Sunday, May 13, 2007


I've been what do I do??? I have absolutely no idea how to tag someone so I'm simply going to post my seven facts and thank Astrid for tagging me - no, I mean it, thanks really, I'm serious.....

1. I'm 53 years old and unless I look in the mirror or move in any manner or fashion, I think I'm 24....

2. I've completely lost my hair but my wig is so real looking that I get compliments on my haircut almost every day! What a hoot!!

3. I've translated the Bible into five languages.

4. Kidding

5. I am totally blessed and know it.

6. I wear an ear cuff mostly just to shake people up.

7. Isn't that terrible???


Dana said...

FUN facts there girl ... TOO CUTE! I love that in your mind you are 24 ... I LOVE IT! I ALWAYS want to think young ... no matter what age I get to be. ;)

Now, don't you DARE laugh ... I didn't know what an ear cuff was. LOLOL! I had to go look it up ... and that's not SO bad!? Of course, I'm the QUEEN of SHOCK VALUE so I guess that doesn't mean much coming from ME now, does it? LOL!

Have a GREAT day!


easyjourney said...

No you aren't 53 yo, you are 53 years young! And age is a state of mind, I have met 30 somethings, very old minded and 60+ very young and spunky minded.
Amazing accomplishment of translating the Bible, that's wonderful!
and I am glad I tagged you, now I got to know you just a little more! Sunshine and cupcakes with sprinkles on top! xxoo Astrid


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