Saturday, June 7, 2008


My really good friend, Tina, was hosting a swap about a month ago and I love a good swap so I thought, hey, it's Tina, it's going to be great!
So I signed up and went on with life until about a week ago when I realized that it was getting close (I work a lot better under pressure).

It was at that point that I gave the theme enough attention to realize that it was a COWGIRL SWAP.
You would think that living in Texas on a WORKING RANCH that I would just be knowin' that MY partner was going to be a-gag over my contribution. Oh, no, that was not what ran through my mind at all......nooooooooooooooooo. What ran through my mind was, 'cowgirl....I wonder if I could make a fairy look like a cowgirl???'
Probably not.

So I got busy, found a fabulous cowgirl collage sheet that I had (it was still in it's whole) and let those creative juices flow. Why, it wasn't all that hard once I put a piece of camouflage fabric over my glitter. You can see by looking at these pictures the treasures my swap partner will be receiving in the mail this week. Oh, won't she be thrilled??? (I'm kidding)
I did have a lot of fun working on these pieces. It's amazing to me sometimes, oh, alright, all the time, how God takes nothing (that'd be me) and turns out some amazing pieces of art! I just hope Pam Brock (she's my partner:) believes in God.
I also hope that Pam doesn't know about my blog and live to check out my new posts or she's going to know what her swap pieces look like before she gets them....hate to ruin a good surprise!

Let me tell you what you just looked at, you'll want to know: (1) a wee bitty envelope for that emergency 20 dollar bill - you keep this in your wallet, your purse or your car. (2) a microscope slide necklace. it's got a pic on the back, too, i just forgot to take a picture of it. (3) fabric wall hanging - check out the hanger - half of a zipper. cool, huh. (4) vintage book cover wall hanging with wonderful silver cowgirl boots, a medallion and an amazing skeleton key hanging from it. And that flower! woohoo!

I hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend! I'm fixin to go to a baby shower - oh, they're so much fun, seeing all of the little outfits and all of the new s**t they have for babies. I bought a piece of that new s**t for my gift - good grief, it seems to me like they're spending a lot of time thinking up stuff that's not necessary AND that's overpriced. Next shower??? I'm going to Hell-Mart and calling it a day.

On that note, love you all.



Tina said...

Yehaw gal!! looks super..She's gonna need the smelling salts when she sees all the Cowgirl Goodness you have for her..she'll just swoon.

paula clare said...

Hi Jan!
I LOVE the cowgirl pendant and canvas! (Speaking of canvas, do you have a good resource place for the tall, skinny canvases? Inquiring minds want to know...)

I'm new to all this cowgirl stuff, and tardy getting in on the swap...however, I shall continue to "monitor the situation" so I can get in on the next one!

Some of the greatest cowgirl stuff I've seen is from Junk know of them?

The Vintage Housewife... said...

howdy...lil' lady i just found your the cowgirl your statement on how God takes nothin' and makes a lil' somethin' it doll! stop by my place some

The Vintage Housewife... said...

ooooh ya i love the junk gypsies!!!!i just wanna marry it girl!!!cat


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