Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was going to start this post with a photo of one of my class projects but Blogger is not cooperating so, no photo.....just me!
I went to the Art n Soul retreat in Portland a week ago and have just a few thoughts I wanted to share with you. I'm not going to use this post to show you my class creations - when I finish them I'll have separate posts and show you the finished pieces then.
Today I just wanted to tell you a couple of things......
First, if you've never attended an Art n Soul retreat, don't put it off - do it. I had the most amazing time and met the most wonderful people, took the most awesome classes, shopped in the most wonderful Portland shop (Collage), drooled at Vendor's Night, met my really good friend, Keesha, in person, met other friends that I knew from the Charmster's board, and had the most amazing time.
Secondly, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be surrounded with women that "got" me! You know what I mean? Other mixed media artists that didn't think what I did was "unusual". Didn't look at my creation and respond with a, "Hmmmm. Nice.".
It was just so much fun to be in classes with other like minded people.
And, oh, the people....the women that I was blessed to spend time with....some I can't even remember their names, some I never knew their names, and others I already "knew" from the didn't make any difference to me. Everyone was amazing and that doesn't even begin to describe the warmth I felt from every woman I spent time with, whether in the classroom, the lobby trading charms, happy hour or simply passed in the hall.

And if you will be attending Art n Soul in the future, make the decision to participate in the charm trades or the regular trades. It's a wonderful way to meet other attendees and in the process you will make friendships that will last past the last day of classes.
Art n Soul is a retreat that I will attend again. I absolutely loved every minute of it.
And if you were one of the lovely ladies that I crossed paths with, thank you.
Thank you for making a "newbie" from south Texas feel so at home and accepted.

I love every one of you so much that I want all y'all to come over on Saturday for a bar-b-que!


Allegra said...

Oh Sweet Jan,

We were the ones blessed by having you among us, you are such a fun person, so full of life and art and funny. I enjoyed spending the little free time I had that evening visiting and I am coming to the bar-b-q in spirit. Hugs and I am looking forward to our next Art and Soul. See you there! Hugs,


Tina said...

Yea!!!! I'm glad you went and had an awesome time!!!

kecia said...

what a nice message about Artnsoul! i'm glad you had such a fantastic time! i remember when you first joined the yahoo group and you were very undecided about going - and look at you now! i'm seriously eyeballing artnsoul in Virginia (only not so many classes!)maybe just a few and this time i can drive!

Lorri Scott said...

I got here from the Art & Soul group site. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Flickr site! It was so fab to see all the art work created and the lengthy captions. You seem to be a prolific artist and I admire that. What times the Bar-B-Que? LOL!

Once Upon a Cottage said...

Hi Jan! I just popped over to look at your new blog banner. I enjoyed meeting you at Art and Soul! And after seeing all the great gifts you gave Kecia, can I be your new best friend???heehee.


Dana said...


I'm so envious ... I wish I could have attended. It sounds like you had an awesome time on more than one level. :) Someday, perhaps, when my kids are wee bit older and a little more independent I will be able to break away and join you. :)

Can't wait to see what you've got to share when it's finished.


Lily Pepper said...

Jan, It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I am quite envious! I love the new look of you your blog, the banner is fab and I really like the background color too! Sue

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Thanks to everyone for all of your comments.
I just love reading comments on a post! Just like Christmas when I get one:)
I appreciate all y'all's nice words! Thank you! Jan

Elinor said...

Jan - We were in Angela's class together...I'm the one with the hat!! What an amazing time we had - I loved your piece and your art. Thanks so much for sharing the great photos!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

ELINOR - how wonderful to hear from you BUT you didn't leave me a way to get ahold of you!!! Jan

Angela Rae said...

Ooooo... Oooooo.... I wanna come to the B-B-Q too!!!

Loudlife said...

Jan, I just looked at your Art n Soul pictures. How fun! Like Dana, I'm envious and look forward to going when my girl is older. And when you come up for Artfest, let's get together! I live just north of Seattle.

Love seeing photos of your studio, too. How cool! And how fortunate that those cabinets were already there, what a bonus!


Mija said...

Jan, it was so fantastic hanging out with you at Art and Soul! You are a Hoot and a sweetheart. I loved seeing your great pics on Flickr... fun, fun, fun! and thanx for the invite to the BBQ, now will you be serving tofu dogs? becuz i'm a vegetarian. he hee heeeeeee just jokin', i can't stand tofu dogs. ha! altho, Hindus don't eat cows you know, they believe they're sacred. now that i'm Not jokin' about!
giggles and hugs to you,
p.s. thanx sooo much for the spicey gifts from Texas! i already made one of them, Delish!


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