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This is a chance for me, a blogger, to show you where I you in my own creative way because, seriously, Where Women Create magazine is never going to ask to do a spot on me!

You'll see what I mean in a minute...

When you're finished enjoying my studio, go to Karen's blog and in the right side column you'll be able to pick your next spot to drop in on - everyone has their party dresses on and is waiting for your arrival!

And, be sure and leave a comment that you had been there - makes us all feel special *popular* to know that lots of people came to our party!
Oh, I'm so excited!!! Here everyone comes!
This is why I am being creative in showing you my studio - it looks like a crack house, it's such a mess.
I could have cleaned it all up for you, but then it wouldn't be MY studio. Get it?
This door is the door that goes from my studio into our garage where the "rest" of my studio is stacked!
I have a fabulous pink disco ball hanging from the ceiling in my studio.
THIS is what my studio looks like on any given day.
Thus, the nickname, The Crack House.
Glue on my fingers. . .a common sight!
A row of my wooden stamps...
I have hundreds and hundreds of stamps - lots of wooden and lots of unmounted.
My row of Barbie dresses!
I smile every time I look at them!
I LOVE Barbie!!
A bird caught in a snowstorm...the closest I could get to a snow storm in Texas!
I have this thing for old *and ratty* dolls and doll heads.
I think they're so cool - most people think they're strange and scary!
Cracks me up.
Gesso, molding and vitally important items when working with paints!
And, of course, Gorilla glue!
I love to buy big sheets of fabulous papers and I roll them up and store them in this really big glass cylinder.
It looks cool and serves a really important roll in my studio.
*Get it??? "roll" in my studio? That was a joke. LOL*
Paint brushes and bling. Who could want anything more? Heehee
I utilize every space in my studio. . .this vintage lamp shade and bird cage are hanging from my ceiling.
A vintage typewriter, vintage silhouette tray and a couple of vintage dance cards.
Every mixed media artist has lots of vintage papers!
A stack of finished tags just waiting to be uploaded into my Lollishop and Etsy shop.
Oh, would you look at the time???
You best hurry on to your next party!
I'm so, so glad that you took the time to visit my studio and come to my party!
I hope you had a good time - tell me what you thought in your comment!

And, to my faithful, bestest readers in the world, a special THANK YOU for coming!



Lynn Stevens said...

what a fun place to create. Love your crack house!

Anonymous said...

I like your studio photos and I especially like your "humor" - very cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chickadee!
hahaha great another crack house! haha love yoru space and I like your doll heads!!
Big mermaid hugs


The Chateau of Remnants said...

I love your Crack House!I looks fabulous :)


zandra said...

Wow! So glad you joined the party so I could find you! Such a great space! Thanks, for sharing. Hugz, Z

Debra said...

Love the "Crack" house. How painfully hones of you to name it that (hmm aren't we all addicts?). I have been visiting and seeing these fabulous studios and all seem to have wonderful collections to boot. yours is so cool, love it!

Debra said...

Okay I meant to say 'honest", must be the crack overload today from all this eye candy.

TinyBear said...

Oh - I love your studio. Looks like a great place to have lots of fun.
Love the paper rolls and that old typewriter and the vintage paper and those tags....
better sign up as a follower - lol
Have a great day.
~ Tina

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Oh, your studio looks awesome, I love it. I love your color palette too. Yes I love Marie but I do not belong to the group. Last I looked it said group is full and not excepting new members =(. I like the way you covered your door with the pretty fabrics.
Thanks for the tour,

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing your creative space. I love the fact that we get to see the real studio. Looks like a great place to create.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

This was one of my favorite tours so far! I love your sense of humor and your creativity. It made me smile at the end of a long work day. Thank you for keeping it real and for sharing your space. What a delight! ~Kathy

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I get the doll thing~love them..your space is GREAT!!!!

It is soo funny that so many of us have old typewriters too :)

Thanks for sharing.

NicNacManiac said...

WOW...that's some crazy inspiration oozing out of the crack house. Makes me smile and wanna get down to creating!!

Anonymous said...

Well...that is certainly the most charming and whimsical crack house I have ever seen {Not that I have seen a lot}

Lynn Richards said...

Love the studio, Jan! So much light and fun in there!! Lynn

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for your inspiration and your sense of humor. Glad I stopped by.
Hope you can visit soon.

Blaiz said...

Now I don't feel so bad about my own art studio (my dining room)!

The pink disco ball is so You!

Claudia said...

Crack house it may be, but its your creative space! I think you have a lot of fun there!

Terri said...

Got 4 hours of sleep and have been at this pretty much since midnight last night. Waiting for new posts, visiting and commenting.Thought we were going to be away for the day but we reseduled our day. So now I think I'm turning into one of those pink flamingos and ready start dancing under the the pink disco ball...must be all that crack talk. ;)
Seriously...You have a great studio... love the photos and what a witty lady you are. Enjoy the party!

Kara Ward said...

We are soul sisters...I have every Barbie outfit from my childhood and I am dying over the disc ball....DYINGGGGGG!!!!!!

Debby said...

Your creative space looks fabulous! So much fun to work in such a great space.

LiLi M. said...

I love love love this!!! What a great party and what great space, of course it is always a mess when you are always creating. I had to travel in time to avoid the mess in my studio. You cracked me up with your Crack house!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Jan you are my kinda fun friend! Love your crack house! Would love to come and hang out with you and spend the day laughing!
bunny hugs,

Pam Warden Art said...

That was fun, the similarities that we have amaze me. Wish I could join you at the movies and in a land of no snow...if we do a show down your way I told John we must see you and Cindy!!!! I am stealing your idea about the "I know..." bumper sticker. I just have not done so yet. Keep the toe happy! Think of the alternative :( And remember, su casa es mi casa :)

Lori said...

Your studio is so quaint and...normal! Loved the sign--Crack house.

Cynthia Hicks said...


Paradise Blog Design said...

What fun! Absolutely LOVE your blog! The pink flamingos are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Natasha said...

Ha, ha! I LOVE your sense of humor! Oh, and that stamp collection of yours... I could spend days and days rolling around in them. What a beautifully creative space you live in! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at this lovely event; please do stop by for a visit soon!

Enjoy the party!

Warm Wishes,


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Love the pink disco ball!
I didn't get my studio photographed for this event, but I am having a giveaway on my blog this weekend for "Christmas in July". Stop by if you like PINK! :)

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Jan! Your space is just awesome! It looks full of wonderful things to create with! I especially like the old typewriter. As soon as I find one I'm gonna get it!!! thank you so much for coming to my party. You've really helped make it a wonderful success!

My Desert Cottage

Jeanneoli said...

Great space and tons of goodies everywhere!

Denise said...

Love the Barbie clothes hanging up!
Thanks for sharing your space with all of us!
Dancingly, Denise

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Great creative space! Love that awesome decorated door!!! Thanks for sharing and come visit me too! (I'm still making my way around but hope to get to everyone! It's such fun to visit and see everyone's ideas and treasures! Love it!)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love your space! the antique typewriter is a must in every studio! I also love how your rubber stamps are displayed! thank you for sharing this charming spot with all of us! :)

Miss Sandy said...

What a fun fanciful place! Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Love it, love it, love it! And love you too!!! I'll beeee baaaccckkkk......


Rhonda said...

Love your Crack House..... I call my sudio to be the war zone...... it's got extra goodies, presents, craft, junk vintage goodies, contract reading materials and books for tutoring...... and a small trail to weave er ah... stumble through.......
Love your fun crack house better....
Rhonda Lou

KV Creative Designs said...

Jan! I love your Space!!! I also love the borders you use around your pics! I am still not finished visiting all the blogs! I will get through the list sometime!

Hope you will come visit me at my New Studio!

Artful Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Love your special space! Thanks for sharing!


Molly Alexander said...

What a fun, funny, silly and beautiful studio you have (I love the flamingoes and the disco ball)! So much inspirationin one room! Thanks for sharing your space!

:-) Molly


A very cool place!! I enjoyed the visit-- thanks for sharing.

cindy said... are such a scream! I know that I am wicked way behind on this comment...but you know me...always behind. LOVE your studio! It is amazing. Fun to see how your mind works! :D

yapping cat


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