Friday, July 10, 2009


Yep, my foot's in the air and I think that's what has made me susceptible; allowed me to say, "Yes, I'll play!", when I know in my heart, deep in my heart, that I should be saying, "Not on your life!". . . . .you see, it's a "WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE" party. . . .you know, pictures of my crack-house-resembling-studio posted for all to see. . .
To make this party even more fun, and to put me on a more even playing ground, y'all are invited! Oh, yeah. Each of you simply has to right click on the ad, save it to your computer and then put it on your blog along with a nice post like I'm doing (Just follow my lead:)

Now, you don't have to do the post, it would just be the nice thing to do; you know, to advertise the party and all. We want all of your friends to come, too.

I'm sure some are thinking this will be the perfect opportunity to clean up their work space since the entire world is going to get a glimpse into their world of creativity.

Not me. My foot's in the air, remember?
To borrow the words of another, I have become a blogoholic.

It's so true. . .between blogs and Facebook, I'm doomed to a life, well, with my foot in the air.

I start reading and I can't seem to stop - the blogs are never-ending! The stories and the pictures and the blogs that I hit upon that have me salivating and then thinking, thinking, thinking! I love it all.

The idea, Karen's idea, for this party came from 2 places. One was the fabulous publication, Where Women Create.

I highly recommend it - if you haven't broken down and bought it yet, then do so. And, buy me a copy, too, so I can stop spending 30 minutes a day at Hastings!

The second idea came to Karen from a woman named Denise over at BellaDreams.

She posted some photos of her new Studio space that were just wonderful. (I'm fixin to check them out just as soon as I finish plagiarizing Karen)

So it got Karen to thinking, "I bet there are hundreds of gorgeous studios and work spaces out there. Rooms that are whimsicalor (I'm not going to raise my hand, don't you either, but I'm kinda thinkin that Karen made up that word. . .) elegant, or clever or all of the above!!! (Note that she didn't mention Early Crack House)

So you are invited to join Karen and me and the tens of tens of other bloggers for Karen's first ever blog party!

Share your creative spaces!!

Is your space at the dining room table?
Do you have a room of your own?
Have you converted a closet?
Or are you like me?
You have a studio that is a total embarrassment, but, one that you know where everything is.

And, what do you do in there?
What kind of things do you create?

There is a little bit of voyeur in all of us don’t you think?? So, come on and join in the fun! To participate, just leave Karen a message on this post along with the address of your blog. She will add you to the link list on her sidebar.

On July 24th, post your photos and stories about yourselves and your creative spaces.

Then we will all have a great time coming over and visiting all the wonderful, creative spaces that y'all have made for yourselves!!

To help Karen promote this event - please take the party poster and add it to your sidebar as a photo with a link to Karen's blog

And, if you're feeling generous, a post on your blog about the party would be awesome!

Thanks so much!! I really hope to see you there!!!
It's going to be soooo much fun!
XOXO to the best readers in blogland,

. . . . . . .Jan


Karen Valentine said...

Jan, you crack me up!!!!! I'm so glad you are going to be joining me! You make a FABULOUS addition to the guest list. Your's just may be the most interesting space of all!! Thank you so much for doing that great post. BTW... I said whimsical OR not whimsicalor!!!! LOL Have a great weekend my dear. I'll see you at the party!!!!

My Desert Cottage

Debby said...

hehehe..They will have quite the party now that your on board my dear. Look after that foot, eh!!!

Blaiz said...

I might just start posting to my blog again so I can be a part of this fab party!

Lynn Richards said...

I want to join a party!! Have found your blog and love it. It gave me the push I needed (a blog to join the party) to start my blog, so today is the official launch day. Hopefully, I can figure out how to do the party connections correctly and join!


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