Monday, October 22, 2007


I've posted photos of my *new* studio for you before.....right after I set up.
Remember last spring when my pink barn flooded twice and I had to move to the house because of all of the damage? Water and paper art just don't mix!
So I moved what I could fit into my new digs and took pictures for you all to see.
I was fortunate that our house has a breezeway *does anyone NOT know what a breezeway is?* that I took for myself and turned into my *new* studio.
After I got everything just like I wanted it, I started to work.
Well, "getting to work" changed everything very quickly!
That's why I'm posting these new pictures for you.
These photos represent what my studio looks like today!

This first photo shows you everything that I keep at my fingertips.
Everything that I use constantly as I makings, melting pot, embossing products, glitter, tapes, paints and brushes, mediums and adhesives, scissors, etc., most often used embellishments and papers, and commissioned projects waiting their turn.
Finished projects waiting for you to go to my etsy store and buy them for Christmas presents, dried roses, and my fabric, old quilts and vintage tableclothes.
Below is a full view of where I work.
Yes, it appears that every inch of work space is covered and that's because, well, because it is.
Don't we all work better in about 6" of space?

This picture shows the right side of my work station. You see that I like to keep a lot of personal gifts of art around me...hanging from the air vent, taped to the window frame and perching on the short shelf. It makes me feel that I'm surrounded by artists that "get" me! That's a nice feeling! Oh, and there's my computer. I keep it close so that I can keep in contact with my artist friends and the art world!

Whenever I work I open the three cabinet doors behind which are more art supplies. This way I can see what I've got and I'm not as likely to forget anything! I'm so glad that these built ins were in the breezeway as they make fabulous storage space!

So I had this turqouise shelving unit down in the pink barn - I used it to display finished works for people to see *and buy* when they visited the studio. So I'm thinkin' that it would be great for holding art supplies in the new studio but oh, my gosh, there's absolutely nowhere to put it!All of the wall space is used up. Hmmm, what to do...
Oh, I know, I'll just set it in the middle of my long, not wide, new studio....and you know what?
It's works just great! Now I have even more important supplies at my fingertips - woohoo!
Just extra supplies - not all of them - but the important ones! Oh, and different adhesives and other assorted products that I have seen used on different creations that I just had to have in case I ever decide to make that something new! Oh, brother.
This corner hasn't changed. This is where my teenage girls that work for me sit when they actually show up to work! It's also where you would sit if you ever came to the ranch to create with me! You always have a seat so come on down!
The wooden rubber stamp, printed paper, ephemera file cabinet, big paper storage corner.
So that's the way it looks today! It's my own little space where I go to create, relax, refresh and feed my soul. I love it.


Mystele said...

Love it!!!

kecia said...

that was a fun walk thru your studio! my studio is tiny and i've got every inch covered as well! jeff and i have been discussing expanding it - but will see how that goes. i would love it! your studio actually looks pretty organized. loved all the glues so that you could see what you've got. it is good to look at other studios cuz it helps you see other ways to organize things. like i might change a few things so i can have my glues all together like that! mine are all over the place!

abbymaya said...

Lovely! And you're absolutely right, I have a studio room but it always boils down to about 6 inches of work space in the end.

lklight said...

I'd eat my young for a space like this one!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, I'm so glad that I could help you.
Keep up the amazing work!

Tina said...

awesome studio!! You got it all right with all your storage and such and it looks great too!! what fun!!

Once Upon a Cottage said...

So Jealous! I need you to come organize my space! Are you for hire! LOL. I'm so glad I was able to bless you with my "messy studio ministry"! LOL I bet you REALLY enjoyed your studio space after seeing mine!

Now, for those of you who are feeling bad about your messy, cramped studio spaces after visiting Jan's lovely space, come on over to my blog.

Another great name for a Blog, Jan! Messy Studio Ministry!

although...I still prefer Creative Snit. heehee

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a treat to have a glimpse of your studio....we love that wreath on the window! We stumbled across your blog and we are so glad we did!

Have a blessed day,

kari and kijsa

sammy said...

What a fun place to sit and create! I could just sit in the one space and have such a fun time... my how the hours would go fast by that I amy just have to spend the night in there to...

Loudlife said...

Jan! I just read Lennea's comment page. You are cracking me up! Your studio is so NOT messy! In my world that would be called neat.


Mija said...

What a lovely and very tidy, organized studio you have Jan! i'm feeling a little piggy now as it looks like an estate sale, thrift store and art supply store all got bombed and the fallout and debris became my studio! basically, you can't come play in my studio unless you wear your waders. he he it has been clean before but i think that was a year ago... time for the annual cleaning i guess. ha! sad but true... thanx for sharing your pics sweet girl... they give me hope and inspiration!

Michelle said...

I love your studio! It looks as hectic as mine. I drive my hubby carzy cause every month or two I reorganize cause my priorities have changed project wise! Since we shara spare bed roon my drafting table by the window ang his work station/computer on the other wall, there is not much room, so the garage holds the overflow.

~just to let you know, you've got your blog set to private, meaning when people click on your name in comments, they can't visit your wonderful blog and shop!


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