Saturday, April 28, 2007

My first posting............YIKES!!!

These are my two websites where I sell my art. I am a recent member of Etsy and love the experience of selling my creations on that site.
My other site is my regular website and is fun to maneuver around and look at all there is to see...and if you want to see it "up to date" you're going to have to give me a wee bit to get that accomplished!
This piece of art is my favorite at the moment and that's why you get to see a picture of it. And, heck, if you want to buy it you can find it in my Etsy store. . .
Today is Saturday and I've spent the morning opening this BlogSpot. I had planned on spending the ENTIRE day in the studio but alas, I found yet something else to keep me from my favorite place. . .happens all the time. . .but after I get this posted I am going to make myself ignore everything else that needs to be done and I AM going to spend the rest of the day working on my current project which is my mother's 80th birthday present.
As I get further along in that project I'll post some pics of it - I think it's going to be simply fabulous but then again I think all of my work is simply fabulous!
I'm not bragging; I'm giving God the credit for all that I create and THAT'S why it's all fabulous. I declare, I'll start a project thinking I know what I want to do and how I want it to look and by the time I'm finished with it, it doesn't look anything like I had envisioned! He is the power behind this artist and I give Him all the glory.
Okay, I'm off to the studio!!!


Stacie said...

Jan- I love this piece & I'm so happy that you're now blogging! (So happy that I just added your link) Look forward to seeing many more blog entries from you.


Altered Kat said...

What an imagination! Bravo...I love it!

easyjourney said...

Yay!! Welcome to blog land Jan! Your Blog looks great!! Looking forward peeking into your polka dot barn, wish you were closer!!
xxoo Astrid

easyjourney said...

I LOVE the shoe, gosh you are tempting me!! Astrid


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