the wonderful, creative spaces that y'all have made for yourselves!!

To help Karen promote this event - please take the party poster and add it to your sidebar as a photo with a link to Karen's blog

And, if you're feeling generous, a post on your blog about the party would be awesome!

Thanks so much!! I really hope to see you there!!!
It's going to be soooo much fun!
XOXO to the best readers in blogland,

. . . . . . .Jan


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