Sunday, November 16, 2014


Me + a Surgical Boot + France = 
Well, I'd like to go back when I can walk.
However, I was able to get some fabulous pictures of the south of France. 
I went for an art retreat being taught by my sweet friend,
Stephanie Rubiano. We traveled together to get there, finally ending up
in Darfort, France, a tiny village where we stayed in a chateau
on one of a few streets that made up the village. 
I'm going to share the trip with you in photos. 
Some explanations, mostly just the photos. Enjoy!!
(And I apologize for the crazy spacing - I can't make it change!)

Flying overseas isn't fun. I can assure you that when I go back
(and I sincerely hope to go back someday) that I'm flying 
business class. I will. May have to take out a loan. ;)

This was a little disconcerting. This was the Toulouse, France, airport. 
I was determined to get a picture on the sly. Done. 
Didn't want to chance being thrown into a French prison for taking covert
pictures of their machine gun totting military.

A wonderful gathering place at the bottom of the two or three
streets in Darfort.

Our street in Dufort. 

The living room of our chateau.

Staircase to second floor where we slept in amazing bedrooms.
Windows open all the way and there aren't screens in the whole of
the south of France. And, no, no problems with bugs.
There's also another staircase to the 3rd floor art studio.
Quite the challenge when you're wearing a surgical boot!

Tracy's crown for her project.

Working hard in class.

Marilyn working on her piece.

Stephanie, the teacher, is on the right.

The kitchen - notice how small the ice box is - 
that's because the chef goes to market every day and buys fresh.
It was so refreshing eating what she concocted with 
fresh fruits and vegetables she would buy.

I love the look of the whites drying against the stone wall.

Dessert - freshly made yogurt with fresh fruits. Delicious.

The waterfall off of the back of the patio.
It was such a beautiful sound.


Homemade breads. A staple.

The street(s) surrounding market.

The houses are old, beautiful old, and built up (like 3 floors).

I love architecture - especially doors, old buildings and windows.
Me and my camera. #love

The beauty touched my heart deeply.

A flea. So wonderful.

My treasures start here. I found some things I absolutely loved!

A vintage child's dress. 
(Maybe one day a granddaughter's dress. The thought makes me smile.)

A lady's vintage nightgown. A gift to my best friend, Annette.

French kitchen towels. I LOVE THEM. The monograms; who owned them before?; what kind
of life did they live? I think that question about the child's dress and the lady's nightgown.

Wine was a drink of choice! This man is eating alone. I LOVED the people
and capturing their uniqueness with my camera.

Sunflower fields are abundant. We arrived at the end of the season 
but they were still beautiful!

Our hostess and chef in the red shoes saying goodbye to us all in front of our chateau. 
She was such a wonderful cook and a delightful hostess. 
She made our visit so comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed some of the hundreds of photos I took.
I hope you got a feeling of the south of France and my experience.
And, as you leave Durfort, and all villages, you see this kind of sign.
Love it.
          Love you,


Joan Sanborn said...

I LOVED LOVED each and every picture! You captured your once in a lifetime trip beautfully :) Great photographs, real keepers. I be framing some of these beauties!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Oh, Joan, thank you so much. Having you say that MY photographs are "real keepers" and that I should frame some of them means so much to me since you're the REAL photographer;)

Rhonda said...

I got so excited when I saw your post. Amazing images Jan. I'm with you on the business class when flying to France. No way will I fly coach again. Sigh.

Patricia Hoover said...

Awesome. What is the cat drinking?

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Thank you Rhonda and Patricia for your kind words.

Patricia, I am "assuming" that it's rain run off from the small hills surrounding a very green area. It rains or drizzles every day. I can't say for sure that's what it is, but I know it's sanitary. Good question.

Unknown said...

They are wonderful pictures Jan! We found small kitchens and fresh markets in Italy also. It is a different way of life.

audrey said...

WOW! It looks amazing over there in France. Every photo is so beautiful and romantic. My horrid fear of flying will never allow me to see that beauty. But, I thank you for sharing it with us. You took wonderful photographs and I do hope you get to go back again.

Vicki Boster said...

Jan these photos are absolutely glorious!!! I want that little house-- love the door!!! You must make this entire trip into a photo book-- it would be fabulous!! Truly beautiful beyond words!!


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