Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pumpkins, Turkeys, Santas .....and the MAYO CLINIC

Hi, girls!
It's funny, I just posted a few days ago but had gone so long before that post that I now feel like I need to play catch up so here I am posting again - though for good reasons!

***I just posted this thing and was reading it and decided it was like a novel - it was entirely too long so I'm cuttin' the heck out of it! I don't want to lose you on the first paragraph! ***

First, I wanted to show you just a couple of the cards and tags I've designed for the holiday season. I know, I know, you live to see my work! LOL. But, really, these are just so cute that I just have to share them with y'all!

And, I just had a thought. I should list my favorite online stores - we all should - on the right side of my blog so that others can enjoy some of these shops I've found. I shouldn't be the only one paying their light bills. LOL. {I'll try to remember to do that before I hang up.}

This first card is just a cute "happy fall" card - something a little different for those that don't celebrate Halloween. It has the orange and black colors but I think that the precious pumpkin stamp along with the vintage Bingo card "tag", millinery flowers, hat pin, glitter and pom-poms make it simply precious!

This Thanksgiving tag made out of a vintage postcard is not only perfect for sending to someone you want to thank for being so special to you, but it's also fabulous set on top of the dinner plates at the Thanksgiving meal with a short note written on the back telling your family and dinner guests how much you appreciate them. What a wonderful keepsake!
This line of Christmas cards has different girls on each card but the rest, from the rick-rack to the Santa hat {and red pom-pom), are all the same. They're so stinkin' cute - I just love them!
I suppose I'm showing you this card just to show you that, yes, I do custom orders.
This card was ordered by a good customer for her daughter so, of course, the colors and other bits all have special meaning - and that tag? It comes out of the pocket! The background paper is vintage flocked wallpaper that I bought from Under The Red Roof, an Etsy store. The girl on the far left is from Shabby Cottage Studio and, one more thing, the little girl on the tag is from Paper Whimsy.

That's it for show and tell! Did y'all totally love that? Though most aren't yet listed in my Etsy store, if you would like to order any of the above, just email me at thomranch@hctc.net and I'll take care of you!

Please remember, and respect,
that the art you see on this blog are the property of Jan Thomason -
Please don't copy.




If you know anything about the Mayo Clinic (Phoenix) that you can share with me, please email me at thomranch@hctc.net.

Or, if you know about any other clinic, especially ones dealing with auto-immune diseases {and more}, please email me. And, please send a link to this post if you have a friend or family member that has information.

I really appreciate your help in my research. I have been gifted some money that would hopefully cover my expenses assuming my insurance would apply {haven't checked yet}, some free frequent flyer miles, and a house to live in (in Phoenix where there is a Mayo Clinic) so am now starting my research and continuing my prayers that I am able to get the kind of health care a place like the Mayo can offer.

Thanks, y'all!

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to leave a comment - I've been feelin' a bit lonely as about 95% of you are lurking and not commenting! LOL "Lurking" - isn't that the greatest? Makes me laugh out loud.



Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan,
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the aqua and red Christmas tags...any chance a COWGIRL might show up on a few of them?!?!?! I happen to know someone who would have a FIT over them and HAVE to purchase said cowgirls!

They are wonderful...love the vintage-y-ness of them!

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Oh what an incredible blessing!!! Someone is looking out for you!!! Money, frequent flyer miles, and a place to stay!!! I pray that it all comes together and that the final treat will be that you find health while there!!! You so deserve it!!! The tags and cards are fabulous!!! Love all the sweet and pretty!-Sandra

Valita said...

Hi Jan, Looking forward to your class this weekend. The cards are very sweet and pretty.


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