Sunday, April 29, 2007

Studio Gecko

Okey, dokey.......thought I'd come down to the studio this lovely Sunday afternoon and work on my current project for a bit....went to church, had lunch, was time to get something done.

Picture this.....I'm at my computer checking my Etsy store *am addicted to seeing if I get hearted* and out of the corner of my eye is see a quick scurrying motion on the floor by the front wall of my studio.

Of course, my first thought is it's a big deal (when your studio is an old barn you eventually get used to seeing the scurry of little mice) but when I check it out I discover Studio Gecko! I haven't seen her in ages!

I was so excited to see her that I took a picture to share with you.....I know it' not the best quality but even though I think she's darling I will only get so close.....


Dana said...

Oh Jan ... how COOL!?! I'd LOVE to have a Gecko come visiting in my studio. Sadly, they aren't fond of Michigan weather ... can't say I blame them, LOL ... I'm not particularly fond of it myself. *smile* I'm SO SO SO happy you have a blog ... TOO FUN ... have a HAPPY MONDAY! xoxo -Dana

easyjourney said...

Ok Jan you are added to my links! BTW did you get your stuff from me? LMK xxoo Astrid

easyjourney said...

Hope you are having fun in your polka dot barn! xxoo Astrid

easyjourney said...

Jan! You have been tagged! Go to my blog to read about it. A fun little blogging game and good way to meet others too!
xxoo Astrid


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