Friday, September 7, 2007


Michael's was so much fun!
Stamp Antonio was amazing as usual!
The flickr award was such a surprise (bowing and thanking, bowing and thanking!).
And the middle name game..............well, let's just say I thought I had slipped under the radar on that one but, oh, no, Keesh tagged me! Oh, she'll pay. This is going to cost her plenty - do you know what my middle name is????
Do I look like I have hours and hours to spend thinking up words to go with the TEN LETTERS of my middle name?
Keesh - yer dead.
Okay, as I understand it from K., you basically share your middle name - give it descriptive adjectives using the letters in the name and then tag the amount of people as in the letter of your middle name.
I'll be a good sport and do the adjectives but finding 10 people to do this gives me the urge to hold my head over the toilet.....I'm too busy, too tired, and too old to waste what little time I have left looking for 10 people that haven't already been tagged! LOL


V: Vivacious - it's true, at moments I can be vivacious
E: Eclectic - another word for strange
R: Razor sharp - what my mind used to be
M: Mixed up - I like to think of it as 'mixed media'
I: Idiot - first "I" word that came to mind
L: Laughter - I LOVE to laugh!
L: Love - I love to LAUGH! and I love God, my family, my friends, my art and you
I: Insecure - I have my moments....between Mixed up and Laughter
O: Outspoken - I'm workin' on it!
N: Nice - because nice matters

Whew. Finished. Aughh!
Now, here's what I thought would be fun.....if you're reading this and you have a blog, I choose you to play this really fun game and pass it on:)

The End

Oh, alright, one more thing.....go visit Keesha's blog because she is an amazing artist AND an amazing friend.....she'll probably want to get me a little something to make up for the stress she brought into my life. It's what makes her so nice.


kecia said...

omg! i had no idea your middle name would be so long!!! lol - but it is a doozy - I LOVE IT!!! Why couldn't i have a middle name like that? kecia vermillion. i think it has quite a ring to it! you did a great job adjectivfying (new word) your letters! although, i disagree, electic does not equal strange it equals "WAY COOL". enough said! thanks for the blog plug too! gotta go to bed, off to NYC early!

Altered Kat said...

Now that's some serious bling! :o) I love it!

Mel Seigfried said...

Beautiful middle name!!! : )

Sandra Evertson said...

Love your shadow box!
Especially the Puffy balls!
Sandra Evertson

Dana said...

Hey Jan!!! LOVE your middle name game words. ;) Love your shadow box!!! Hope you have been WELL ... sorry I've been AWOL. Life, sorta has this way of sucking you in when you're not looking. ya know?!

I finally got my sewing machine moved over (well, my DH did for me) and now I'm going to work on getting my new studio arrange. It won't be nearly as Glamorous as the last one, LOL ... but maybe I won't be as inclined to keep it spotless and more work will come out of it? LOL!

Hugs & Kisses for you, friend!


Denise S. said...

I love the high heel art!
I had a friend in school whose last name was Gremillion and I think your middle name is way cool.

Also wanted to ask if you have ever been to Artist Nook's in Ft. Collins,CO? I noticed it listed in your favorites.

Michele said...

Wow! Need another BFF?

Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with the rest of us. Kecia is lucky to have such a friend.



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