Monday, June 2, 2008


....AND I'M POOPED! I am totally exhausted after spending a day in that mess I've been calling a studio! It HAD to be cleaned, it had to be purged and it had to be re-arranged before I could even THINK about making anything new! .....Yeah, it's that bad. And that's why there's NO photos of the studio today! It would have been so embarrassing and you never would have looked at me the same again! I'll finish it up tomorrow and will take pictures to give you a hint of how much better it looks after all of my hard work!
But I felt like I should include some pictures so you'd read my post! So I am sharing Clay's graduation pictures with you. This first one is him walking down the isle to get his diploma.
This is Clay getting his diploma from his daddy! Frank the Tank is on the school board (this is his last year - praise God!) Because he's on the board, he got the honor of handing Clay his diploma. He's gotten to do that with the other two boys, also. I think it's so cool!
And after everything is over.....this is Clay with his good friend, Danny. It was a very emotional evening for Clayman. One I think he'll remember forever.
Okay, stay with me, girls while I finish with the studio! I need your support!!

Love all of you dearly!


kecia said...

aww, what a happy day. cute photos of clay and love the one of him getting his dipolma from Frank, that's great! good luck in the studio. i did some of that cleaning and purging the other day myself!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Great pictures! He looks like a happy guy:)
I'm sending you some good cleaning vibes although I should be saving them for myself. I've been working on a 12" x 12" area of my work table because the rest is full of junk! Have a great day.

Blaiz said...

Did clay have his baseball cap under his graduation cap? LOL!

I'm in the middle of a couple of projects, and my place is a mess, too. Most of us end up working in a 12"x12" space regardless of how much space we start out with! I guess I'll go pick my watercolor crayons off the carpet!

Anonymous said...

congrats to your grad and your family!!!
i recieved one of your panels for the karla and beths birds/bonnets swap...a little bird told me.

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE it!

HeavenlyBliss said...

Hi Jan! I loved your prom pics. The boys are so cute! It sure does bring back memories! Hope all is well with you! I finally got started on that blog of mine...changed the name...and the! Hope you had a lovely day! :-)Gina

Heidi ( said...

Congrats to your Clay! Very cool your hubby got to hand him and his brothers their diplomas! *Heidi*


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