Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am very excited to tell you that the third annual Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat is being held June 24th - 26th, in Waxahachie, Texas, which is off I-35 south of Dallas.
And it's not called the Best Little Art Retreat In Texas for nothing!
It is an amazing weekend with the choice of different classes using different mediums, wonderful teachers and the best Texas (and a few other states will be represented - word has spread!!) artists/women/old friends/new friends that you would ever want to associate yourself.
Dale of Sea Dream Studio will be returning
as a teacher simply so she can strike her diva pose.

The above photo is a picture of the "Crown" swap at the 2009 P.C. Retreat
(Any one of those crowns would make Marie Antoinette beg)

Art + Laughter = peeing your pants Texas fun!! (Photo 2009 Retreat)

Most of you will remember my dear, sweet friend, Tina Wright, a woman loved by many, that passed this last January after a valiant battle with cancer. She was the co-founder of the Paper Cowgirl Retreat and she, along with Cindy Mayfield, co-founder, worked their bums off to make the retreats the best they could be. This year, after much prayer and thought, Cindy decided that Tina would want the retreat to continue on, so she *along with some little elves* have been working very hard for months! And the retreat just keeps getting better!
Sweet, wonderful Tina - she'll be there this summer, don't you doubt it.

If you're looking for a Texas retreat to attend, with very reasonable class costs, give-aways, fabulous swaps, wonderful sponsors (WHERE WOMEN CREATE and T.J. DESIGNS are two that I know of:), amazing food, shopping at antique/junk stores, the BEST scrapbook store I've ever been to, vendor's night *if you can't attend the retreat you are more than welcome to come to Vendor's Night*, and the most amazing women to spend a weekend with, then go to the P.C. blog and check it out!!
Vendor's Night - This is Texas, don't steal or we're gunna hafta shoot ya. Bring $$$

And, you can ask me any questions if you want. If I don't  have the answer I'll find it for you or direct you to the place your question can be answered.
I promise that if you come you will be blessed.
A girl geriatric attendee. We do not discriminate; we are Texans.

Oh! Oh! One more thing.
Geez, this is such an important part of the retreat, I can't believe I almost left it out! Whew *wiping my brow*.
One of the highlights of the weekend is when we have shots. You know, like at a bar? (I keep tellin' ya, this is Texas) Only ours are even better...................we have Frosting Shots! (haha - fooled ya) Homemade Frosting. Oh, man, I have to be rolled to my room every year!

On another note.....
Readers, y'all have been an amazing blessing to me these last l-o-o-o-ng weeks and I want to sincerely thank you. I'm working my way through all of the comments left on my last post and I will get to you eventually because I want to thank each of you individually for your support and kind words. I am so blessed.....

y'all are a blessing to me,


Anonymous said...

Jan~ Oh how I so wish I could be joining you!! It sounds like such a blast....especially the icing part!

cindy said...

Jan, thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it. Look forward to seeing ya and we will decorate your scooter! :D And then we can toast with a frosting shot! LOL.

hugs my fren,
yapping cat and pc

Bettyann said...

Oh honey i hope you can roll to the retreat this year...Frosting kind of fun lol..take care now..gentle (((hugs))) on their way to you!!!

debsea said...

oh man, oh man. i think you know how badly i want to be at this. but, i will be patient, and bide my time for a kodiak paper fisherwomen retreat....

alteredstatesstudio said...

OMG Jan!! that sounds like sooo much fun, i can hardly stand it! loving the crowns! do you normally have this at the same time each year? i very unfortunately have already committed to another art class at that time (go figure), but, if it is normally that third week i will keep that in mind when deciding for next year!!!

Debby said...

SIGH!!! I want to go, I do, I do...Darn I can't take the time off work this early in the season. BLAH!!! I need something exciting in November!!! November yah hear. Hugs to you sweet pea!! I can handle one of those shots as well.

Jennifer Stewart said...

Jan, I'm really looking forward to meeting you! I'm so excited to be there this year since I've always heard such wonderful things about it. See you soon!

Jennifer Stewart

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks for the shout out, though I appear to be 100 yrs old in that photo, when I am actually only half that! LOL!
love you~Dale

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Sheesh woman, MAJOR oversight here!
You left out the BEST part, I'M attending AND I'll be your roomie!

Anne, the overlooked

Lynn Richards said...

I want to come!!!!! Are they giving away free airline tickets??? You know, a drawing for people in that want to come???? Sounds like a great idea to me!
love you!

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Can''t wait to see what you gals create this year...xo...deb

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Hi Jan, looking forward to meeting you @ PC. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Ben (boy can I relate!) & I hope your foot heals soon.

Calsidyrose said...

Hi Jan!

I tracked you back here from your comment on my blog, "We Don't Rent Puppies" I'm a follower now for Polka Dot Barn! I invite you to come visit my newest project, my creative blog, just launched on Satuday: El Rancho Not So Grande

Also, I sent along a Facebook friend request!

Looking forward to meeting you!!

Cathi (Calsidyrose)

Diana said...

Glad you found my Texas-Blogging Gals! Will get you on the next updated list.

Enjoyed a first visit. Following.........

Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon.

jenny holiday said...

oooh How fabbbb does this look!! I wish Aaron and I could attend!

We just finished up teaching at Art Opera here on the Jersey Shore. It was FABULOUS! There is nothing in the world like an Art Retreat!! Such a happy happy happy time!! :)

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!!

Love from NJ shore!
xo Jenny

Lynn Stevens said...

This sounds like a heck of a good time. My sister used to live in Texas, darn her for moving to Colorado. I would have been there in a heartbeat. I'm sure you'll still ahve a great time without me.

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and best of luck!

Jenny said...

Hi Jan, I'm trying to make this trip work! Fingers crossed!

Jamie said...

O Sweet Jan! I can't wait to see you again!! I have not been a very good friend lately and I am sorry for that. I will hug you (gently) when I see you in June. Love, Jamie


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