Friday, February 11, 2011


 Move, Jan!

Busy those hands, Jan!

Busy your mind, Jan!
 And it will free your spirit for prayer.

Your fears, your longings, your troubles, they won't disappear,

but, you'll be able to hear God as he encourages you.

And, you'll remember to allow him to carry your burdens.
 And, that's what I did.

I started with the Creepy Doll room

and moved on to the living room bookshelves.
 I removed all of the books

except my Bobbsey Twins and

the Tank's Texas history books.
 I rummaged around in my

'needs to be listed on Etsy' cabinets,

in sacks in the garage

and found enough wonderful things to fill the shelves. 
 A few of the things are family heirlooms

such as my grandpa's pocket watch and

Thomason Civil War Bibles.

But, most came from my 'stores'.
 I'm not finished yet.

I'm going to turn the books around

so that the yellowed pages show, not the spines.

That will be my first move in my resolve

to fill my bookcases with creams, tea stained, and dirty whites.

That's the look I'm going for in this big re-do.
 But, for now I am happy enough with the look.

It was important that the changes I made

didn't involve spending any money

and I accomplished that.
 The most important thing that I've accomplished

in the bookcase make-over

is that it's kept my mind busy.

When I'm idle Satan is able to balance on my shoulder

and whisper his lies in my ear.
 Jesus is holding me up this week

as I deal with my Brittany's serious car accident.
 She's better.

Her pelvic bone is fractured but no surgery needed.

Lots of P.T. and non-wieght bearing right leg for 3 months.

Her liver will heal.
I know why.

Why she's doing so well.

Oh, I'm not saying that she's

not in horrid pain, because at times she is in pain.

A lot of pain.

But, the precious Lord is being bombarded with prayers.

Prayers from those of us who love her

and prayers from other believers.

He hears them all so keep praying.


Because she will heal and your prayers will help.

You know what?
I can't imagine how I would handle life
without my faith.
How do they do it??
Praise the Lord.

I love you.
You're so, so special to me.
My Brittany ("Brat")


Bettyann said...

Dear Jan..I'm happy that you are finding a beautiful way to keep the precious goodies and the special memories they hold for our family we usually clean,cook or when my Grannie was very ill, DH and I renovated a those sledge hammers to work out pain and need to keep well and healthy to help Brat when she needs pt and rehab...take care dear bettyann

Robin said...

So glad you are keeping busy Jan, and relieved to hear the positive news about your daughter. Your shelves look fabulous.


Kathy said...

Hi Sweet lady~
Is that a pink porcelain handbag? on your shelf, BE STILL MY HEART!!!!! Love that. Of course I love all your goodies.
Ok, off to read the rest of your blog. love ya sweets.... And love and prayers to Brat, lol.

*never thought of the glitter in the shakers......smartie.

vicki said...

Dearest Jan -
Only a "mother" would understand that gut wrenching feeling that takes control of your whole being when something like this happens. You think that you cannot breathe - cannot think- cannot live - when someone that you love like your own child is injured and their very life is in peril.

I am sorry that I have missed this and am arriving late with my prayers and heartfelt understanding. By now you of course know that she will survive (Praise God) and that she will heal - however the road may be long in her recovery.

I am thankful that she is still here on this earth to be a part of your life - how scary this must seem for you all.

I will pray for her healing and for her true and steady recovery - I know that you will help her all that you can. I will help with my prayers - consider that they are heading to heaven as I write this.

Bless your heart for the fear and pain that you have born these last few days~~

deep breathe~~

she will mend.

Hugs and Prayers~~


Diva Kreszl said...

continuing to hold 'Brat' in my prayers sweetie. I too have been busy cleaning and purging to quiet my mind enough so that I may hear the whisper of God.

Lisalulu said...

beautiful.. and wisely said. You are my inspiration today... I will keep the Lord in my thoughts and I am praying for Jan.. I have two daughters about that age and prayers are always a welcome adition to anyones life!! kisses for you!


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