Sunday, May 13, 2007

The polka dot barn ain't what it used to be!

OMG, I've done it! It's finished! ....the move from my free standing studio to the breeze way of our house.....
My studio/shop has been located in an old 1930's barn on our ranch and when I took it over as my studio we added insulation and made the inside look like the outside - an old 1930's barn....It was perfect; I loved it. Loved, loved, loved it!
Over the last few years it has taken on leaks that we can't find and the large cracks in the cement floor have gotten bigger and started seeping....needless to say, not a good thing for a paper artist! Damp and humid are not my friends! LOL
So we made the decision to move me to the house and after two
very long days of purging and moving I am now totally set up in the large breezeway (my computer, scanner and printer are in the computer room off of the breezeway) of our house and..........I think I'm going to like it!!!
I am totally going to miss my polka dot barn, omg, so much, but I am blessed to have this area of our home to set up shop in and am very happy about that.
This is a picture of the door into my new studio area....


Jeri Lynn said...

Hi Jan, congrats on the move. I imagine that was quite an endeavor to get all the things that you've collected for your art moved to another location. I hope the inside new "polka dot barn" works well for you!

jthom03 said...

Thank you, JeriLynn!
If you would like to see the inside of the studio you can go to,

Let me know if that doesn't work for you....also, start at the bottom of the page....for some reason the pictures are loaded backwards.

thanks for your comments,

Let me know your blog URL and we can trade blogs if you'd like.

Dana said...

Jan! I just love the "new" polkadot barn ... I do I do I do!!! Not that the old one wasn't SUPERB but I think you are just gonna LOVE having your space up at the house. :) Did you take the studio Gecko with you?! Tee hee hee ...

I hope you're takin' it easy now, 'cuz you and I *both* know you overdid it! ;)



easyjourney said...

Jan I really like the look of your blog now! I know what having a leak in your studio is like, I had one every time it stormed! (and in FL that's alot!) Finally fixed it but it sure damaged a lot of papers!
Good luck in you new studio, hope you make lots of Magic there! xxoo Astrid

Loudlife said...

Jan, it looks great! I'm sure you're going to love it!


Stacie said...

Love your new space Jan- looks so light & airy. Hope it's just what you need to create beautiful things!



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