Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hello, my sweet friends!
This is Part 2 of the "IT SUCKS TO BE ME" post of a few weeks ago. You'll recall that I fractured four of the metarsals in my right foot and received a spiral fracture of the tibia (the smaller bone that runs the length of your calf located next to the larger fibia) just above the ankle on my right foot.

Look, a diagram for you:)

If any of that interested you, you're ready for vet school or even med school. Give it some thought - you should see how much the surgeon made to put me back together...Oh, wait. Never mind. Obama. Yeah.
Okay, let us move on to the more fun aspects of my stupid injuries...Just below is a picture of the historic Nix Hospital in downtown San Antonio, built in 1930, where I had my surgery and where my surgeon's office is located. You can't tell, but it only has three sides!! It is so cool looking!
This is a close-up of the outside of the building.
I took the picture below while we waited for the valet to park our car.
Oh, this picture is so cool - it's a picture of the elevators in the lobby of the 'we're really expensive because we're a historical' hospital.
You can see the amazing brass relief in the elevator doors. These doors are the original ones. Isn't that something?
P.A. Ryan and Doctor Casillas' partner (can't remember his name - he filled in for the picture because Dr. C. was MIA) Check it out - both docs wear a suit and tie every day.
Oh, you'll love this. The guy on the left is James. He always does the casting. So, the first time we met, we were talking, and I was being congenial and asked him what his title was and without missing a beat he said, "housekeeping". ROTF!! We do have fun!
The guy next to him is Dr. C.'s other P.A., Pat - he's the one that keeps telling me I can't walk yet. He is mean and uncooperative.
I thought the stitching on my foot was interesting and though it's not my nature to look at things icky, I took these next two pictures to give you an idea of what went on. See the pins sticking out of my foot? I did throw up a little in the back of my throat when I focused in on those - Woah!!! And you can see some of the staples that run up my leg where they went in to fix the spiral fracture on my tibia. There are pins, screws and plates in my foot and leg.
No more polka for me.
If you are finding this fascinating rather than a wee bit disgusting, I would get an application for vet school.
These are the stitches on the inside of my foot (and my swollen ankle). Yeah.
James from housekeeping getting my foot and leg ready for my RED cast. ...Did you know that they don't make casting in pale pink? I even looked on the internet; just neon pink which is for someone other than me.
I'm James' favorite as is evidenced by the purple band at the top of my cast.
My mom is my #1 nurse and I couldn't have gotten along these last 6 weeks without her. The Tank would have been in charge *shudder* lol. #1 nurse has a nurse's aide, Sister Mary Tina *she's Catholic*, and she is a huge help to #1 nurse. Not.
But she's really cute:)
Instead of crutches I have a red scooter just like the one pictured below. And, trust me, I am cuh-yut steering it around!
Now you know as much as I do (don't you love being in the loop??). I see Dr. C. on Monday. I will most likely be re-casted for two more weeks:( If I am, I sure hope I'll be allowed to put my foot down - not weight bearing, but at least down! OR, Dr. C. could agree with me that it's time for the Darth Vadar boot and some walkin'). Uh, yeah, that's gunna happen. LOL

Thanks for sharing in my recovery process by reading about it and leaving a comment that will make me smile. (The little things really help while I'm sitting here!)

I LOVE my readers!!
Be blessed, Jan


Jeanette [Maisy] House said...

poor lickle foot, and poor you going through the wars like this. make sure you DO AS YOU'RE TOLD [don't make me get my waggy finger out...] and soon all will be well! *hugs you* xxx

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'm in the medical field, and that picture even squicked ME out!
I sure hope you're getting lots and lots of good drugs and not just good posts out of this experience.

There's been loads of drama of a different sort on my end since Easter, that's why you haven't heard from me. We'll talk soon.


Diva Kreszl said...

you brave, brave girl! you really did do a number on that poor little foot didn't you? I do hope you'll share photos of you with your little red scooter :)hope you're better real soon!

Bettyann said...

I'm gonna puke...blahhhhhh...You poor thing!!!!OMG..only you ..sporting more metal than the heavy metal bands..LOL they won't let you through any metal detectors ...Take care..interesting scooter...get a motorized one and terrorize the neighbourhood...

The Frugal Fraulein said...

Wow Your foot is not really pretty at the moment. I broke my foot in similar places once. When the word surgery came up I elected to try another method. I decided to heal it myself! I kept the DR appointments and had his sanction on what I endeavored to do. I did keep the schedule of changing casts so that xrays could be kept to document my healing.
Here is how I did it. I got an anatomy coloring book and drew the foot with the bones involved. I got a copy of my xray. I visualized little comic looking painters who had a bucked filled with a substance that would heal the broken bones but filling the broken places. This replicates how a bone is actually healed (from the inside out). The little guys had spackle shovels and applied the goo to the broken places till they were filled up. I did this in my mind hundreds of times a day. I sat quietly, stilled my mind as in meditation and visualized the little painters doing their thing. I make the picture amusing to keep my attention. Each follow-up visit documented that the healing was occurring. It worked in the same amount of time that the surgery would have accomplish healing. About six weeks in all. My foot is fine and I am a 50 year ish over weight person. Just wanted to share another alternative and my story.

debsea said...

wow. phew. boy howdy. that just flat out looks like it hurts. the skooter is pretty slick though. and the red cast. i think your mom should embellish it for you though.
i sure hope you're not hurtin' too much. and it was good to hear from you! i've been thinking of you lots~ take good care.

Debby said...

OUCH!!!! Thinking of you..

TinyBear said...

ooohhhh my goodness Jan - look at that foot :O
I hope you get well soon and sending lots of hugs
xo Tina

Paula Clare said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jan! Your foot is utterly disgusting...but feeling better, RIGHT? Soon you'll be able to put that foot to good use kicking in the shins the "mean" guy who gives you such a hard time in physical therapy. :-) Always look on the bright side, right?

Huggles and prayers,
paula Clare

Pretty Things said...

Ouch OMG! I've broken my ankle three different times, but never that badly!

Julie Ann said...

Wow- Gorgeous hospital!!!! And wow- wonder why they have to do all those stitches like that... When I do 'em, they're inside... You can't see all those little threads... But that's on animals- so maybe there's a big difference! lol :) Maybe you can crepe paper your cast!! :)

I hope you're getting better, Mama!!!

Mad Red Hare said...

OUCH! You better follow doctor's orders. I sprain my ankle several years ago and was on crutches, and it sucked. Take care of yourself!

Debra@Common Ground said...

What can I say?... I guess we should look on the bright side. You still have a foot. Does that help any? Ohhhh Jan, I'm really feelin' for you. Are you getting any treats? Honey, you so so deserve them. I love Sister Mary Tina, she's just so cute, I'm sure she is a wonderful nurse!
Hugs and prayers, dear Jan,

Linda B said...

Eeeeek! That is "frankenstein-like"! I can see why you are not supposed to be putting any weight on it. Any nurse is better than none:) Take care!

craftymarta said...

Oh my God! Jan, that was the fracture from hell. It is not the same thing reading about it than seen it. I hope it feels better than it looks.DRUGS!!! is the ultimate frontier. At least the architecture in that building and the friendly faces of the people caring for you should brighten your day a little bit. Seriously, I hope all the treatments and the healing process will be successful. I know you possibly have the worst case of cabbing fever. For that fix you are going to have to wait a bit longer . Take care of yourself, read and watch as many episodes of the Housewives in Bravo. That last one can surely feed your soul(?) Take care and get well soon., blessings, Marta.

Lynn Richards said...

Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you are going to look FABulous in a red cast and the scooter. Is it red as well??? Guess you are being changed from the inside out. You are a blessing to many!

alteredstatesstudio said...

love the story! and james from housekeeping did a fabulous job!! the pics of the hospital are amazing! but i am gathering that historic may equal expensive (but apparently good!)

Charlene said...

I am so glad you stopped by to visit meafter finding me at Marta's & that I found you!!!!! I know we will have a blast at Paper Cowgirls. You did a great post on that today. But, let's talk about this foot... OUCH DOUBLE OUCH & WOOOOOOOOOOOOZER that must hurt like a son of a gun! I am so sorry you have had to go through this. Makes me hurt for you. LISTEN to what they say & do what they tell you so you don't mess up the master piece & have complications that you don't EVEN want to think about. Sit on that pile of pillows like the princess & the pea. Let others take care of you. Can't wait until we are Best Buddies! Texas Bloggers ROCK! HUGS! Charlene

nancarts said...

Oh, Jan,
That foot is really ugly! I almost passed out just looking, but steeled myself to peek at it and be brave!
I hope you're not in any pain. Drugs are good! Keep your foot up and be good! Do what the docs tell you!
Keeping you in my prayers.
Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C

Crystal said...

The foot shots are, well, you poor thing!
However, I do think I'll have to get my daughter to look them over. She is finishing her 2nd year of medical school where she is studying to be a podiatrist and always telling me about the, er, fascinating feet she gets to play with at the clinic at school. I wonder if she has seen any quite this, er, fascinating.
:P Take care Jan~ I sooo wish I could come and meet you at Paper Cowboy!

Maura said...

EEE-UUUU! I don't think I qualify for Vet School. But thanks for the suggestion! Hope all is on the mend.... XOXOX

Robin said...

you know, I am a vet tech sort of person (I read this eating my frosted mini wheats!) and the girl everyone calls when an animal comes in with maggots--did you throw up a little in the back of your throat?--HAHAHAHA!!

But it's true. I could tell you stories of hawks, ferrets, skunks, possums, raccoons... but I will let you slide this time.

You sites look fabulously healthy and you should be so glad. The colors of your foot--you just can't make that up in art class!! And your cast--sweet!!!

I hope you're out and about in no time--central Texas just isn't the same....

kisses and hugs!!

Jenny said...

Oh no! This sounds terrible! Yikes! Poor thing. Except the scooter sounds really fun!

Jay said...

Yikes! That looks really painful. You are so brave. I salute your bravery. Get well soon.
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Elizabeth Golden said...

Oh my goodness. I did several spiral breaks on my left foot almost 18 months ago. No weight bearing on my foot for 7 months. We - my orthopedic surgeon and I - opted for no surgery and total bed rest. If it didn't heal right to go in and then plate the bones, after seeing your poor foot and ankle I - for the first time say it was worth the down time. I also used the scooter, but I had a boot after the first week[very heavy and hard to sleep in]. I loved my scooter, it was the only fun thing about the whole mess. My son would take me grocery shopping late at night and I would scoot all over the store.
After 7 months I started to bear weight on that foot. I had to still wear my boot, sleep in my boot. After 8 1/2 months I started to only wear the boot out when I really needed the support, by 9 1/2 months I was boot free and starting physical therapy. It took 18 months from the time I broke my foot till I could walk down stairs again in the day normal. I am still working on my leg and calf muscles. But I can dance and wear regular shoes. Every once in a while a phantom pain. It never hurt when it happened. The swelling cut the nerve paths off so there was little pain, swelling and the black, blue, and very interesting shades of green lasted for some time.
I hope the surgery will mean you have a faster recovery time. And thank goodness your Mom is there to help. My boys were a little embarrassed by some of the things they had to do.
I will send you all the healing vibes and thoughts I have. I am sure you will need them through all of this. My heart goes out to you, I know how hard this is!!!!

Candylei said...

H, My first time to your blog and I am sorry you have to be off your feet. So many stitches all around your foot. Yikes. Keep your great sense of humor, and in no time you'll be running again.


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