Saturday, April 12, 2008


In a perfect world we would all have mothers that we cherish.
In a perfect world we would all have mothers that we adore. I know we don't live in a perfect world - that's why the title of this post is "MY HOPE FOR YOU" because to title this post any other way would be to assume that everyone that reads it has a cherished relationship with their mom and I know that's not true.

I have to tell you, however, that I do cherish, love and adore my mom {that's her above}.

I live in Texas, in fact I have lived in Oklahoma or Texas since I left Michigan for college in 1971 {yes, I'm old} and my mother has continued to live in Michigan all these years.

I get to see her at least once a year - more than a lot of family gets to see each other - but our family is extremely close and we make it a priority to see each other as often as possible.

I tell people that's why I've never traveled extensively - because all of my travel is to Michigan, Indiana and Ohio where my family lives!

Going to see family or having them come to the ranch!
The best kind of vacation as far as I'm concerned.

This spring I drove to Michigan, grabbed my mother and brought her back to the ranch for six weeks. Then I took her back to her home in Michigan, visited my sisters and brother and drove back to my home in Texas.

We had the most fabulous time! The drive to the ranch, the stay at the ranch and the drive back - all fabulous.

Oh, how blessed I am! To be able to have six weeks with my mom as an adult....I'm 54 years old and she's a very young 80....we had the best time!

She was a huge help to me {ie. post hospital stays}, she cooked amazing meals from my childhood, she made our "family birthday cake" FOUR times for my dear 17 year old who adores that cake, she sat with me while we watched "our shows" on T.V. and she cross-stitched while I worked on my computer, she did her CCS in my studio while I worked, we hit junk shops, ate out lunch, and laughed HARD every day.

It was amazing - such a blessing. And now I'm having a hard time. I miss her so much. I'm so sad every day because she's not here. And I know that I'm the blessed one because I do have a mom that I cherish.

That's probably what makes it so hard - I need for you to add me to your prayer list - pray that God gives me the kick in the butt that I need so I'll get dressed tomorrow!

I sorry for unloading - that wasn't my intention. I really did think, however, that if I wrote all of this down that it would help me.

But my underlying intention was for you to take a moment to thank God for the mother that you have.....and if you don't have a mom that you want to thank God for, then I'll be your mom - just email me.



HopHopJingleBoo said...

hi, thanks for visiting me on the blog, lucky you to be close to your mom..iam close to my daughter,and sister and was close to my grandma..and you were from Michigan?!! guess we have some commonalities..i was born in Texas lived all over the south west as a kid..but happy here now..and we are the same age!

Heidi ( said...

Jan! Get up! Get dressed! You're blessed!

What a lovely post about your mother. I'm 50 and my mom will be 79 next month. I am blessed with a beautiful, vibrant, caring, loving and energetic mother, too! I only get to see her a couple days a year, that's heart breaking to me, but it's reality. I measure my time with her in minutes, not days or even weeks!

My hope for you is to love everyday, enjoy everyday, and know your are extremly blessed!


SweetAnnee said...

you are too you to be MY mom, but perhaps we can be sisters..and I WILL pray for you to not be have a great relationship with your mom, she's there

Tina said...

aaww..hugs to ya Jan for missin' your momma!!! YOu have had the best time and keep having fun with it, give her a call and tell her what you did today in the studio or what kind of junk you found (in the trunk of the car) and have a good laugh!!!! prayers your way! hugs,tina

Blaiz said...

Jan, you are so blessed to have a good relationship with your mom, and to KNOW it. I left home as soon as I could and never looked back.

I'm a year older than you, so you can't be my mom. Well, I am very immature, so maybe we could work something out? LOL, just continue to be my buddy. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again in October!

Angela Rae said...

Thankyou for sharing about your mum! You are one lucky, ducky! I know you're down in the dumps because she's back in Michigan, but at least you have TONS of memories to laugh over your visit.

Hey, I need your snail mail addy... I know you gave me your address and phone numbers once, but it's buried in my email!

Thanks Jan! Have a great day! The sun in shining here, finally!!!
Love, Angela

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Oh Jan, we are blessed!! I have the priviledge of spending time every day with my mom now that she is staying with me...I can only imagine how you must feel!!! But hopefully you can email and talk on the phone inbetween times so that you can still be there for each other!!! I am praying that tomorrow will bring a ray of hope and sunshine your way!!! XXOO-Sandra

Christine said...

What a nice post about your mother!! xoxoxox

And yes - I see your banner. It's GAWgeous!!!

Sarah said...

What a great time to treasure with your mom. She looks great at 80 years old! We're never too old to not need or want our moms!

Lola Enchanted said...

What a wonderful post about your wonderful mother! I have a great relationship with my mother as well! WE are pretty lucky! I hope my daughter says the same thing in about oooo 20 years!!!~
Take care you beautiful angel!

peggy gatto said...

No, I'll be YOUR mom!!!!

Cami said...

Hello. I loved your post about your Mom. And so happy you get to spend valuable time together. I realize how special this is because I think about it everday. I think about my Mom. She died 6 years ago when she was just 54. Diabetes. And luckily I can stil hear the sound of her laugh if I close my eyes and take a deep breath. My Mom was a diehard native Texas transplanted in Colorado. She'd often come to TX to visit me. I miss her. Blessings to you and your Mom.


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