Monday, September 3, 2007

CIRCUS CIRCUS shadow box

When I started working on this cigar box the only thing I knew for sure was that i wanted it to be a shadow box that was funky in nature! I often find myself vacillating between cute and eclectic and I was in the mood for eclectic! Who would have thought that I'd end up going to the circus!? The picture above is a view of the inside of the cigar box (i.e. shadow box)'s where the action is....where the clowns, trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers, and the rest of the excitement under the big top can be found! And it's all there for kids from 2 to 92!!
Below is a view of the back of the cigar box. I love that dog! I added glitter to the balls on his hat and pasted him on polka dot Basic Grey paper and fell in love with the back of the shadow box!
The picture below is of the acrobats on the bottom left edge of the inside of the lid. I carried the polka dot theme into the main spread of the piece and pasted the acrobats on same.

There is a lot of clip art of the circus type and a lot of it has a Paris-feel; like the couple below. They are on the front of the box in the upper left hand corner. I added some really fancy yellow 'sequins' to the hem of the madam's skirt and her hat - and that poor clown to the right just didn't look right until I put a gentleman's top hat on his head!
The main act in this circus is the juggler....the one with the gold foil fish on her head! She is in the shadow box and is pasted to harlequin Basic Grey paper. I added black glitter dots to her clown costume and gave her felt balls studded with wee bitty seed beads to juggle. The trapeze artist in the background doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the juggling going on in the foreground!

There are extra purple juggling balls on the ground in case she drops any of the orange ones she's busy keeping in the air!
There are three sweet fairy girls in the foreground that have been watching all of the different acts going on around them! The are pulled forward by vintage dominos that I mounted to their backs to give more diminsion to this piece. Their wings are adorned with glitter and they have party hats on their heads that were given to them by the clown ladies you see on the inside of the lid. And don't miss the beautiful roses that the 'arena' has been decorated with to give it just the right touch of glamour!

I call this guy below "Party Boy"! He's got the hat, he's juggling bobbins *great party trick!*, he's got glitter on his shirt and shoes, SEQUINS on his pants?!, and the always fun red glitter nose! He's squatting on the front of the cigar box collage and those colored metal bobbins?? . . . they're the real thing! CIRCUS CIRCUS!! Again, the inside spread of the shadow box is below.........when you sit and look at it you will see things the second and third time that you look that you did NOT see the first time! The circus is full of fun and frantic action just like this shadow box!
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my circus! If you're interested in giving it a home you can find it in my shop on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by!!


HopHopJingleBoo said...

very cool.. thank you for the invite..will add you to my blog cuz i gotta come back here and look!

lori said...

i love the circus! beautiful work!!

kecia said...

jan, this is so cute. you really outdid yourself! who doesn't like the circus?

and i know i've said this before, but you really did such a good job on your blog banner. good for you!

Mel Seigfried said...

Thanks for visiting...sorry to gross you out! LOL Boys will be boys I guess! HA! Love your new piece! Its awesome! Mel

Jennifer said...

This is one of my FAVORITE pieces you create! I love all the colors and it's sooo whimsical!!!


I can tell that you had lots of fun creating this . . . especially when I noticed that you put a fish on that woman's head! Love it!

Hugs, Teresa


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