Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My good friend, Shelly, gave me the BIGGEST compliment this week when she gave me the "You Make Me Smile Award" - wow, when I think about the fact the something I've said and/or the way I've acted has blessed someone, has uplifted someone, makes ME smile.
It's my intention every day to be a blessing to the people that I interact with - my hope every day is to give someone a reason to smile and to be told by Shelly that I've accomplished that *at least with her!* blesses ME.
And there are people in my life that make ME smile! A lot of them don't blog so won't be listed, but they know who they are......so below you will find just a few of the people in my life that make me smile! I'm supposed to pick seven people - that part DOESN'T make me smile! There are so many of you that make me smile every time you leave a comment on one of my posts or send me an email of encouragement.
So please accept this award and pass it on!
Pass it on!!

Deirdra http://www.deirdradoan.blogspot.com
Keesh http://www.lemoncholys.blogspot.com
Twink http://www.sweeteyecandycreations.typepad.com
Roberta http://www.rcscreations.wordpress.com
Dana http://www.eccentricitiesstudio.blogspot.com
Kathi http://www.outonawhimstudio.blogspot.com
Lilia http://www.fleamarketstudio.typepad.com


kecia said...

yay, i won a "Major" award (from the movie, Christmas Story!). who doesn't love an award? thank thank thank you. i am preparing my speech as i type!

no, but seriously, thanks, i am glad i can make you smile!

Jennifer said...

Thank you DAAAAALING!!! I feel sooo honored!!! You've put a huge smile on my face! :)

You blog looks WONDERFUL!!! Love the banner and all the sweet faces. Im going to Flickr now to check out all your fun pics!!!!

Once Upon a Cottage said...

Awww, man! I never win any fun awards.
slinking away pouting...
and I've got my speech all prepared and the perfect dress all picked out...sniff..

Kari & Kijsa said...

YEA!! You deserve it!! Thanks for your sweet note- It put a smile on our faces!

kari & kijsa

Once Upon a Cottage said...

Jan! thank you again for the Prestigious CREATIVE SNIT AWARD! I now honor you in return! please go to http://onceuponacottage.blogspot.com/2007/10/ultimate-blogging-award.html to learn more about this GREAT HONOR!

kecia said...

hey, where's my creative snit award? nice name!

Mija said...

Honey, i don't think it's possible to be around you for one monute and NOT smile! You're a gem!
super smiles,

Mija said...

he he I meant to write MINUTE... i don't know what a monute is but it may not be good so i figured i better correct myself. ha!

Roberta said...

Oooh, Jan! Thank you, thank you! I think your smile is contagious...and I just can't help but smile when I think of you! I proudly display this award on my blog now...thanks to you!


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