Sunday, September 23, 2007


Somehow in my tiny little brain, that makes sense!
Though I can imagine K. reading that and shaking her head "no"!
You probably remember my post, "24 + 30 = 54", where I showed you all of the blessings that my sweet friend, Keesha *better known to me as Little Ninjja* (don't ask), showered me with on my birthday. Well, after her kindness I couldn't wait for her birthday! I sent her a box full of fun things and you can see all of them on her blog. What I want to show you are the two gifts that I made her that I almost kept. I mean, that meant the most to me.
Below you are looking at the bottom of the wall hanging I made her (I can never load my photos so that they are in the right order! These are all backwards and I could have sworn that I had done it right this time! And, all of the ones of the bird wall hanging are like real small - what's with that? Beats me! LOL).
Okay, I'm digressing. . . .
I love her so much that I gave up a miniature spoon that I have horded for years to make her wall hanging perfect. I don't remember what was engraved on the back of the spoon, it was wonderful and it's in K.'s post, but I pounded the spoon flat and mounted it backwards so that the engraving shows.
Oh. So cool.

This saying is very dear to my heart and one I try to remember every morning before I start my day. It reads, "Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." So dear. And, very meaningful when I think of K. as I think of that saying. She talks about how that saying touched her on her blog.
This 'vintage french hanger' holds the wall hanging up. I added the walnut stained ribbon to soften it and you can almost see the pearls that hang down both sides of the wall hanging.
Here's the finished product......mmmm, I do so love it! I am going to have to make some more because I must have one for myself! LOL
I also made her a bracelet. I have recently learned how to work with wire and beads, the whole enchilada, in a class at my favorite bead shop, Garden of Beaden, Fredericksburg, Texas, and thought that she would like a bracelet. I mean, I made the entire bracelet - I'm so impressed with myself!
So, there ya go. Keesha's birthday has come and gone, but the joy that I received in making her gifts will stay with me for a long, long time.

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See ya later! Jan


kecia said...

yay, i made your blog! what a nice post. an how observant are you to notice how small my wrists are for a perfect fit of my bracelet!

Loudlife said...

I love the bracelet! Really cute! It's very inspiring to me, I've been thinking of making jewelry a lot lately.

Oh, and I'm tagging you! Drop by my blog for the details...


Loudlife said...

P.S. You can skip the tagging again if you want. It's tough to find people who haven't been tagged! So I'm just tagging who I want to anyway. I would be interested in hearing 7 more things about you, though.


sandra f. said...

I LOVE all the Bday goodies you made for Kecia...a real act of love to part with such treasures! That wallhanging is to die for and the bracelt is amazing! Such talent! and such kindness. I may need to paint that saying on my wall somewhere, such a good one! Have a great start to a new week.-Sandra

Altered Kat said...

WOW! what treasures! Great job Jan!

Catherine said...

Your enthusiasm belies whatever age you may be. You sound like you are still a teenager.(and I mean that in a good way) Catherine


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