Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hi, sweetheart(s)! "Sweetheart" - that's what I call someone when I can't remember their name. All of the teenagers in my life have figured that out and they've made it a big joke because most of the people I know are named "Sweetheart" - get it? LOL

My precious sister, Joan, sent me a most fabulous present in the mail.
A box, a big box, of broken watches, watch parts, watch faces, bands, just the most wonderful box full of watches!
I would call that a treasure, wouldn't you???
I haven't done anything with any of the watches yet - I plan on taking most of the faces apart - just haven't had the time. But, oh, am I ever looking forward to it!
She knows a watch repairman in her town and had the idea to ask him for watches he was going to throw away.
The best part of the story is that this is box #1 of an estimated SIX boxes that she said I could expect.

Another treasure that I have is one that is very special to me. It's an original painting of Jesus done by an artist in Granberry, Texas, whose first name is Sweetheart. Her last name is Quest. I gave a lot of thought before I bought this painting because it was not really in my budget. But I figured out a way to get it.
As I was on a weekend shopping trip in Granberry, I bought it and brought it home and told Frank the Tank that I bought it for him.

Another treasure of a special kind.

Treasures are like presents every time I look at them!

Have a fabulous, restful Sunday!



Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan,
WOW! So many treasures! I am utterly GREEN with envy...the box of watch faces...oh my goodness! I think I would be in "hog heaven" (as my Gramma would say) to have such altered art goodies! And the estates sale finds are just yummy. That quilt is wonderful! NO FAIR! Do you folks in Texas have ALL the good stuff? Our estate sales around here are truly there a trick to finding good ones I'm missing out on? Clue me in, would you?

Off to check out your etsy shop!

Karen said...

OMGOSH, these painting are STUNNING! Lucky, lucky YOU!! Karen xxoo


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