Sunday, April 27, 2008


WOO HOO!! I got my Spring May Basket all decked out for my sweet swap partner, Hilary, and actually got it in the mail on time!! I think I was made to participate in swaps! LOL
I filled the precious basket will all kinds of wonderful spring things and then I put the "overload" (overloads are a good thing in a swap! hahaha) in the sweet bunny box!
You can't really tell how many treasures are in the basket but trust me, it's packed! I'm so excited for her to get it!!
See the side of the basket?? "It's all about you cupcake!" - the shred is pink and has "it's all about you" printed on it - so darling.
The sweet bunny box was filled with wonderful pink and scented gifts along with the vintage lace that I fashioned into hair on the bunny!
I sure hope Hilary likes everything she gets in this swap! I had so much fun filling up the basket for her.

Why don't you do something kind for someone today? Some little random act of kindness - a kind word, opening the door for someone, letting someone in line in front of you if they have less in their basket, pay the toll for the car behind you in the line of the toll road.....those are just a couple of ideas.

Random acts of kindness, they're a good thing.



barbara burkard said...

swapping IS fun!!! ESPECIALLY when you get to rak someone with glorious art!!! heehee...wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I love swaps too.
Someone is REALLY lucky!!
can't wait to see yours too..

Tina said...

looks super! Swapping is Adictive!!

cindy said...

Cuteness! cuteness! cuteness! I love it all...and yes, swapping is so bad....must stop! LOL. As if.



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