Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yes, it rained on a wedding SHOWER!
And, I went to it.
You wouldn't think driving five hours to the Ft. Worth area
would be that big of a deal for me.
But, you must remember that I am an old woman.
A very, very old woman, and that I made a huge mistake
in my drive north....I drove up I-35.
For you that know me, you know that I.DO.NOT.DRIVE.ON.THE.INTERSTATE.

I found myself 'talking' to the other drivers, using gestures (nothing nasty), and shaking my head most of the time.
It's the semi's.
Oh, yeah, S-E-M-I.'s.
You know the one's I'm talking about...
I'm going to pass you
now that we're approaching a hill"
This is Black Roots; can girls play?"
And, you (that'd be ME) average 40 mph a-l-l-l-l-l-l-l
the way to Euless, Texas.
Oh, my gosh, I wanted to smack someone.
(And, if you drive a semi, love someone that drives a semi, and this offends you,
just play Pass Another Semi on a Hill - you'll feel vindicated)

Okay, enough about me for a moment.
.....The shower for Brat was delightful.
The food looked amazing.
The house was beautiful.
And, it was apparent that all had a fabulous time.
This is the sign that greeted us as we walked up
to the house. When I saw it, I KNEW we were
going to have some fun!
These lovely girls met me at the door.
That's Brat, second from the left - isn't she pretty?
Oh, yeah, here I am trying out some layers
in Photoshop Elements 9 that I've just purchased.
This was an experiment and took me an entire
day, therefore, it's included.
This is a picture of the fruit that was served.
It tasted better than it looks.
THIS is a really good cupcake. Oh, my.

The room was filled with friends, family and
sorority sisters of Brat's.
Will's mom (on the right) came from Ohio
(I know) and though I didn't get but a minute
to talk to her, I hope to get to know her better
at the wedding. Brat says she's delightful.
(Just like my DIL says about me)
"Oh!!" I think Brat just opened
something that really excited
Hostess Heather!

It's embarrassing how bad my memory is -
at the shower I introduced myself to the
same woman twice. Yeah.
But, for some reason, I remember who is in
this picture with Will's mom -
it's Jessica (in the middle)
(oh, dear, it could be "Jamie" now that
I'm writing it. SEE?? It's so embarrassing:)
and Will's aunt.

                                         Now, for gift opening and, though,
I'm really not a selfish person,
I just really want to share the card
and gifts I gave her.
WELL??? It's my blog.
(Oh, hush, I'm just being sarcastic.) 

                                                  Okay, after 45minutes  of trying to get this to right justify, 
I give up and wouldn't ya know,
it right justifies. I can honestly say that I
hate blogger. The envelope I made is above.

This is the back of the envelope.     

The card. I loved being back in my studio!

All eyes were on Brat as she opened all of her wonderful gifts!

Brat's shower really did give me the excuse
I needed to clear off a 4" square of work space to make a wall hanging for her and Will.

It wasn't on her registry so I knew I'd surprise her!
This will be so handy on those
away games on the bus.

There's always that one gift
at every shower.....

This also wasn't on her registry,
this canister set, and Brat
was so excited to receive it.
If I could just remember who gifted it.

Bed Bath and Beyond was a
very successful registry store.
Brat received so many great
gifts from that store.

Isn't this so cool?
I wonder if she'll give it to me
for my birthday?
I want to introduce you to an amazing
young lady - Jackie. She was one of
Brat's best friends (and remains so)
in college and was in a horrific
automobile accident that left her
in a coma for a very long time.
She came out of her coma and Brat
and everyone that loved her were
overjoyed! No one knows if she
knows who you are when you talk to
her, but after meeting this amazing
young woman, I know that she does.
Jackie is an honorary bridesmaid in
Brat's wedding and I think that's very
special, just like Jackie.

Y'all know what retail therapy is, right?
After two days in a row on I-35
(I didn't mean to take I-35 home, I just somehow ended up
on it. True story.)
I decided I needed some.
I stopped at my favorite shop in
Llano, Texas, and spent $75.00.
I picked up some wonderful things.
Unfortunately, it didn't help.

But, you know what did make me smile
after two days on I-35?? Coming home to
all of this mail. It's all donations, monetary
and art supplies, for kids that need our
love and something to take their minds
off of their problems - hopefully in JOPLIN.

My other 'little girl', Skyler, and I are 
planning a "mission" trip the first part of
July - God's plan and we're so excited!

And, btw?? I'm still smiling.

And, though it's not my usual sign-off,


one more thing - if the pictures aren't spaced correctly with their text, I apologize, but I'm not re-opening this post. it's 8:45 P.M. and I'm pooped! I hope you've enjoyed reading about Brat's lovely shower.
Good Night! lol
"Oh, Franki-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e"


vicki said...

Oh my what a wonderful shower! Your girl is absolutely beautiful - she is radient in these photos! I am so glad that you were able to attend - drivng long distances can certainly be a challenge - I totally understand!

These pictures are all so fabulous - I can hardly wait to see the wedding photos! She is so very lucky to have you in her life!


Bettyann said...

oh my godness what a fun the pictures of all the happy did well with that awful drive...take care and ps. you are NOT old lol

Robin said...

What a beautiful wall hanging for the soon to be married couple. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and you survived your trip on the interstate! Have a great time on your mission trip.


Kathy said...

aww, nice Jan. I love your photos...your (brat) looks so happy, that's so nice. You make me giggle with your posts...xo

Lynn Richards said...

What a wonderful day Jan!!
We are driving smack through Missouri today(see blog) and will probably stop for the night in Texas. Sure wish we could see you !!
Best wishes to your girl .


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