Friday, September 28, 2007

ART & SOUL JOURNAL - It's finished!! WOOHOO!!

Good morning everyone! It's a glorious morning here in the Hill Country - I wish all y'all could experience this fabulous weather with me!
This post is all about a surprise I have made for my dear friend, Keesha. I made this book for her as a surprise that I will give to her next week at ART AND SOUL ! (I've told her to stay away from my flickr and my blog until after the retreat - I wonder if she's the type that peeks at Christmas???) This journal is for photos from the retreat and for journaling of all of the fun she's experienced at ART & SOUL. I even made an INCHIES page for little photos of old and new friends! There are also tags in pocket pages for journaling.
I hope she likes it. I love it!

The outside of the journal is covered in a really pretty blue and red patterned vintage print. On the spine I have tied fiber for added texture and color. The best part about the front (and the BIGGEST part!) is the silver glittered Twinkle Type letters from K & Company. Notice that instead of an "&" sign between "ART" and "SOUL" I used a bird design - Keesha loves birds and nature so I know she'll love that sign!
The inside of the front cover is covered with ledger paper and the first page incorporates this year's Art & Soul themed logo, "At Home with Art and Soul". That's the Keesh there waving the beater over her head because she's so stinkin' excited to be there!
This next spread below has Keesha so excited that she just had to throw on a tutu and do a little jig! Her nickname, Little Ninjja (Ninjja with two "j"s!) is written above her crown which I know will make her happy.
Both sides of this spread leave plenty of room for journaling or photos!

Ahhh, a page for notes and a page for a photo or two pages for notes. She'll be the judge of that! She's an amazing photographer so I'll just bet you she'll put a photo or two on the right side. Oh, and check out the sequin trims I added - aren't they so sweet??
Below you can see on the left side that I made INCHIES for her to use to cram a bunch of pictures on this page of friends, new and old, and there's also room for a picture on the right side!
Another simple layout so that Keesha will have lots of room for photos. She's going to want to remember classes, projects, OPA's (Other People's Art), teachers, classmates, ME......!
Journaling tags and a page for photos. Look at that sweet pink and white garland on the right side! I just love that! And I used the bird theme on the tags - K. can journal right over the stamping. The tags slide down into the pocket page on the left.
Well, look-ie here! A page all about Keesha and ME! And check out that fabulous little pink and black stone earring that I used for the "and"! And there's plenty of room on the right side for a big ol' picture of us while we're lovin' Art and Soul!
More room for photos and journaling!
The last page in the journal has a library envelope with a note from me (I love getting in the last word!) Oh, and one thing that I think is really neat is that I was able to use this "people" paper that I have been hording for years to cover the inside back cover - these people represent everyone at Art and Soul. Cool, huh!
The back of the journal has a clock surrounded by wee bitty rhinestones and pearls just to give it a little personality - you can guess what the clock stands for!

I want to tell you the best part of attending Art and Soul next week - I will MEET Keesha for the first time! How about that! We are what I call "art friends" - we have become friends through our blogs. And hugging her neck at the retreat can only be described as a highlight for me! Oh, I just can't wait to see her!!


Rebecca said...

Oh my, my, my...I love it! She will be SO HAPPY to receive this. What girl wouldn't!

art spirit said...

That Keesha is one LUCKY girl...what a great gift! See you at A&S I hope...I am old (59) and have 2 teenagers! eek...

Mija said...

Jan, this is Incredible! what a great friend you are... she will be thrilled to the core and feel your love and friendship all the way to her toes! you too are darling friends and will have a grand time, i can tell. i hope to meet you both there!!! see you soonly! Yay!

Blaiz said...

Yowza! Fantastic gift/book/album! Want to be my friend, too? LOL!

I have some art friends that I've "known" for years but we've never met. They're just as precious to me as people I know in person, so I know what you mean!


Blaiz said...
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Penny A said...

Jan, what a beautiful gift! My first A&S was VA, this spring -- I know that you guys will have a ball! ...and i am sure that she will be blown away by this gorgeous place to house her memories.
- penny

Denise said...

This is really beautiful..amazing!

Karin said...

Hi! I just discovered you through Flickr... Love this book and your work! Karin @

sammy said...

Keesha is going to love this! BTW... I havn't met Keesha yet, but I will be in her room on Thursday and Friday night... from the art I see on her blog, it is going to be a delight to meet her and see her art...

Laureleee said...

Oh, Jan, that is just stunning! I love love love it - she's going to be THRILLED!~ BTW, have you checked out my blog:
AND I just turned 56 (like the date matters anymore) and seriously plan the hair transplants for next year! Oh. That's probably TMI, but oh well.


Fun, fun, FUN! Keesha's gonna love it!


m i c h e l l e said...

Oh are gonna make that girl cry! The journal is just SO SO gorgeous!!! You are amazingingly talented and what a generous, loving friend you are.

PS...WHAT a glorious sight it will be when you two meet in person for the first time!!!!!!

Maya said...

Wow Jan! The journal is amazing... I am sure Keesha will enjoy it! You are definitely a very kind and special person! Looking forward to meeting you in Portland next week!

Allegra said...
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Allegra said...

Jan, she is going to love it! Who wouldn't? Gorgeous, and what a lovely , wonderful gift. You are a true, loving friend, the only kind, the best kind. See you next week,


Raquel said...

Beautiful--Keesha will be so happy to get this--it's not only beautiful, but it shows just how much love went into making it.

franswazz said...

YOU are so much fun, I am jealous, period!!!!!!
Hope to run into YOU,

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

tThank you, everyone, for all of your kind words and encouragement! I hope you check back in after Art and Soul so that I can show you what I learn in my classes - I am soooo excited!!
Again, thank you! Jan

Shelly @ thePINKbarn said...

Very cute journal!! And how exciting, meeting your friend for the first time in person!! I know you'll have a blast! :-)

Hugs, Jan!!!

Ricë said...

she's gonna LOVE it, for sure!

Dana said...

Hey Jan!!!

OH I just LOVE the book you made, I'm sure Keesha will LOVE IT!!! How neat and special!!

I'm so envious. I wish I was coming to Art & Soul, too. WAH! Maybe someday when my kids are wee bit older. ;o)

Hope you have a great day girl!


Catherine said...

It is gorgeous! What a lucky friend you have. I hope your friendship is all you want it to be. Have a wonderful time!

lori said...

a fabulous book!!!

Dana said...

Are you home yet?!?! ;o)


Altered Kat said...

It's AMAZING! I love it! She will too! :o)'s looks fab!

Kerry and Rachel said...

What a beautiful book. A lovely gift.

BloggingQueen said...

...and it looks even better in person, y'all!
Hi Jan!
I just wanted to say thanks again for my little treasure, and hope you're recovering from Art & Soul.

~Lisa MB

sammy said...

I was thrilled to be able to spend time living each page in Keesha's book you made for her... Truley a loving gift it was... so fun, so funky and so Keesha! Was awesome to meet you! You are such a hoot! hugs,


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