When I think about it I realize that it has been a gift that God gave me to keep me sane.

Living with and working through the medical issues that I have endured would have driven me to the state home if I hadn't had my over the top sense of humor.
Since I turned 50 I have been *physically* falling apart.
Literally aging before my eyes.
I shan't bore you with the details of all that is wrong with me physically; I will simply assure you that the list is long and actually, very creative.

God has allowed me to suffer through, at times to walk through without an awareness that there was anything wrong, and almost die a couple of times, and for what you may ask.
I don't ask.
I know.
It's the answer to that age old question, "Why me, God??"...................
I'm living the answer. . ."Why not you??".

So, God blessed me with a sense of humor, an ability to see the humor in situations that I alone see. Ahhh, but there are those out there that are like me - that share the ability to see humor when others are oblivious! And it is a rip to spend time with those special people or to write short stories that make others laugh so hard they cry.

God knew that he had to give me something to keep me going and I'm so glad it was my sense of humor.
He gave me more than that - to simply give me an odd sense of humor was too easy.
He also gave me a passion. KIDS... abused, unloved, yet full of possibilities. 
And, a passion for rescue dogs. I can't stand to see a dog mistreated, thrown away, abandoned. Poor Tank thinks we live in a kennel.

And, along with these gifts, and the chronic medical situations that I live with, is an unexplainable love for Him. For the One that has allowed me to "suffer" with these abnormalities, to live when I should have died, to laugh when I should have cried and to love when I should have hid myself. He has blessed me in so many ways and I simply love Him with everything I have.

So, the next time you feel that you're suffering alone, know that you are not.
God is suffering with you and He loves you so much that He allowed His Son to suffer the ultimate disgrace and the ultimate death - ultimate because He was innocent, pure and God himself.
God is always there with you, you just need to acknowledge His presence.
He never promised me that my life would be painless - he only promised to stand by me in my suffering.
Oh, and that sense of humor he blessed me with??
It makes my suffering something I think of rarely. 
I have too much joy in my life and the ability to laugh to focus on that which hurts me.
I choose instead to laugh at what life throws at me!

Maybe someday I'll write about throw away children and abandoned dogs.
Today I felt like talking about how laughter heals the soul.
And, you can experience my sense of humor in most of my blog posts if you need something to help you laugh.
And, if you need someone to talk to or simply need someone to listen,
I'm always around.

Blessings,  Jan


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