Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hi, girls! Oh, I have been busy, busy, busy! I have been wanting to re-do my main hall bath forever. And what's my favorite thing besides the color of pink?
Birds, nests, and children with birds.
So, birds and nests it was!

So, I started and it simply snowballed! It snowballed and I absolutely love it! I have decided I need some shelves so that I have more room for more birds and nests! And, I've decided that the room needs to be painted. The antique lace color is just not cuttin' it - it's not showcasing the art that is covering the walls - it's taking away from the beauty of the rest of the room. I need to paint the bathroom. But I don't paint. I dislike painting. And I can't afford to pay anyone to paint it for me right now if I want to be able to buy gas for the car. But, and I mean this, someday it will be painted. Someday when the gas prices go down I'll get my bathroom painted and it will be a happy day! Until then. . .
Several of my precious pieces have come from swaps - like the sweet 4" x 4" piece in the picture above. So sweet and so pink! Mandy Parsons is the artist of that piece. And notice the darling guest hand towel that is christian in theme and bird in design - what more could I want?
This area of the left vanity is my favorite because of a couple of things.
One, it has a lamp on top of Frank the Tank's high school year books and I LOVE lamps, lots of lamps. And the garden book? Frank the Tank's when he was a boy. So sweet. And the shadow box on the wall? I made that. Precious, of course.
So precious that I knew you'd want to see a close-up of it. Feast your eyes. That's a real bird's nest and egg in there, girlfriends.
And let it not be said that I show favoritism - here's a close-up of the rest of the vanity - that book though? It's so darling.

So, here's the part the men absolutely love about the bathroom.
This rather large, okay, it's honkin', twiggy birdhouse hangs above the toilet. It's great - no eye injuries yet but lots of compliments! LOL

This sweet box sits on the back of the *whisper* commode - it's absolutely darling and I love it so much! A wonderful artist made it, Pink Butter Creme. And it adds just the right touch to the toilet. If that's possible.
On the window sill sits another swap project that has blessed me so much. I love this piece of work from the Birds and Bonnets swap! If you have never participated in a swap, I encourage you to do so - it's so much fun! If you don't know what to do, I'll help you - just email me:)
The picture on the wall below the windowsill - oh, my gosh, I fell in love with that in a junk/antique store in Louisiana. I had to have it. But it was so much money that I would have had to forgo gas to get home if I bought it.
So I used my many charms and got her down to a price I could afford AND have money left over for gas!
A close up of the Birds and Bonnets swap piece so that you can see the details on each panel. AND, what's amazing is that both sides of each panel are done. Isn't it wonderful?
Ummmmm, here's a close up of my favorite picture. I added the ribbon and millinary flowers and I think it's so special. Thanks for taking the time to look at it and listen to me gush! And lest you missed it, see what the little girl is looking at? That's what makes it so special to me. And I don' remember if I mentioned it before, but it's very old and that is what made the price so high...I'm sure glad I have a lot of charm!
This feather wreath hangs on the linen closet doorknob. Draws your eyes upwards so that you maybe miss the mess of dirty clothes that Frank the Tank has thrown on the floor.
A beautiful bird's nest that has a couple of eggs in it sits on the right vanity in front of a piece that I made. If you look closely in the nest {on the piece I made} you might be able to see that that's a real egg. Cool, huh. (until someone pushes on it a wee bit too hard to see if it's real or plastic!)
I always feel so special when I drink out of one of the bathroom mugs. Aren't they wonderful? There's a whole set of dishes that match and my birthday is September 1st.
A picture of the right vanity with a peek of the left vanity through the mirror.
See the bird in the bird feeder? He's eating. He's ceramic, but he's eating. When I tipped him like that to make it look like he was chowin' down I cracked myself up - ROTF - though I think I might be alone in that club! LOL

And last but certainly not least, the other guest towel - faith.

Faith. It's so important. It sustains me. It keeps me lifted up when I want to give up or pout or have a pity party or just feel sorry for myself.

Faith. It sustains me. And so do you all. I so appreciate my readers. You're more than my "readers" - you're my friends and you are so, so special to me.



paula clare said...

Hi Jan,
OH MY GOODNESS! It's all too die for! I have the same love of birds and nests...and would LOVE to have them all contained in one little room! What a darling idea! I love every single piece!

Who will even NOTICE it needs paint??

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan..your bathroom looks beautiful! I have a gallon of baby pink paint if you want it :)
Nope, haven't heard anything from Mel! Like I need more projects, lol...

heidi said...

hi jan ~ looking good, love all the nature and bird inspired lovelies! take care ~ xo heidi

Heidi ( said...

Lovely! I love all your vintage children's pictures and The Tanks' book! All the hand crafted birds nests and related items are gorgeous, too! Love the towels!!!!


Blaiz said...

Hey, girlie, we're both Virgos!

Tina said...

ok, when do you want me to come paint that room?? It needs that yummy blue color with a chocolate glaze over it, like my studio is painted :) love all the birdygoodness you have in there!!

kecia said...

the bathroom is looking great! nice job. love the shadown box you did - just as pretty as the one i got! so when do you paint? (that's the worst part in my opinion!)

misspvc said...

Jan the nests and the art are just lovely! and I'd be more than happy to come over and paint for ya...small problem...I'm tons of miles away...and lack gas $ too!!!
I'm sure it will find a way to be done...somehow someway by somebody....
You're in my prayers dear one!
huge hugs
Patti V

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I think I had one of those little books (the flower garden) when I was a kid. Does it have little flaps that lift to reveal other things? or am I just dreaming. LOVE all the things you have around your home. It looks wonderful.

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

sherri, i don't have any way of getting in touch with you so can only hope that you check back here - yes, it's probably the same book. isn't it wonderful?? i love it and what makes it even more special is that it was my husband's.
thanks for your comment! jan

Dayna Collins said...

Jan, what a beautiful bathroom! "Almost" too pretty to use. I especially love the shadowbox you created . . . so much to see! Thanks for sharing . . .

katie said...

Love your birdie bathroom. I also have birds in mine. I have 3 girl and bluebird pictures, but I have not seen the one you have. It is wonderful.



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