Wednesday, April 16, 2014


If your mind works like mine does,
and I'm sure there are millions that do,
then you couldn't have had serious surgery
this past Monday, 2 days ago,
until the invitations to the shower
you were making
were complete.
And, in the mail.

That's how our minds work.
That and the fact that if the invitations 
weren't posted until yesterday
or any day after, they would be late.
So, they had to be finished
and in the mail 
bright and early on this past Monday
morning as I was driven to
the hospital in SAtown.

Knowing that I had a lot to do, 
not that I had a surgery - that news came later,
I never should have chosen 
such a time consuming design.
But, that's who I am.
That's who God made and
who's to argue with God?

So, last Tuesday when an unscheduled
surgery was scheduled for this past Monday,
one thought entered my mind.


You probably know that my middle son, Blake,
is getting married to a most 
delightful young lady whom I adore,
this summer.
Her mom, who has become a fast friend
and whom I call Babs,
along with my precious DIL, Jana, are 
giving those two a couple's shower.

I had the invitations started before the surgery
news but they weren't far enough along.
Oh, no, not nearly!

I've covered the front of the invitation with 
patterned paper. 
Then I made little bitty envelopes
from which hand cut hearts
of all sizes spring!
And, of course, glitter.

A tag with "You're invited" 
was adhered to the front of the envelope
and the actual invitation was

glued to the inside after
I scalloped one edge.

The envelopes had their own tag
for addressing. 
Adhered with wash tape - I love washi tape!

 I love them!

Cute invitations
were complete and in the mail
on the way to surgery.

And surgery??
Went quite well, thanks. 
Post and pics to come.

God bless you for reading!
God bless you for
your input.
I love your spirits of support.

1 comment:

Robin said...

So glad you got these done in time! They are just gorgeous, love the glitter and the hearts. Can't wait to hear how you are doing.



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