Monday, July 27, 2009


Yes, it's true, we now have five rescue pets - four dogs and one cat.
Our newest addition to our menagerie is GIGI *called "GI"*, a bichon frische.
And, yes, she's *believe it or not* a "rescue dog".
Here's picture no. 1 of her Preciousness! Is she a doll, or what? Such a sweetie!
Her "parents" are going overseas and can't take her with them so, to make a long story short, which for me is a real stretch, we adopted her through the rescue dog organization I belong to.
She loves to take naps on the ottoman under the window in the sitting area of my bedroom. She and Baxter fight over it.

She's 9 years old, in relatively good health and so, so precious.
She sleeps at the foot of our bed on her pillow with a twin sheet bunched up around her so she can burrow. (Hey, she's not burrowing in my bed)
Her very favorite place to be is attached to my hip, but I draw the line, so she props herself on MY ottoman leaving me about 12 inches for both legs! She'll just curl up there and sleep while I blog. Pretty stinkin' cute.Now that you've met the newest member of our flock and you feel compelled to send money to help with vet bills, grooming bills, flea meds, heart worm pills and dog and cat food, feel free.

And, as usual, I thank my loyal readers for taking the time to read about the latest happenings in my very exciting life! Next post is about the June/July giveaway - check back because it's a BIG one.

xoxo, Jan


Debby said...

Oh my gosh, she is so sweet! Both of you are very lucky!

Paula Clare said...

OH Jan!
She is such a little doll! You good hearted soul, you! Rescuing animals makes you an "Instant Winner" of my "compassionate diva award." (The prize being my undying admiration and loyalty). :-)

What a dear, dear little puppy! Hug her for me!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Did you know about 1 in 4 dogs to be adopted are pure bred? Regardless of what the media prints, times are very hard and people have to choose between themselves and their pets. It's so sad, breaks my heart. 3 of our 4 dogs are rescued, all our cats and even some of the sheep and horses.
I should become a non-profit -smile-.
Kudos to you for rescuing a dog and she is such a beautiful little girl. BTW, still visiting from Pam Warden.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie!!!


Anonymous said...

*squeeeeeeeeal* she's so cute!!! look at that pfoofy dusting puff tail!!! aww *wants* :)

Linda @ Baby Moon said...

GiGi is adorable! I love Bichon's with their powder puff fur. I have a BichonXMaltese and
she is my love. I wrote (in rhyme) and illustrated a children's book about her (available on my blog site-if anyone one wants to check it out).I just stumbled onto your site this morning and you are a very funny and interesting lady.
Thanks for making my morning!!!
Linda K.

Melissa said...

Aww, she's so sweet! She looks like a great addition to the family!

Thanks for following along!


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