Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I feel like a red day, or night/evening, today, so red it is!

The first shocking thing happened yesterday, really, and it actually wasn't all that shocking...I saw it coming.

I went to the doctor about "my toe" and got the report I thought I would get. Oh, but first she, the doctor/human torturer/sick sicko, cut and did other very disgusting things to the skin on my toe that was...........DEAD.

Oh, I am so gagging right now.

During this "procedure" I had her put the blue screen up in front of my face because I would have thrown up on her head if I saw what she was doing.

AND, I HAD TO PAY FOR THIS PROCEDURE! What is this world coming to?

She was so happy with me, so that helped calm my pounding heart.
She was kind of funny, too, because every time I would make a noise when I would think about what she was doing, she would think she had hurt me and would apologize.

I'd have to remind her that I had drug induced neuropathy and only felt constant mind numbing tingling, no pain.

Hmmmm. She knows that, too. Makes me wonder about her memory. I better check on that.

She told me to stay off of it for two more weeks, that the skin around the *eyes squeezed shut, gagging* ulcer looked good, red but good. The *ditto* ulcer itself was still an open wound and that's why it was so important that I stay off of my feet. No walking. (And, I saw blood)

So, I kind of mentioned that I thought I was leaving town next Thursday (it was originally Wednesday, but I thought I'd be pushing my luck) for Oklahoma City.

Uhhh, she looked at me and had the gall to ask me what I was going to OKC for.
I told her, quietly, "sorority shopping trip".

You would have thought I had told her, "sorority shopping trip".
Good grief!

"Are you taking a wheelchair?".

"Uh, no-o."

"You can't be on your feet."

"I'll take a book to read while they shop. That will work."

We went back and forth like this for a while and then I made an appointment for next Wednesday (8 days) when she will tell me if I can go.

Ughhhh! Doctors. They can be such fun suckers.

I'm going to be very good and stay in this chair with my leg up on the pillow topped ottoman, constantly flexing my ankle so I don't get blood clots AGAIN.

My luck, I'll get bed sores and my toe will be pristine next Wednesday.....

The second shocking thing is this website I happened upon.
Now, I'm going to give you the website address but you can't go if you haven't visited my two shops.

That's the rule.


It's got some fabulous things!

And, the third shocking thing I'm going to save for another day.


Big Deal!!!

available in my Etsy and Lollishop or it might just be in my Lollishop. I can't remember right now. Somebody shoot me. (oh, I'm just kidding)


summersundays-jw said...

Sorry you have a sore toe. What is it with these feet of ours that they give us so much trouble! Your red letters made me feel better somehow. Hope you get to go on your trip. Jan

Blaiz said...

You are such a nut! Love you.

Linda B said...

Crack me up:) Leave it to you to have me LOL this morning:D And, you are correct...doctors are "fun suckers"!

Debby said...

LOL...crazy girl, look after that toe, follow doctors orders!!!!


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