Friday, April 29, 2011


I am taking a "random" road trip this July

with my 'little girl', Skyler.

We started planning this trip about 9 months ago

and it was simply going to be a road trip

with no agenda.

We were going to find some

Diners, Drive-In's and Dives,

take back roads and my camera.

Check out some junk stores.....

just several many days of relaxed fun.

It's not changed in that sense.

What has changed is that we now

have a mission!
I love, love, love it when God speaks to me

and I'm quiet enough to hear Him.

In thinking about the trip, He told me

that turning it into a short mission trip

would give it meaning.

It would give us more of a chance to

be a vessel for God.
Whenever I travel I always

do what I can to be a vessel for God.

I pay other people's tolls, anonymously.

I pay for other traveler's meals, anonymously.

And, I am extremely blessed each time

I do a random act of kindness.
(if you've never done a random act of kindness,
give it a try - it's the bomb.)
You've probably figured out our mission...

we are going to volunteer for two days

at a Center for Women and Families

in the eastern part of the U.S.

Basically a shelter for victims of

domestic violence or rape.
(because of confidentiality I can't tell you any more than that)
We are so excited to be a part of

the healing process of

these women and children.

We will be helping them create art.
Here's where YOU come in.
Here's where you can be a part of the healing process.
We'll be supplying the art supplies to make journals
and keepsake boxes out of cigar boxes.
We could use some help with these supplies
so if you are interested in helping with
glue sticks, patterned paper (for women and children),
fabulous embellishments,
please do what you can and
mail everything to me.
Don't sign your name on the cards/tags,
And, don't "address" OR seal the envelopes. (This is sooooo exciting!!)
and add a note of encouragement in your card or on your tag back.
Those will touch these hurting women and children
more than money.
Think about it - receiving a letter of encouragement from
someone that doesn't even know you. WOW.

God bless y'all and
if you can help with some of the above,
thank you.
And, if you can't, would you please pray
that we can be effective representatives of Jesus Christ
and that the women and children who we encounter
will see Jesus in our eyes and in our actions.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason
5720 Hwy. 27
Center Point, Texas 78010


Melissa G. said...

Those pictures made my heart hurt. I makes me so angry to know that women and children are being abused.
What kind of things do we right in our notes to them? What do they need to hear?
Thanks for asking us to be a part of your trip as you bless these ladies!

Robin said...

That's wonderful Jan! I'll bring some supplies down next time I see you :)


Annesphamily said...

I will be praying ad I will see if I can send some supplies. You are ding a wonderful thing. Thanks for including everyone here. Hugs Anne

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Jan-what a beautiful idea! What a sweetheart you are to share your gift with these women and such a fun way! Not only will you make a memory for them, but I bet you will walk away with some special memories too!!! Praying for all that you need to do this! -Sandra

kecia said...

Those ladies won't know what hit them.. I almost wish I could be there to see their day unfold when you guys show up. It's going to be lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of art. You are the perfect person to walk right into their lives. Can't wait to hear more about it. When do you need stuff?

Kathy said...

OMG, I love your heart....and spirit...and YOU! This saddened me so much to read, but I feel it was a blessing to me tonight, it is so easy to carry on with your life, and maybe not think so much of these hurting souls. I will see what supplies I can put together, and get it to you soon... I have spent my day making 'truth cards' for myself and a mini-swap with a few Brave Girl sisters, I think they would be perfect for these people you will meet... so happy I blog surfed this evening.
Much love sent to you sweet, sweet Jan. xo

Bettyann said...

Jan that is fab that you and Skylar are going to help...keep us posted..prayers coming out to you girl !!

Rebecca said...

Hey girly...Anne sent me over from Annesphamily...

I once worked for a company who manufactured Scrapbooking paper and I literally have hundreds and hundreds of pattern sheets that are 12" x 12". Can you use some of this? If you can I will send you some....just let me know~OK? I'd be happy to share as much of it as I can.

Whenever I get quiet enough to hear the voice of my Savior I always come away blessed...

Love to you my friend~

Rebecca @AGP

FourSistersInACottage said...

Oh Jan,
This is AMAZING!!!! Is there anyway I can send you some money via paypal to maybe help with some gas on your Mission Trip????
Please email me and let me know.
Hugs and Love to you,
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Sherry Smyth said...

My friend Kathy sent me here -- I'm glad that she did. God gets the message we need to hear to us...through so many ways. Bless you for doing this and I am honoured to take part!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I guess my earlier comment didn't come through Jan. I'm packing supplies...lots of papers and images, some stickers and whatever else I can fit in a box. When God chose you as a vessel he chose the perfect woman. God bless those women and children.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Jan,
I received an email from Anne on Saturday night telling me of your plan to do is wonderful! I made 7 tags last night and will send them to you AND I will post them on my blog and see if my followers will come over and make things for you or donate materials.
God bless, dear friend. If you get a chance, hop over to my blog this week and you will see what I've made.

debsea said...

i am so proud to know you! the depth of your caring spirit never fails to amaze me when you share things like this with us. you love the world with your whole heart...and you chase goats too. you are my hero!
i'll be sending a box along shortly. wish i could get off this island and bring it in person!
thank you for giving us a chance to take part in something so important.

Melinda said...

This is wonderful. Just so wonderful. Not an artist; don't know what would be best to send in the way of supplies. Sending $. Get over it. :) Love you; love your plan; so excited with/for you guys!

Linda M. said...

Hi Jan, I got an email from Cindy about your awesome mission idea. I'll make some tags. You talked about traveling North, are you coming to PA?

Anonymous said...

Found out about this great opportunity to encourage and bless through my friend, Cindy Adkins. Thank you so much for including us. It is an honor and I'm on it making some tags to mail out to you.


Candy said...

What a surprise, first of all, to happen onto Robin's blog and see what you girls were the weekend after us. Wish I could have stayed over and experienced it with you. I would love to help in the collection and will get to working on it the next few that OK?
Loved looking through all the creations...wasn't KC a dear and Sherry too?
My friend and I stayed in the blue bedroom as well. Didn't you just love all the little Victorian details everywhere?
Blessings ;-)

Annesphamily said...

I hope you are getting ltos of responses. I sent the word out! Have a terrific day! Hugs Anne

Loudlife said...

Hey, Sweet Pea! You are wonderful and generous!!! I will send you some stuff. THANK YOU for doing this. My mother was a victim of domestic abuse (not from my dad), and it not only tore our family apart, it affected her self esteem for the rest of her life. I sometimes think she may have sought medical help sooner had her self esteem and confidence been stronger. Maybe she would have survived and been a grandma for my girl.

Much love to you, my friend -

Linda M. said...

Hi Jan, If you have time try to visit my blog post today. I have a link to you in the post and I have a photo of the tags I'll be sending you to by the end of the week. Hope you are having a great day. Warmly, Linda

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a wonderful mission. A road trip with a purpose. God bless you on your journey as you bless others along the way. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hi again Jan, thank you for stopping by and commenting on my Work in Progress post. I agree with you that we are given so many opportunities to serve God through our gifts which we use even online. Your words shed some more light on my meditating and it's not so much doing away with our blog and all our other pages and places of ministries but it is keeping the priorities of our heart in check. I have said this from day one of blogging.

The changes on my blog? Simply of the heart. ;)

I know that you don't accept awards or tags so I went ahead and started something I've been meaning to start on my page for a while and that is a blog feature. I call it Honored Encourager. It's on my sidebar. I was looking for a button from you but don't see one but I could not pass the opportunity to point others in the direction of my good neighbor.

I look forward to more visits and I'm working on the tags for your trip.

Faye said...

Jan, I am making some tags to send you as well. I heard about your courageous mission through Cindy. I also want to know what to write on my tags. So far I only have "dream" on them because I think everyone has to have hope and dreams to aspire to. But I was wondering about a scripture.

Nancy said...

I got your back Jan-girl. I have not read any of my regular blogs in over a week. Boy am I glad I didn't miss this one entirely. I'll help out for sure although I wish I could be part of the trip. How awesome for you two. You are an incredible person to think of this mission. I will send some supplies your way as well as some encouragement cards and/or tags. Can you shed some light on what one would look like. I can come up with words to write on the back but would the front just be something nice and decoritive to look at or should it say something as well. Other than that, I'll figure it out. Should we send more than one tag. What do you like best, cards or tags? Enough questions. You are my hero. You rock. I know you must be one of God's favorites. Love ya.

vicki said...

Hi Jan- this is what I get for being so very behind in my blog reading---am I too late? Have you already been? If not- I'd love to make a contribution---

Domestic violence puts such fear in the hearts of women. On my end of the world- I serve as a volunteer court advocate for abused children- it's all the same- women and children lose their dignity and more--

Bless you for your heart of gold and for your spirit of wanting to help them to heal. If it's still possible to help with your cause- please let me know--

nancy lee said...

Hi girl,
Just checking in to see how the wedding plans are going? Must be coming up real soon. And did you ever find a place that will welcome you on your mission/road trip. Keep me posted. I haven't gotten around to making any tags because I wasn't sure of what was happening with that. I am leaving late next week to drive to Joplin to help out. I'll be gone for two weeks, possibly three. xoxo ~nancy~

Elena said...

What kind of supplies do you need? Please let me know and I will get a box out to you.


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