Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GRUNGE PENDANTS I MADE FOR A GRUNGE CHARM EXCHANGE.....i didn't exactly follow the directions, did i???

Hi, everyone! I'm so happy to be able to blog this evening - I hate for more than two days to go by without you hearing from me - you ARE hanging on to my every word, right??

I joined a Grunge Charm Swap and I got excited just by seeing the name of the swap! "Grunge" - I LOVE grunge. I love pink, too, but grunge is right up there!
I gathered together what I had that I thought would do well in a grunge swap. I already knew that the "base" of the charms was going to be rusty flattened beer bottle caps that I find walking through parking lots. I've been collecting them for like forever because I knew I would use them eventually:)
Below you'll see many things laid out in anticipation of starting to make my charms. I swear, I had chills.

I also wanted to use these amazing red beads that I found this weekend at the Annual Texas State Arts and Crafts Show in Kerrville (up the highway). Oh, it's a great arts & crafts show but since I've become like a junker, there's little there to interest me. My how I've changed! Anyway, I bought 12 of the the beads, had the bottle caps, and had Frank the Tank go down to the barn and bring me some rusty baling wire.
Below you'll see the grungy things that I gathered together to add to the bottle caps. Looking good so far!

Oh, look, girls, they're all put together! Do you like them? What's that you say??? They look a little big to be a charm?

Well, yes, they do, so they're pendants which are just real big charms. I've written the moderator to make sure I'm not breaking any rules and to make sure that they want my rather large charms......we'll see what the boss says!
Check this first one out - do you love it??? Or is it just me? (My best friend would say it's just me. LOL)

These following pictures are close-ups of some of the 12 R.L.C.'s (Rather Large Charms). Take your time; enjoy;o) but also understand that you just can't see their fabulousness {i made that up} in these photos. They're so much better looking in real life....kind of like me............hahahahaha.
Yeah, I've already mentioned the red beads and the baling wire but when I uploaded my pictures they got out of order and I refuse to spend another hour trying to get them into the right place.....you're big girls, you can handle it! LOL
Oh, and here's the bottle caps out of order. This picture uploading is the one thing that causes me grief with blogger. So, I'll say it again, you're big girls, you can figure out what's going on because you're not only pretty, you're smart!!
The rest of the five pictures are more close-ups of the pendants. Do you like them? Should I make some to sell in my Etsy store? Would you buy one? I need feedback! And, NO lying!

I just want thank you for taking the time to look at my grunge charms.
I know how busy all of y'all are and that makes it so, so special to me that you stopped long enough to read my blog post. And, hopefully, you'll come back (at the top of my blog there's a "blogarithm" widget on the right side of the page that you can put your email address in and be notified when I post - then you don't miss ANY of my brilliance! Wow!!
Please let me know you were here by leaving a comment - I need some feedback, remember?

I think y'all are wonderful!!



Tina said...

Well let me be the first one to tell you they are beautimus in a grundgey way!! they are WAAAy CoOL and YoU RoCK!!! *I thought I was the only one who picked up those rusty smashed bottle caps*

Melissa M said...

They are great grungeness. If the participants are not wanting to wear them as a charm, I'm more than sure they will find another great use for them. Enjoy them just the same.

Blaiz said...

I'd put one in a shadowbox and adore it always!

Marilyn said...

Jan, you are just so fun! Loved this post...and love the grungy RLC's (did I get that right?) Oh, and add me to the rusty smashed bottle caps club--they're impossible to ignore! Hugs!

jenzai studio said...

ooo! grungaliciouss!

I"m not participating in this swap but now I wish I was! These are awesome...

zhulia said...

C'mon, Jan! We wouldn't expect anything little n wimpy comin' outta Texas! And you did not disappoint! And, ooh! Are they ever grungy!!!!! And I, too, belong to the SBCC(smooshed bottle cap club)!

m i c h e l l e said...

I have two words to describe your grunge charms/pendants...


These are absolutely amazing Jan! GREAT work!

Mija said...

Whoa Yeah!! Fantasmical(yes i made that up) grungerful charms girlfriend! i better be the first to know when you post them to your Etsy!!! XOXOX

fromthepines said...

THey look awesome Jan and just to make sure - that you are in the dirty dozen swap and not Kecias, cause hers are for 25 charms.


fromthepines said...

Sorry, Jan, now its me being confused! Kecia is hosting the BIRD swap which is 25 charms. I am in the middle of them right now. But the one grunge is 12 and Melissa's is 14. Kecia's name in your title screwed me up!

Never mind me.

Angela Rae said...

I LOVE them! I can't wait to see which one I end up with!!! I'm still working on my grunge charms! Mine have their "base" ripped out of a cd/tape player that my husband ripped apart and gave me the pc board! Whoo hoo!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

The grunge charms are great! I love the use of bottle caps and keys. I also love junking more than craft show stuff. It's so exciting!
Have a great weekend Jan!

http:/blogcabinfever.typepad.com said...

I love what you did with all of the materials. Very cool!!
Glad you shared the photos with us.

cindy said...

I always look forward to your brillance! : D And I think those charms are groovy cool baby! Love the big read beads....man, have not been to Kerrville Art Fest in prolly 20 years I bet. Used to love to go to that.

You're the best!

Deirdra Doan said...

Hi Jan, Busy is right! But I just wanted to see my old friends. I am glad I did. Very cute charms! Wish you were near me I would send you all the grung I am getting rid of out of my basement...He He....and maybe you could do something arty with it. I am in the mood to get rid of it all! I might have to go back to just a few oil paints and a canvas....so many things to own to work in mixed media...but it is fun.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'd say that if I was in the exchange I'd be thrilled to see you break the rules and send these out.

paula clare said...

I LOVES ME DA GRUNGY CHARMS! LOL! Seriously, they are totally FAB. I love grungy, rusty, ratty looking things (I've been told by my sisters that I'm "ill" ha!) and these fit the bill on many levels. LOVE THEM!Where is this swap you speak of?!?!


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