Thursday, September 15, 2011


Our water well has gone dry. 
Actually, it's not quite dry yet
because we're watering the live stock
off of our neighbors water as their well
is deeper than 120 feet.
 120 feet deep has worked well for
the Thomason's since our current/original 
well was drilled in 1951, 
but it's worn out and
we have to put in a new one.
 Yeppers, we're drilling a new water well.
You should have seen the Tank's face
when we took out the $20,000.00 loan
to pay for it.
That's a hard thing to do when you're 70 years old.
Frank, not me. I'm the young one.
Child bride comes to mind.
Anyway, Frank's face turned so gray that I had to 
sneak a shake in
to make sure he reacted to it.
He could have been sitting in his chair dead from shock.
 I'm happy to say that he lived to sign on the dotted line.
Sure am glad that he's going to be around.
 We can enjoy our new water well together.
Have picnics next to the water tank.
Climb the ladder to the top and look in the hole
at the water.
 Get a dipper at a garage sale and say to each other,
"I'm mighty thirsty."
"Me, too."
"Should we climb the ladder to the top of the tank
and get a dipper of nice warm water?"
"Gosh, yes. That'd be great."
 Can't you just hear us?
It's pretty wild around here.
If you ever come to visit, get ready to rock and roll!!
 And, look!!
A plus is this great gunk that keeps flowing out of 
the machine that's drilling the pipe.
 The Tank and I will be having some 
naked mud wrestling time once the workmen leave
for the day.
I'm so excited.
I wonder what that gunk is??
 Okay, I think that's about it.
Our well is running dry.
We had to take out a large loan 
to pay for a lovely new really deep well.
So exciting.
That's it - but there's some great pictures
for you to look at - so just stroll along to the
bottom of the post and enjoy our new venture!

Thanks for taking the time to read me. 
I feel like I've lost a lot of readers because
I've been so sketchy in my posting.
For that I apologize and I hope 
my readers come back and leave a 
comment to let me know I'm not alone.

Love you!!


JeanJeanTheRealEstateQueen said...

You lost me at NAKED MUD WRESTLING. But then I came back because one of those well-dudes has a mighty fine tush!

And that is some serious well digging going on. I guess you really DO DO it BIGGER in Texas!!

ImagiMeri said...

You haven't lost me girlfriend, I'm still following you......and not in a stalkerish way either! I'd forgo the naked mud wrestling until you've gotten the runoff tested....never know what they were using as lubrication! Please try to contain your excitement as we can hear your celebrating all the way over here in Arizona.


vicki said...

I'm here for you girlfriend! Love seeing these pictures - almost like being there. I know what a big decision that this was for your family - but I know you are going to be so relieved to have this done and not have the worry over the water.

These photos look like they are archived - they are fabulous!

Enjoy that well - I think I'd throw in a penny and make a big wish!!


Robin said...

What an adventure, even though it wasn't one you were expecting!!


Diane Mars said...

Wow that was a major project, good thing it is done and you can move on! Hugs, Diane

Sweetina said...

I'm still here! I cannot believe The Tank is 70. just no way!
Cept when they go in the dotty barn to Sneak a beer and tell long tall tales. Just kidding! Those pics are great! hopefully the water will taste so good and refresh so well that the shock of the loan will fade.
Xoxox Tina

alteredstatesstudio said...

i'm not lost-...still here checking in when i see you have another funny story to tell...mud wrestling- i'm thinking you could sell tickets to help pay for the loan. ;o)

Julie Ann said...

Wow- that looks like a BIG job!!! You mean you couldn't dig it with Tank? lol :) And woohoo for mudwrestling!! Now where are Those pictures??

Lynn Richards said...

Good grief. I'm hoping they hit gold with all of that drilling!!!

Lynn Richards said...

ALWAYS here.

Robin said...

LOVED the naked mud wrestling--AS IF!!!

Love you mama jan!!!!


Pam Warden Art said...

We have a well too, they are EXPENSIVE. No waterbill is a plus, but a bazillion dollars to fix...?
What happened to Sister? I don't see a pic here. I've got the glass piece you brought to me on my bedroom wall. Have not been blogging much except for Her quiet Corner, which is new. So anyway...
Sending this to people on my favorites list :)
Just want to invite you to a Give-Away at my blog. Visit my website then leave a note on my blog about what you liked best on the site. You could win 4 5x7 signed prints of your choice.
Hope to see you there. Please share this? Thank you sooom much.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Jan, you WON the Debrina Pratt art giveaway! Please email me at to claim your prize! xo

NicNacManiac said...

Hey pretty lady,
Been away from this blog world myself lately, this last year actually, popping in periodically! You are one of the first that I thought to visit! I see you have lots going on, that you are still the one trying to keep everyone smiling regardless of the situation! Wish I could be there to give you the biggest squishy hug ever! Always here for darlin xOxO

Charlene said...

Certify that well girlfriend. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD TO SEE YOU in KC's class. WAY too long since I've hugged your neck! Let's not wait sooooooooooo long. HUGS!


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