Sunday, June 12, 2011


I know God doesn't tease
but, these last couple of months
have been a merry go round,
so for just a moment I cocked my head...
I have spent hours trying to find a woman's
shelter that would allow Skyler
 and myself to come in and
teach some art project
for a couple of days.
Everywhere I turned I was turned down
because we didn't have the
criminal background checks.
I totally understood where
they were coming from
but, it was very frustrating.
(Misunderstanding God IS
frustrating, isn't it!!)
So, I sat back and waited for God to show me
where he wanted us to go.
Well, I did't ignore him,
so I called Skyler
and told her the change of plans.
She was excited about going to Joplin
and helping the people that live there
and have found themselves
smack in the middle of Hell.

I was excited, too.
We can be very effective in Joplin.
There is so much to do.

And, even though God changed "our" plans,
we feel we're still able to help
the children.
We are going to hit every
Big Lots, Dollar General store and
the other dollar stores
and I am going to buy every
coloring book and crayola product
I can find.
In our hotel at night
we are going to stamp lunch sacks
with precious stamps
and fill the sacks with
the loot I am able to gather!

We're going to fill hundreds of sacks
(that's my hope)
and find the Salvation Army when
we get there because I've heard that
they are keeping the kids
during the day while their parents
work on putting their lives back together.

Isn't this just the best thing??
God is so good. He knew all along
where he wanted us and we're thrilled
to follow his lead!!

Do you still want to help?
You can send checks or
coloring books, construction paper,
glue sticks, kids scissors,
glitter sticks
and crayola products.
Your help would be such a blessing
And, remember, we're leaving
June 24th!
And, if you've already sent me
tags, don't worry about them being used.
You know what else God have let
me know??
He wants me to volunteer at the
woman's shelter here, in Kerr County.
I can do general work
and I'm hopeful that I can teach
art projects to give the women
a break from worrying about their future.
Isn't that just the best??
I love God!!

So, if you want to help with
our mission trip, send donations to me at:

Jan Vermillion-Thomason
5720 Hwy. 27
Center Point, Texas 78010

Can't help with donations??
We need lots of prayer and that
would be a huge gift.

Thank you, God bless you,
and I think you
are absolutely wonderful!



debsea said...

well there you go, i knew i put that construction paper & stuff in that box for a reason! mysterious...with a purpose!
wish i could come with you!

Melissa G. said...

Joplin in only two hours from us!
Have you checked out Oriental Trading Company online? They have so many cute craft ideas for great prices.

Lynn Richards said...

Go forth and minister, my friend! Kids are kids and anywhere there are kids in need, glue and paper and stamps are the BEST.

Bettyann said...

You are such a great human being Jan darling...I will do what I can..please know prayers and good wishes are going out for your fab mission..Take care of your health...

Kathy said...

I was never worried, that you would find a place to go, and do what you two set out to do, blessings to you on your journey, xo.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love Joplin and thank you for all you will be doing there. Twyla

Candy said...

Hope you haven't left yet...I'm dropping a check in the mail today.
Blessings, Prayers, & Traveling Mercies ;-)
p.s. Man plans his way but God directs his steps. Go Girls!

Erica said...

Take care of your health. Blessings to you on your journey.

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alteredstatesstudio said...

i dropped a box in the mail on wednesday and said a prayer that by the grace of god it will get to you on time...god bless you on your trip Jan! i am sending prayers too!!


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