Monday, February 9, 2009


"I know!!" An art retreat IN TEXAS!!
NOT in Oregon!
NOT in Virginia!
NOT in Washington!
NOT in California!

You get it..........I can get to THIS retreat in my CAR with my top down (not "my top", my car's convertible top)

Tina Wright of Glue on my Fingers and Cindy Mayfield of Yapping Cat Studio are the brains behind this retreat. This year is the Paper Cowgirl's second year - last year was a HUGE success so they really didn't have a choice, did they?

I say they're the "brains" but they're really more than that........they came up with the idea (bless you, girls!), set the date, found the site, the teachers, advertised, made name tags (and they were cuh-yoot!), did all of the work that is involved in putting on an art retreat, and believe me, there is a LOT of work! And to say that it was a success would be saying too little! IT WAS A HOOT!!! Oh, and the most fun, delightful women attended - really, they were wonderful and I hope every one of them comes back this year!

This year's retreat is June 26th and 27th, with two full days of fabulous classes taught by outstanding teachers, a glorious vendor's night, access to one of the most amazing scrapbook stores I've ever had the pleasure of spending Frank the Tank's money, yummy food and shopping!

I know the amount of planning that will be put in by Tina and Cindy will make this the best little whorehouse, oh, wait, *yikes!* the best little art retreat in Texas.

So, whether you're a real Texan or just want to play Texan for a long weekend, check out the Paper Cowgirl blog because there's going to be something for everyone and I want you to come! (I'm teaching a FUN, FUN, FUN class)

Got questions? .....You're a loyal reader - email me - I'll get them answered!


. . .Jan


Anonymous said...

'splain about the retreat....$, what are ya teachin, etc. NOT that I can come (?) but I am intrigued. And where the heck is Wahdhhcgaatechhee...??????


Tina said...

Your too funny..thanks for the ad on your wonderful blogspot!! Cowgirl hugs to ya, teedubya

Sweetina said...

We were just emailing about this...I mean I mention if there was a next time...
I just have to figure this much dinero?
More fun news!
You have just won 2 blog awards,my dear!
Come have a look-see!

Anonymous said...

Man! I wish I lived in Texas so I could come. It sounds like a great time!



You had me going there for a minute - I was thinking that you were going to have YOUR top down. I'm glad that you clarified. We wouldn't want for you to get a nasty sunburn. LOL!

Off to check out the retreat . . . Teresa


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