Sunday, September 7, 2014


Wow. I had no idea how long it would take to upload a mere percentage of the photos taken of Blake and Heather's wedding by my sister, Joan, a professional photographer (and home chef). Add to those the ones taken by the semi-neverwillbeprofessional photographer, me, of the reception. I gave up two days to post this blog. But, oh, it's so worth it.

I want you to feel like you were there with me or if you were there with me, I want you to re-live July 25th, 2014. What an amazing day of love, of marriage, of wonderful new family, of friends dear to my heart, of #family. Having my precious family, the people I love the most in the world, all together - absolutely priceless! My amazing U.B.,  my precious PAJ, my most wonderful sister, my heart - my cousin, Melinda, my sweetest little cousin, Marti LJ & precious Vince, my Annette, Uncle John, the boys, Frank, my most wonderful SIL, Eileen & my darling niece, Meghan, my nephew, Tyler, and his sweet family. And everyone else that I've forgotten to list. (I'm sorry) The entire day was such a blessing. My son, Blake, married the love of his life, Heather, my new daughter. She is such a great DIL - I knew she would be before they even got married.

I have Jana, my first DIL whom I adore and Clay, Craig & Morgan, Clay's precious girlfriend. Adding Frank to that equation and I would call myself the most blessed person I know. Ya know what I mean? So, here's the day in photos. Just a small number considering over 1,000 were taken by Joan (999) and myself (not 999).

Our new family, David and Barbara Hosler, Heather's folks. Precious people.
Oh, and the second row, our Craig and Sammy, our "new son".

I want to show you some of the decorations at the reception...

The Couple's Table

 What a big smile! A Michigan groom's cake.
Happy, happy Michigan fan!

Heather and Blake invited guests to highlight their favorite
passage in their Bible. Lovely!

 First Dance

 Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance

That family #I LOVE.
Meghan, Marti, Melinda, me, Frank, PAJ, Eileen
and Joan!

I learned something new during the reception.
My precious son, Clay, breaks it out whenever The Wobble
is played. Evidently our new Sam does, too!

 Seriously?? What a hoot! I had no idea!!

 Line dancing took over.

 A selfie of Blake and two of the women with whom he teaches. 
So many of the staff at his school came to the wedding - they really love
this sweet boy and he loves them. It was a lot of fun visiting with them all!

Heather with Clay's girlfriend, Morgan, a bridesmaid.

A re-inactment of a photo taken at Blake, Hannah (Jones Brown) and Brat's 
8th grade graduation.
I just love this picture. Brittany (Stone Ishmael) was a bridesmaid 
and Blake's best friend since elementary school.

The End to a wonderful experience
and the beginning of a God centered marriage.

I hope you enjoyed the photos
and I want to thank you for reading my blog!
Sweet comments always welcome!!


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