Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yep, here I Chicago!!! Woohoo!
I'm here with my BF, Annette (she's the one in the picture:), who has a medical conference and I came along as her "guest" - she spends her days in mid-wifery classes and I spend my days on my laptop *without the guilt*, catching up on my art mags, reading my book and watching re-runs of Law and doesn't get much better than that!
I met her for lunch yesterday at the Billy Goat Tavern which was the inspiration for the SNL skit "cheezburger cheezburger" - she loved it! And then she went to class and I found my favorite shop on Michigan Avenue, Chiaroscuro, and browsed around in there. Didn't leave until I had spent about 70 dollars.....but I figure it was cheaper than browsing around Armani's - LOL.
This afternoon we're taking the 'architectural river cruise' through the three tributories of the river that runs through downtown Chicago - we'll get the history on all of the old buildings that make up downtown - I cannot wait! It's going to be amazing.
Then tonight her conference is having a fund raiser performance (that means expensive tickets!). SECOND CITY is performing - it's gunna be so cool! AND funny!
We will definately eat at Topo Gigio's and Gigio's Pizza before we leave town and I would like to take her to Lincoln Park to check out the shops there.

This is a wonderful get away *you should see our hotel* and I'll post more pictures later:)


Dana said...

Jan!!! It looks and sounds like you're having a GRAND time in Chicago. :) I can't wait to see more pics ... have a ball!!!


Suzan said...

Jan!! Lucky you! Chicago sounds great! I am adding you to my blog! I love your work, and I am sorry that you had to move from that barn--it was soooooo cool looking!!


Altered Kat said...

Love the name of that tavern! LOL...sounds like everyone is having fun!


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