Thursday, February 12, 2009


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Hi, y'all! I have been trying to get a few things accomplished at my worktable before mom and I load up the car and head for Texas! It seems like I've spent most of my time here working on my computer - necessary, but not the fun part of having two web shops!
These tags and a picture of part of their coordinating envelopes are just to give you a glimpse of what I've been up to besides shopping online. LOL
These first two tags are two of a set of eight that are the same theme, but different looking tags, all with wonderful and different accents - clear as usual, huh!

They'll be listed for sale in my lollishop . . . . .and maybe half of them in my Etsy shop.

This is the front left side of the envelope - I like to do a little something to the envelopes to make the tag and envelope look like a set. *smiley face* Oh, these next tags are so stinkin' cute! There's six of them, they're all different, but they all have a cute little cupcake under the smaller tag on top that can be moved. Isn't that a darling idea? LOL - Okay, I thought it was darling! And, you get a peek of the coordinating envelope that comes with each tag.

These tags, all with wonderful glitter and other great embellishments, will be listed in my Lollishop.

See the "hidden" cupcake on the tag on the left? The cupcake is still hidden on the tag on the right. What a fun surprise!

Well, that was fun! I just love showing you the things I'm working on!
I hope you're having a wonderful moment looking at them...........thanks so much for stopping by!


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the wild raspberry said...

cute stuff know, you should've sent me a "you're so sweet" cupcake card! what were ya thinkin'? he he.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Jan!
I want your cowgirl tags but can't find them in either shop...did you sell them already? Are they posted yet? DO let me know...I WANT! I WANT! lol

TOO cute!

terri said...

I love them! Great job!

Sally said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

cindy said...

Cute as always...that's you! Love that first envie...did you draw or is it a stamp?


So Shabby Pink said...

Love these! I love the cute little yellow skirts. You are so good!


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